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  1. LoveMe


    Any news?
  2. LoveMe

    Skier lvel 4

    you mean it will return to 60 points?
  3. LoveMe

    Skier lvel 4

    all traders?
  4. LoveMe

    Skier lvel 4

    Hello, before update i had Skier on lvl 3 with 59 points, so one point was remaining. After update game says I need 75 points for level 4??? is this bug or what??? I feel bad with it :-( Thanks for answer LoveMe
  5. LoveMe

    Official Trading Thread

    WTS Mark key, 5x Tushonka WTB Car Battery
  6. LoveMe

    Official Trading Thread

    WTS 2x mark key 200k each WTS 1x checkpoing key 200k WTS 5x Tushonka 10k each WTS zb-014 100k each WTB Battery
  7. LoveMe

    Official Trading Thread

    WTB 2x gas-analyzer add me in game LoveMe
  8. LoveMe

    Chest rig price

    If you don't have empty double pocket in rig the magazine you removing from weapon during reload will be dropped, do you see disadvantage of it as you are in combat?
  9. LoveMe

    Chest rig price

    Cheese slices/bandages are pure garbage, you can use it as you are lvl 1-10 but not as you are 20-29 Car med kit is for P2695 which is around $25 so you say i should buy rig $187 to use it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  10. LoveMe

    Chest rig price

    Hello Dev Team :-) First of all I love your game! i have small problem with price of chest rig, it cost $187 which is more that PACA body armor.... alternatively there is Scav Vest for just $38 BUT it has only two double pockets just enough for 2x magazine and no space for CAR med kit. Here is the drama! as IFAK is no longer available i need to use CAR as med so it look like this: magazines use both double pockets and no space for CAR to quick use which is big problem in combat :-( ps. sorry for my english
  11. I recently had the same. I was sneaking at night with night vision on and without any sound or movement I got info that I died by hit in chest from some player... how?
  12. LoveMe

    AN-94 when?

    I remember AN-94 from BF3 it was awesome weapon, hope it will be added soon
  13. LoveMe

    Upgrading to a better version

    any ETA of new wipe?
  14. LoveMe

    Invisibility glitch

    How it works technically? someone is hiding/camping using glitch which make them invisible or it is because of no-visibility of standard regular players during combat?