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  1. AKM is Love, AKM is Life...

    @Ozhack Currently? grab pistol grip from Skier, railed handguard from Skier/Peacekeeper (PK has better one), a good grip on it (best for that would be magpul vertical, if u want it a lil bit cheaper go for angled from magpul- also peacekeeper stuff). Muzzle- depends if u want it loud or not cheap buttstock? grab standard one and put recoil pad on it Or get adapter for M4 buttstocks, get A1 tube and MOE stock with rubberpad Ah and better get tactica tula 10000 for mounting sights, cuz zenit dust cover lowers your ergo instead of raising it like standard DC
  2. Game

    GROUP NAME The Lost Squad Action: Move to and Search BC18 DESCRIPTION All I can do for my squad for now is to keep moving forward, keep myself alive and search every corner of this city in order to get some supplies of all sorts and if I'm lucky or not, find out what happened to the rest of my squad. I hope they are still alive, somehow... Anyway, gotta find some supplies, a gun and ammo, my homies, get out... easy... except the fact that whole city is a mess, there bandits everywhere and I only have my own fists as a weapon...
  3. New players

    Character name Adamantor Description Former USEC, never stays in one group for too long, evades friendships- to prevent additional losses. His past USEC contractor, lost all his friends during Contract Wars. Earlier he served in military, but didn't liked wages and admitted that in his opinion army doesn't need THAT MUCH discipline- he often plans his own moves instead of following orders, most of the time... How did he get to Tarkov? Looking for a well paid job, got recruited to assist TerraGroup in Tarkov, then hell started in there. Predilections Assault Rifles and DMRs, if necessary uses also any gun at his disposal, hates unnecessary violance (killing enemies is OK, torturing without reason is NOT OK). Starts silently if possible, doesn't mind going all loud when he is behind enemy lines. Friends KIA or MIA after Contract Wars. Some of squad members could survive some battles, as they dissapeared in weird circumstances... Wounds, and battles Shot in left arm and right leg- right under knee. Fought 2 battles in army and few in Tarkov. Aspirations Get the hell out, find out what happend to MIAs from his squad, probably help some people on the way out. The greatest achievement that character did Flanked few times hostile squad while his teammates suppressed them or held them in spot - both in Tarkov and army. Flanking and stealth start, loud finish of action are his trademark. Strength 28 Endurance 24 Accuracy 28 Scout
  4. AKM is Love, AKM is Life...

    oh well, time for tube adapter, A2 + RSASS buttstock then!
  5. AKM is Love, AKM is Life...

    Add recoil pad, a railed foregrip with grip and there you go
  6. Hollow logos of BEAR and USEC

    @general_slappy Well i'm going to keep mine, I can give u mail to the guy made my patches if u wana @phdthuy You mean USEC stuff or BEAR stuff?
  7. AKM is Love, AKM is Life...

    Wow, it just got wild a bit i guess
  8. Check mag wywala do pulpitu

    Reinstall już był by naprawić launcher, problem był przed i po reinstallu, do tego z partycji D na C reinstall poszedł
  9. Check mag wywala do pulpitu

    I znowu rzuca do pulpitu
  10. Check mag wywala do pulpitu

    Już ogarnąłem z supportem problem wywalania, teraz checkować nie chce Zaraz wezmę m4 na offline i sprawdzę @junx Kicha, nie sprawdza maga.... 2x były resetowane ustawienia
  11. Kino u Adamantora

    Zdobywam skarby
  12. AKM is Love, AKM is Life...

  13. AKM is Love, AKM is Life...

    A civilian version of AKM and i got the real AKM later on that vid @Dread_Viking What do you mean? @sadstuart @BobbehYYC 1v3 will be in that vid- which is rendering right now
  14. so BLA is with extraction campers?

    It happens super rarely tho- u just need to stay on your toes whole raid, even super close to extraction
  15. Check mag wywala do pulpitu

    Czyli słynne ALT+T... Próbowałem różnych rzeczy, jakoś mimo wszystko przerzuca mnie na pulpit... Gra nie crashuje się, mogę dalej grać.