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  1. Katsaridas

    Menu Adjestment size

    Hi.. I like to play my games on 4;3 aspect ratio but when i press tab everything is way too big and i cant see the whole inventory..It would be nice if we could adjust the size
  2. Katsaridas

    Gear Score for match making

    So if i join a battle with fort and lvl4 helmet everyone should have that? This will lead to increase of w8ting times and more premade groups..Cause for example think like joining factory and everyone has full armor..Its gonna be hell on the spawns and very frustating cause you might lose your top gear so fast.
  3. For me the key issue is the stash...Those with the standar edition is way to hard to keep up with gear..The stash is too small and you either cant store some gear or if you have some you are afraid you are gonna lose it cause you are gonna left with nothing
  4. Now this topic is about a fully geared player that probably has everything of loot, goes into fight with like everything ,weapons keys etc, and complains about loot? And if the hatchling manages to get there..Lol dude.
  5. Katsaridas

    Group/Player indication.

    That way tho some big tryhardness of the game will be removed. I like tryhardness
  6. Katsaridas

    Ban for forbidden software using 

    What is rain meter?
  7. Katsaridas

    I try my hardest to love this game but I can't

    I bought this game 1 month ago...You cant play it alone at start on this current state m8 in order to be competitive..Even if you have gear you still need to learn the maps.You need to play offline alot to learn scav spots etc.Ill tell you waht happened to me..First week i was still learning the maps.I said is ok i go as scav i dont care if i die.I managed to kill 1 guy and i found some other good loot isnide the game from bodies etc..Guess what happened. I didnt manage to extract cause i didnt know where to go directly with my broken leg.Then i switched to offline to get familiar with the maps.Also check your fps.Believe it or not it affects your ability to kill someone.
  8. Katsaridas

    Hold crouch button to crouch?

    Ah nice thanks..Didnt know..I just tested it but it requires like 3 or 4 scrolls
  9. Katsaridas

    Hold crouch button to crouch?

    Hello...I would love to see hold to crouch like with the sprint or the walk thing in this game.