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  1. Scav on Scav Violence

    Has anyone else noticed the amount of Scav on Scav violence going up? I feel like new players have no idea about how to identify "Friendly" scavs. Personally I've almost stopped doing scav raids because I die more to other scavs that spawn kill or that KOS. I know Tavkov is a game based on risk and reward and at anytime you can loose your gear, but having to wait 30 minutes because someone was trigger happy is kind of ridiculous. (Just trying to see if others are having the same experience when going into a raid as Scavs) Thanks for reading guys!
  2. Ridiculous Matching Times

    Me and a buddy are having the same problem. I've only tried PMC on Factory and Customs. Our que times are all above 15 minutes no matter how many times we back out. My last round on Factory it was a 10 min. q to spawn in walk 2 feet and get mowed down lol. hopefully they iron this one out.