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    New Video Showcasing the Upcoming Patch!

    BOOM Get them downloads
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    Beware of This hacker

    just telling people to watch out since, it's no fun to go out like that
  3. Wiplash78

    Beware of This hacker

    well hopefully soon, at first we did think it was just skill and luck but happened WAY fast on both occasions.
  4. Wiplash78

    Beware of This hacker

    Everyone be CAREFUL of Named removed by Mr_Sheep. he is 100% hacker went in two rounds with three of us both times he killed us all within so fast we couldn't even say I'm dead before the next person died, we were not close to each other, and also was not even 2 minutes into the round both times you see him just do a different map.
  5. Wiplash78

    Hacks or skills?

    good to know thanks
  6. Wiplash78

    Hacks or skills?

    So my mates and I were in customs in dorm 3 story. I was sitting at the stairs 3rd floor away from windows to not get snipped or spotted and to cover our rear. One of us 3rd floor with me at a window aways from me, one 2nd floor window. Second floor guy gets wasted second later the 3rd floor guy was like okay this guy is good no way he knows where I am caps lock super slow walk to the kitchen to catch him on my 3rd floor guy. Waited for over 10 minutes till I heard him coming over, sounded like he came straight to the third floor to wait me out too, 100% no way he knew i was there, saw i wasn't gonna go so first grenade tried to get it in by the sound but missed then again and got me the one after that. Seems really sketchy that he didn't do that on the second or first floor but straight to where I was and just didn't seem right. And here is the video of where it happened. Let me know thanks!
  7. Wiplash78

    Object reference error

    I have tried it all still not can't get to the menu