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  1. Provoked

    Let's talk about realistic movement.

    A beta game tends to have a lot of things that need fixing. If you find serious bugs that needs to be fixed report them in the launcher with logs if neccessary.
  2. Provoked

    7 Hits but 0 damage?

    Here is another fact. An rpg does more dmg then a 9mm round. Does that make the 9mm not worth buying? You cant compare 2 completely different calibers. Of course a 7.62 will penetrate more then 5.45. That's a weird comparison.
  3. Provoked

    7 Hits but 0 damage?

    545x39_PS dmg: 50 pen: 22 545x39_BP dmg: 42 pen: 32 545x39_BS dmg: 40 pen: 50 BP has more penetration and only a bit lower DMG. BS is well above both in penetration tho and the obvious pick. Here is the updated table. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1l_8zSZg-viVTZ2bavMEIIKhix6mFTXuVHWcNKZgBrjQ/htmlview?sle=true#gid=0
  4. Provoked

    Insurance question!

    As mentioned, you only get back the exakt items you insured. Unless someone takes them ofcourse. A tip at that point in the game is to play as many scav runs as you can, both to learn the game but also to get a hold of gear risk free. also, try not to spend too much money modding guns at that point. You will sadly most likely die with it and it hurts when you dont have the cash for it. Sometimes it's so bad you rage quit and maybe even get bored of the game, because you spend all that money just to load in and die within 3 minutes. (It happends) Best of luck tho, and let me know if you need help with anything else.
  5. Provoked

    Official Trading Thread

    WTS Gphones - 150k each. Shmaska - 350k each. Keybar - 700k Customs key - 100k WTB Power Bank Nightforce scope GFX cards. Fuel conditioner
  6. Provoked

    7 Hits but 0 damage?

    BP rounds doesnt penetrate as good as BS rounds. If he had a fort on that would explain it. Might just be desync aswell. Cant play a beta game and expect perfection.
  7. Provoked

    Pfffffffffffft campers

    No name drops on forums. And just check your corners and campers are dead
  8. Report in game launcher. And no you cannot re-bind keys. They are all standard settings.
  9. Provoked

    Are VPN legal to use?

    Use of VPN is fine.
  10. Provoked

    Let's talk about realistic movement.

    Strafing in this game also punishes your aim quite a bit. Most of the shots will miss if you strafe, even if you hold your aim straight on to people. Partly because that's how the mechanic works, but it also makes it a lot harder for hits to register due to desync if both players keep moving around during fire fight. Best ways to kill people now is either stand still and spray for legs if they are armored. Or tap for head. Strafing and spraying is very ineffective.
  11. Provoked

    Find bronze pocket watch task

    As mentioned you don't see the key in your inventory. If you click tasks there is a special raid inventory. There you see it. Most of these tasks that asks you to retrieve something you have to make it out alive with the item. So just jump back in. Pick it up and make it out alive and turn it in right away.
  12. Provoked

    Level design, getting stuck etc

    The obstacle collision was reworked a little while back. Making it buggy at some locations still. Use the launcher and report the bug location so it has a chance to get fixed. Thanks
  13. Provoked

    Bit Coins???

    You can either just sell them for quick money. There is a trading thread on forums as well. People buy them for a bit more then the npc buys them for.
  14. Provoked

    Door glitchers???

    Thats not how it works. Sorry. No manual reports on forums. Remove the name or it will be removed for you.
  15. Provoked

    Shotgun Bug

    Inventory bug has been around for a while. It usually helps just to restart the game:)