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  1. Fence and insane reaction speed?

    I don't even bother with Fence, as people are obviously using cheat means to insta buy everything up. And this whole top of the hour refresh thing is terrible game design.
  2. Shoreline Unplayable (Desync issues)

    I don't play the Shoreline anymore. Worst de-sync occurs there.
  3. Grass rendering distance

    I don't think any of the graphics sliders affect foliage view distance do they? I know textures affects the quality of the foliage. From my experience grass renders out about 100-200 meters and then disappears. Never lay in the grass in which you go over ~100 meters before cover or someone will likely easily spot you.
  4. Reporting hackers with proof.

    It could be de-sync damage. I've just been running along before and just blackout/die all of a sudden. Very frustrating.
  5. Slow walking speed

    Any way to get the walk speed movement speed adjust off of the mouse scroll wheel? I like to use that for weapon switch. All I need is walk slowly, walk and sprint which are handled by key presses.
  6. let talk team balancing!

    Of course gear matters. Just because someone kills a highly geared person once and a while whilst having lower gear doesn't negate that. Take the same player and have him do 100 raids with minimal gear and full gear, his stats will be WAY better with the gear. Anyone who says otherwise is a moron.
  7. Fence Broken?

    This is a really stupid aspect of this game and totally unrealistic. A trader would sell things as he gets them in, not have 500 people standing around for a magic top of the hour to hit. I hope they change this.
  8. Prestige, Leaderboards, And Seasons?

    Naive if you think it will stop everyone.
  9. Prestige, Leaderboards, And Seasons?

    I think there should be leaderboards with stats. At the very minimum you can tell who is cheating.
  10. No sound (bug?), getting killed

    It's the most game breaking of all the game breaking bugs right now. Shoreline seems to be the worst for it.
  11. Cant catch a break in this game

    lol I love when people keep saying that. Like last night I joined a game, killed four SCAVs, got some gear and was heading to extract. I was on the move, using cover, moving slowly, bush to bush. While moving bush to bush, a PMC pops his head up over a rock 100 meters away I start running a way. In a full sprint, he one taps me in the head. Please tell me, what did I learn from this? What did I "win"? I know how to fight and loot SCAVs, I know the map. There are only so many ways you can get out of a corner of a map and keep cover. I didn't "learn" or "win" a single thing. What am I supposed to "learn", to sit in a bush and not move? His point was that there are a lot of players that require the use of being in a group and other people in order to survive and make it in the game. By very definition that means it's significantly easier. Sometimes it's not the most fun taking the easiest path. Story-driven scenario based walkthrough as one of the multiplayer gamemodes. Complete raids on large scale locations with your friends or alone.
  12. dont you love it

    Yes you have to be a masochist to play this game.
  13. pistol, worth it?

    The only time I see someone using a pistol is as a SCAV or as a naked Makarov-ling.
  14. Hatred? I think that is a bit strong of a word. I'd use the word critical myself. Ever since I loaded up Factory on my OLED and seeing how awesome the mood and art-style is on max graphics I was hooked. Then I took a hatchet to the head.
  15. Never doing hatchet runs because the idea is completely cheesy to me. Completely ruins any realism for the game to me. It is clear doing some research for a new player doing hatchet runs is orders of magnitude more efficient to progress in the game versus the traditional role, which is a damn shame.