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  1. If you unload a rifle (at least an ak-74u), and then load ammo into the chamber without loading a magazine, it shows a magazine in the stash image of the rifle (this happens whether it is equipped or in stash - pics only shows stash, I have tested both though). It does not show in the "inspect" picture. Video may be more clear. Remove link if it violates any agreements - I don't know if it does or not - assuming since it is for a bug report it should be ok, but I may be wrong:
  2. Official Trading Thread

    Fast and easy. thanks much.
  3. Official Trading Thread

    WTB Factory key PM with price WTT Marked key for keybar (check with myawesomebeard [above] for trade first - he's a good dude. If he doesn't need it, hit me up).
  4. Prapor not leveling?

    Ok, I did a run (I had to do the 206 quest anyway, knocked it out) and they updated. I'm not sure if that's a coincidence, or if you have to do a run to get it to update. Either way, I'm good now.
  5. Prapor not leveling?

    Ok, I made sure the trader timers reset before posting my therapist one - just to make sure that wasn't the cause. You can see in my first pics there was about 18 minutes left, and in the therapist pic there is 55 mins left or whatever it was. So I don't think the trader timer has anything to do with it. I don't want to go back in to tarkov until I see what I can get for upgrades. Silencer maybe, or sights, or something that will help. Maybe armor. I don't know, but I imagine something that will improve my chances in my visit.
  6. Prapor not leveling?

    It is the same with therapist.
  7. Prapor not leveling?

    So I meet all requirements. If I purchase something from him, it raises me to level 2. But there are no items on the level 2 tab, even if I refresh. If I then leave prapor, and come back to him, I am back to level 1 again. I have restarted my client 3x. What am I doing wrong, or is this a bug?
  8. Official Trading Thread

    zpwarrior is a good trader. He did me right. You can trust him.
  9. Official Trading Thread

    WTT my marked key for your factory key or wallet.
  10. Official Trading Thread

    Good trade, no funny business - walked a noob through the process. Good guy, highly recommend.
  11. Official Trading Thread

    WTB Kiver-M helmet (skier quest), Factory key, wallet
  12. No xp recommendation

    Cevune, I think it's because I was in the raid such a short period of time. I've also gotten xp for fighting someone and losing. My point was that time in raid should maybe be overlooked if you get into a battle (like a real battle, not a wiff wiff dead).
  13. No xp recommendation

    So, I just spawned into a game and died almost immediately. As soon as I left my starting area, I ran down 1 road to avoid a building.. It happened to be past an extraction (not mine of course - crossroads), and I ran into someone and they won - stuff happens. But... I think that it's kind of crap that I did fairly well in the fight, I was just on a scav run and didn't have meds or anything but a bolt action. I hit the guy 7 times, did 134 damage to him - it's not like he walked all over me, or I did garbage.. I just lost. And I get that scav xp doesn't really mean anything - but I imagine this would happen on PMC as well, and that's got to be frustrating. The game is already frustrating enough. Maybe think about something like, if you don't hit someone, no xp.. But if you have a decent fight, you just lose - maybe give the freaking xp. Even if you make it 4 or 5 hits, not just 1 or 2. But this was a close fight - it deserved xp.
  14. Mouse Cursor Lock on Windowed Fullscreen

    I actually have this issue on a dual monitor setup in full screen mode. Every now and then, I'll right-click to aim, and the game loses the mouse, the right-click is performed on my other monitor, and then coming back to the game monitor and clicking minimizes the game. As you can imagine, that is not so good to happen in a game like this. Gaming monitor is an ultra-wide (2560x1080), secondary monitor is a normal 1080p if that helps the devs at all. Nvidea gtx 970 on 388.43, although looking that up, I noticed there is an updated driver. I'll respond if it still happens after installing 388.71 (latest available as of today, installing now).