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  1. JJamie

    shoreline has the worst frame stutters

    yup it 100% is the scavs. awhile ago it was speculated, because you can test it offline too. play offline without scavs then with scavs and you'll see the difference. then it was confirmed with that event when scavs were removed. it was further confirmed when they added scavs to interchange and its performance dropped significantly from what it was without scavs. not to mention that one patch where they "optimized performance in maps" which equaled they just lowered the scav count, hahaha
  2. JJamie

    Final Straw

    from what i've played in this patch all im doing is running around with paca or untar armor and a 153 with slugs. that is it. its actually pretty fun and powerful. you'll one shot nearly all scavs in the chest and you'll one shot a bunch of pmcs the same way. heavily armored dudes you just go for the legs or face and you can come out on top pretty hard as well. 3 shots to a leg and they're done. best of all, if you get BS'd or DC'd or w/e, if you get "tarkoved" it isn't even a big deal because its a cheap as balls loadout
  3. JJamie

    What should I upgrade?

    the cpu and ram will have a much larger performance boost than a gpu right now. also forget about the 2080, lol. it will, however, possibly make your 1080 purchase in the future cheaper.
  4. JJamie

    Let's talk about realistic movement.

    i thought this was going to be about not being able to walk over objects that are 4 inches off the ground, having to jump etc. or when you're walking down stairs or stepping off an object just a few inches high, you make the drop sound as if you're jumping down, thus giving away your position and all this type of stuff. this thread wasn't about at all what i anticipated it to be.
  5. JJamie

    Player Scavs

  6. JJamie

    Player Scavs

  7. JJamie

    Players Gun Glitching AGAIN

    a lot of the gun glitching will hopefully be changed when they revamp the inventory system, which is planned for 0.10 or a little further
  8. JJamie

    Lack of Hit Registration

    i've been testing hit reg offline against AI. using a vepr or sks, single fire, taking my time with the shots, making sure my crosshairs are on the peeps before firing. i gotta say, how it feels for me is the hit reg is absolutely terrible. like im not kidding, it feels like its 40-50% register rate. basically, it seems like most of the first shots will hit, but if they move/notice you/return fire, everything goes to junk real quick
  9. JJamie

    First Prapor quest impossible

    this always makes things more difficult. being low lvl when others can power lvl to lvl 3-4 traders in a cpl days means you'll always have these matchups on any map. customs though ppl just really wanna see the scav boss right now. its also like the most popular map, so customs in general is a terrible map IMO. i hate playing it to the utmost extreme.
  10. its because because M comes after N so its a better more newer model oh, wait.
  11. JJamie

    Tips To Git Gud?

    what you should do to improve is play the game like you're getting paid. play so often like its your job. quit your actual job, leave your family, and just play the game constantly without stopping. after awhile you'll get extremely good at this game
  12. JJamie

    Player Scavs

    just make it so every time you shoot another scav, player or AI, as playing as a scav, it damages you 1 point to every area of your body regardless of armor. this would definitely be more realistic and acceptable.
  13. BSG has multiple times stated that they're making the game they want regardless of how its received. don't like what its turning into? "thanks for your support"
  14. JJamie

    "Weapon Safe Key"

    there are a bunch of keys that do not have a use, and this is one of them
  15. JJamie

    Don't set your FOV - value too high

    weird i never max out my FOV anyway, it makes the game seem too fish-eye lensey. i think i have it set to 60 or 65