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  1. Zybane

    desync is gone! (lol)

    That's a huge problem with this game. You never know what the hell is going on. Armor? Lag? De-Sync? Cheating?
  2. They really need to change it back to an "Alpha". I bought this game six months ago called a "Beta" and it has made basically no progress. I really HATE to see it fail, but with them focusing on adding stuff to a completely broken base code has me seriously worried. A house of cards built on quick sand.
  3. Zybane

    Could sure use a death cam after match

    Cheaters in online FPS are getting worse. You can't have a game anymore without death cam. Not knowing if you died to a cheater (very likely) or a real player will drive people away and kill the game.
  4. Unless money is involved, good players do not cheat. If you ever spectate a lot of cheaters (as you can in a lot of games), they absolutely are terrible players. Cheating is a way to gain attention for someone who sucks at the game, gets frustrated, and who is a failure in life.
  5. Zybane

    Support for wide 21:9 monitors coming?

    You can fix it in the .ini file.
  6. You can never use the word "realistic" when it comes to EFT when half the player population are "professional soldiers" running around the map naked with a hatchet. If they remove hatchlings, then maybe we can work on "realism".
  7. This is one of the reasons I'm getting more interested in single player games. When I was growing up in online PC gaming, cheating wasn't anywhere near as prevalent as it is now. So many players in this new generation of gamers are so toxic, they'd rather cheat and ruin other peoples fun than actually get good at games. It's truly pathetic how low people can go. And just the sheer number of how MANY do it. So many people are worthless scum it's startling.
  8. Zybane

    Netcode is still horrendous.

    Sometimes it's best for the developer to bite the bullet and pay for a contract team to come in and fix a special problem like this netcode. Not sure if their funding would allow that.
  9. Zybane

    Netcode is still horrendous.

    Yes, unfortunately survival type or battle royale type games in which you put a lot of time and effort on the line when you play need the best netcode and anti-cheat measures. A game in which you put so much effort into and can be wiped away instantly by bad netcode/bugs/cheating will not last long. One reason why I quit playing PUBG and the playerbase in that game is on a serious decline. There is only so much time you can waste to bad design and cheating and not get fed up.
  10. Zybane

    Netcode is still horrendous.

    I think the core mechanics and the extremely bad netcode may not be fixable. All they can do is add new content I guess. If they cannot fix the netcode, they will be forced to focus on fluff.
  11. Zybane

    Why are hatchlings so taboo?

    Uh, because in a realistic combat area professionally trained personnel/soldiers are not going to run out naked into the world with a hatchet. It is a completely idiotic gameplay element and could be the eventual downfall of the game if it remains in for launch.
  12. Why would someone have only 8GB of RAM on a gaming PC? RAM is so cheap.
  13. Zybane


    The de-sync is so bad that you receive damage after hiding behind a tree that you think someone else is shooting at you.
  14. Zybane

    2018 Escape from Tarkov development plans

    It will be interesting to see how "campy" the game will get with all these realistic changes. The first person to move out of their secret bush gets insta-whacked. Quite a huge change from the current massive lag/de-sync aggression rewarded CoD play-style of peek and shoot first.
  15. Zybane

    Grass is growing on my nerves

    Ya the whole grass thing is pretty messed up in both EFT and PUBG. If it only renders like 100 meters, means anyone at distance is just going to snipe you. Which is ironically the exact opposite of realistic. Either no grass or full distance grass. Preferably the latter.