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  1. Coops07

    Squads, Squads, Squads...

  2. Coops07

    Since my last post was locked

    In the short term maybe, but it's a balancing act, and to boot they aren't attracting your 'average' gamer with Tarkov, most of us prefer a hardcore setting. If they let the hackers run rampant their game will literally fall to nothing.
  3. Coops07

    Suppresors in This Game

    We can only hope. As for supressors though, I'd rather have people with supressors than face hatchlings
  4. Coops07

    Q&A about 2018 development plans

    I'm thinking the same. Thanks for the info!
  5. Coops07

    Squads, Squads, Squads...

    Just. Like. That. Oh, and btw, I'm really getting tired of these solo queue threads, please, stop.
  6. Coops07

    Squads, Squads, Squads...

    Solo is always the most thrilling (for me at least) and I've had some of my best raid's when I was alone. If you're going to rock solo, be prepared that nobody has you 6 but you. You are the only eyes and ears. That can be an advantage, but for a well-prepared team, not so much; you're going to need different tactics. Tip 1) Grenades: I can't tell you the amount of times these have saved my life. F1 or don't bother, just make sure you give yourself at least 15-20 feet (10ft at minimum), they hit hard. Great against squads, good for escaping, can also be used as a distraction. Tip 2) Know your map, know your objective: If you're going to be playing solo, you need to know the spots people are hiding, and you need to know where you're going at all times. Every second can count when you finally engage the enemy (scavs or players). Being in the right position at the right moment can make all the difference. I always plan a route to take when going solo/duo (leading) and have a backup plan in case things go south. Tip 3) Loot quick, stay alert: Looting and gunfire are some of the loudest things in Tarkov, and both give away your position to the enemy. If you're going to loot solo, be quick (know what you want to grab from a body and know what you want to search). Do not sit around in the open, at the very least go prone/crouch or move behind a wall/door. While all this is going on it's very hard to hear, so before you loot make sure the area is clear. Right after a successful kill is the easiest time to be killed yourself, so be alert and listen. After any successful kill I always make a point of checking all potential hiding spots near that body before I loot, otherwise I know I am vulnerable. Tip 4) When in doubt, move fast: If all else fails and you've found yourself in a bad position, refer to your tips above quickly; can any of these help you? For the sake of argument, however, lets say you're out of grenades, a squad has you surrounded and you've detected them moving in on your location, but you're not sure exactly where. You've got 3 options, engage, camp, or run. Although you might think yourself better than most players on the worst of your days, remember, this is Tarkov and anything can happen. You're probably outnumbered and they have the drop on you. Wait for your moment. If they don't know you're hiding, it's usually easiest to let them come to you for the first kill, unless you can somehow get the drop on multiple enemies. Once you've down the first, be alert for the others and move in quick if they still have not reacted. If they do know where you are, it becomes a bit of cat and mouse (this is where positioning is especially key). Listen for movement if you don't have visiblity and always try to flank your enemy before engaging. There is a lot more I could go on about, just remember most importantly to try and have fun, otherwise take a break!
  7. Coops07

    Nothings changed..

    There are definitely day-to-day changes on the server-end with regards to latency, but after playing Shoreline almost straight for the past 3-4 weeks, I can definitely say that it would be great to see some improvements on both ends. Love the game still and hoping Open Beta will be ready soon
  8. Coops07

    =UWS= United We Stand ~ RECRUITING (Est. 2003)

    Oh what, you didn't like my post about the quality of your clan mates so you delete it? United We Camp.
  9. Coops07

    **Dev Q & A 1/10**

    Q) Will we be given the option of offering tasks/quests to other players?
  10. Coops07

    Fix the sounds.

    Yep, just wasted a com headset. It really frustrates me when playing because I am someone who relies heavily on sound. Are these false sound directions somehow related to the latency issues? Or are they just an issue with the sound engine? I've read some people say 'this game just does sound different', but honestly, I don't think I've ever played a game where I thought someone was above/below me when infact they were right infront of/behind me. Very confusing, hopefully some light will be shed soon...
  11. Coops07

    Fps drops..

    Regardless of whether I am on high or low graphics settings I always seem to get really bad FPS drops on Shoreline. I'm just not sure if it's worth playing at this point.
  12. Coops07

    Official Trading Thread

    WTS: GM Counter (2) Tuskonka (1) WTB: Keybar Please PM.
  13. Coops07

    Official Trading Thread

    @skantesaria Quick ez trade, +Rep!
  14. Coops07

    How does SCAV raids work?

    Best way to detect AI is the movement patterns.
  15. Coops07

    Delivery from the past - prapor

    Weird, quest may be bugged? I 'just' finished the quest last night, except I died before my factory extraction (guy camping exit). Then I had 2/3 parts completed, did a quick hatchet extraction, and the quest was completed.