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  1. JJamie

    "Weapon Safe Key"

    there are a bunch of keys that do not have a use, and this is one of them
  2. JJamie

    Don't set your FOV - value too high

    weird i never max out my FOV anyway, it makes the game seem too fish-eye lensey. i think i have it set to 60 or 65
  3. it would be dumb if you couldn't do it
  4. JJamie

    4 raids in a row

    you can't die if you get disconnected, but while you're disconnected if you get shot, as soon as you reconnect you die. its how its always been.
  5. JJamie

    Preformance Issues

    don't listen to anyone here. your ram is fine. the game is not. the game is horribly optimized right now and its the reason why you're having perceived issues, where as they're not actually issues, its the tarkov-standard just from your quoted sentence above. just wait another two years when we can play this game like any other.
  6. ya last raid i played i died because i was standing still in shock and awe completely dumbfounded. i was directly behind a completely oblivious player scav (no armor, no helmet) point blank and shot him in the face (face being back of the head). he just walked away, so i shot him some more. then he ran and went prone, still no idea where i was. so i shot him in the face a cpl more times and when he still wasn't dead i unloaded into his chest area. after i was out of bullets i just stood there to my death because he was still alive. okay. ya its a fun game, when it works. i'll be sure to play again when its that time again. if it never is, well, too bad so sad.
  7. JJamie

    How Much Gear Do You Risk Per Raid?

    so i just calculated how much an ak74m moderately modded with armor etc (no helmet) costs, and its actually over 150k. pretty surprising to me actually.
  8. JJamie

    Lack of Hit Registration

    i just went back into game for a couple raids (at least what i planned to be a couple). started off as scav like i always do. some dude strolls right past me as im prone searching a body, he doesn't notice me. he goes and searches another dead body. so i just walk up directly behind him, point blank, hes searching a body while standing up. i shoot him in the head (hes not wearing a helmet or armor at all). he doesn't die. so i shoot a few more times. he runs for cover and goes prone, still facing away from me. so i shoot him in the face a cpl more times, he isn't dead, so i unload into his chest area. i run out of ammo and am just standing there completely dumbfounded. he sprays me down and i die. death screen cap thing says i hit him twice for total of 116 damage. yup. have fun ya'll. enjoy this game if you find any enjoyment in it.
  9. JJamie

    How much health does a person have?

    you have 435 hp total. blackening the chest or head by gunshots is automatic death (but won't kill you if its blacked from bleeding or dehydration)
  10. JJamie

    I quit

    this. cheese is awesome
  11. JJamie

    Hacked again

    can only blame yourself for continuing to play a game that is currently riddled with cheaters, lol no sympathy here. im waiting until 0.9 and then i'll probably still watch forums for a few days before deciding to log on to see if anything is better
  12. JJamie

    Scavs are fine

    okay, i would agree, especially with the way they're operating now - except for the fact that there is always around 5 scavs at each point (i guess depending on what map you're on). so if it should always be suicide to fight 5 scavs, then why do they constantly allow 5 scavs to be present together? do they want players to never be able to extract from road to customs, and stuff like that? either way my point is it doesn't make sense. keep them how they are but lower their numbers. it'll be perfect for gameplay and performance.
  13. JJamie

    Scavs are fine

    scavs are fine, if they lower their numbers. but trying to combat 5 of em in this state is nearly suicide. i think the biggest issue is how they track you through walls etc from 100m away, so you can't even reposition on them. better to just leave. oh, and if you are lining up a headshot on a scav standing still, you fire, and they just run for the woods. yup---sure.
  14. JJamie

    Not gaining XP earned from in a raid.

    there was a giant red banner on launcher saying they're having issues with people logging into the launcher, getting into a game, and keeping gear/xp from raids that are completed
  15. JJamie

    Double Buttstock installation - Zero recoil M4

    make a report and don't explain how to do it, because then it spreads.