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  1. Provoked

    Rare Item?

    Most likely to become a questitem sometime ahead. You could prob sell it for now tho.
  2. Provoked

    Did desync get worse?

    As the topic says. I really wonder if the desync was even made WORSE after the new servers were added. What do you think? Yes, desync happened alot during last wipe. But this time around it's happening all the time! I've recorded so many times now raids where i've put 30 rounds into people and they don't take damage. And this is happening almost every raid now. This issue must be at the top of the "to do-list" for the developers. But it kind of makes you wonder if it is ever going to get better when it almost seem to be going in the opposite direction?.. I'm starting to have my doubts.. And yes, i know this is EARLY ACCESS and so on! Don't need that pointed out to me. This is just an observation made on my behalf.
  3. Provoked

    desync is gone! (lol)

    No problem. JUST had the same problem again, this time with PS rounds tho. 14 rounds into a guy. 65 dmg done. Game continues to amaze me. This also recorded but CBA to upload any more.. it's all the same.
  4. Sadly it's not worth taking out right now with m61 ammo gone to scripters. M80 ammo is utter garbage and shouldn't be used. Not worth it. And never use tracers. Gives you away to everyone..
  5. Wait until you get arch angel body for m1 on lvl 40. That looks absolutely fantastic. Built a nice sniper out of it. Died to a 3-man squad the first field test. But don't let gear fear stop you
  6. Provoked

    desync is gone! (lol)

    No idea what it was. Otherwise it was pure God mode. Took my time, hit him with every sks shot at the end. Then some extra ps rounds with ak. If he had a fort that was looong gone.. I'm lvl 42 with 1500 kills. Never seen this before..
  7. Provoked

    desync is gone! (lol)

    Look at this, it's fantastic. So many hits, and im using BP rounds. WTF is going on with hit registration?
  8. Provoked

    Official Trading Thread

    WTS: 2x Goshan key. add h4xx0r
  9. Provoked


    I get the feeling M80 is better then M62 tho. It doenst say M62 is armor penetrating rounds, just tracer.. But i don't know. I've just stopped using the M-ammo guns completely right now. Sad tho, 'cos i'm 40 now and unlock some cool m1a looks.
  10. Provoked


    Soo.. Was the M61 ammo removed completely? or are you just selling them 100 at a time or something? I have not seen this ammo in weeks. And it's kind of making RSASS and M1 completely pointless. I played M1A with M80 ammo 2 games ago, shot a guy 16(!) times for over 600 dmg. And he didnt die. Not sure what was going on, but it clearly wasnt penetrating his fort armor. Meanwhile you can get an SKS with BP rounds for next to nothing and 1-2 shot people all day long. Without the armor-pen m61 ammo the semi-auto snipers are pointless. I see no advantage of using them over BP SKS.
  11. Provoked

    Official Trading Thread

    Need gunpowder! Add h4xx0r
  12. Provoked

    it wont let me complete gun smith pt. 5

    Well, you need level 40 to buy the scopemount from mechanic. Are you?
  13. Provoked

    Taking a break until .9

    Oh thats not all. u get the mods for the m1a. Archangel body, the RSASS M1 also, looks badass and it awesome. Quite a bit of items unlocks =) But wether its worth it or not is up to each individual. I like it
  14. Provoked

    Taking a break until .9

    The fun starts at 40 when you can do all the best mods Also when you do the dumbest quest ingame and get 995 ammo for m4. But i've also given up this reset, not because i wanted to. But i've got the gamebreaking bug "anticheat got disconnected" so i'm unable to play until it's fixed.
  15. Provoked

    Official Trading Thread

    looking for graphics cards, atleast 3 of em.