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  1. but you still have scav mode. scav mode is how you get your stuff so you can afford to deck out your pmc - you don't need hatchet runs right now i think theres way more hatchet runners for two reasons. #1 as the whole post is about, there is a huge gear gap between tiers. #2 the way the servers have been acting for the past 2 weeks. the dsync and lag are insane. why bring in gear when oyu'll get killed by an invisible scav, and stuff like that. people just don't risk it i am always somewhat baffled when i see lvl 30s doing hatchet runs though. i think those are mostly trying to farm high loot areas to just drop in their container and get out. things like marked room or the circle in woods.
  2. How to get a m4

    how expensive is it to buy and deck out an m4? i know for ak the way i like it, for what i can access, its about 150-180k roubles or something like that
  3. scav attacks

    yes if you shoot a player scav, even if they shot first, ai scavs will jump on you. they'd jump on the other guy too if he won.
  4. Cottage Safe Key

    shoreline map, on the bus located on the road by the tank north of the wrecked road exit, which is SW of the map
  5. scav are so overpowered!!!

    i swear ai scavs don't need to actually reload, though. and they definitely do not run out of ammo. i actually played a shoreline thing earlier today and there was a bugged out ai scav that was like trying to shoot through the road to customs exit wall or something - he just kept blasting away. never had to reload and never ran out of ammo. i wasn't sure what the heck was happening, as i wanted to exit (as a scav) and was afraid something fishy was going on. so i took my time and approached the exit, then backed off and looped around the other side and approached slow again. it went on for like 5-8 minutes of just constant bullet spam into nothingness. no reload. no ammo dry.
  6. Wallet drops in Factory

    he was spamming his heal - and he couldn't run because his leg was blacked out. hindsight is 20/20 as well - its easy to criticize when you're watching it as a video, its another thing when its happening to you and you're starting to panic because you have no idea what the hell is happening.
  7. Spawns are trash.

    ya just had this happen again on woods. spawned and after 2 seconds of running got gunned down by a team of 3. it is frustrating when it happens, but it doesn't happen every time. and if you end up killing them you feel pretty damn good. factory and customs are the worst for it. i won't be playing pmc on those maps right now until things are adjusted. problem is, i have no suggestions on how it could be adjusted. im honestly clueless, so i hope they're more innovative than i am (and obviously they are)
  8. Wallet drops in Factory

    that is an unfortunate ending. but ya my buddy found a wallet on a scav on shoreline that a pmc killed while trying to exit. insane he didn't check his pockets. it was his 2nd day playing the game too. funny thing is, he found it no later than 10 seconds after i told him that i found a marked key and that now i'll be doing farming runs to the marked room to try to find a wallet!! i was so livid. then i found a wallet on a scav in shoreline a couple days later. in his dufflebag. gotta check those backpacks and pockets boys!!
  9. 7.62 x 39, HP vs SP...

    PRS does do great damage, and decent arpen - however it will not shoot through trees and walls and such as well as other ammo - so be weary of that if you're trying to prefire someone. http://tarkovballistics.blogspot.ca/2018/01/545x39.html prs just doesn't penetration fort - only lvl 2 armor. except its damage is so high you can just shoot the legs and wreck folks with fort
  10. Why did I die?

    yeah you eat everything you find. or you could buy a bunch of lunchpacks and just go into a raid and eat everything and rinse/repeat, but that is expensive as crap. in a raid, be careful about eating everything you find, because eating dehydrates you. you can find the info on every piece of food how much it dehydrates you. condensed milk takes off 50 hydration, which is why it sells for like 7k roubles, and why ppl use it to level up stress resistance.
  11. Cottage Safe Key

    the cottage thats locked, with the truck in the driveway, it opens a safe within that cottage. theres two safes, and one is locked. that key unlocks the one that is locked, so that you can open it. otherwise you can't open it, because its locked, since you can't unlock it, without a key
  12. 7.62 x 39, HP vs SP...

    ya i only use HP. if i notice the guy im shooting at has fort then i'll just aim for the legs. pacas are kinda tough to spot if someone is wearing it, but fort is easy. so see them with fort and just cap their knees out, baby
  13. Scav aimbot making me want to quit until fixed.

    well i've been shot dead by a scav while being prone in a bush on a night raid on customs. also been killed by scavs constantly while being in bushes etc. so ya i fully believe they can still see through basically everything. i know its subjective but that is exactly what my experience tells me.
  14. Some performance feedback

    if you only have 8gb of ram you can try using memory cleaner. there is another thread about it i think in the general section of the english forums. it seems to really cut down the used ram under 8gb so you're able to actually play the game without upgrading immediately. it is funny though how the game basically runs the same regardless of computer specs, other than ram. i get the same frames as you do, but i have a 6700hq, 1070 8gb, and 16gb of ram. my old computer has an 860m and ya it runs this game a little smoother. its so interesting.
  15. Some PMC Spawn Feedback

    it isn't always camping. i was running from my spawn point to where i wanted to go, and i watched a dude drop from the sky - to which i killed him, or else he would have killed me. his game didn't last 3-5 seconds, but i wasn't camping his spawn either. i don't know how i feel about spaced out spawn times. it does just seem like it would bring about griefing if people know the spawns and timers. and people wonder why others just run hatchling