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  1. Xarc

    What hardware to buy for tarkov.

    @ZermanGR If you don't have problems with other games, I would not change anything until the game is not finished. Demands of the game are kind of high for now ... they will eventualy optimize the game (I hope).
  2. Xarc

    IFAK Fail

    @smokey-phil Thanks for the confirmation.
  3. Xarc

    IFAK Fail

    I think that if you have multiple blood loss (for every limb) and you didn't noticed, there is a chance one of the blood loss not being dealt with.
  4. You can't be "softy" and at the same time try to kill people.
  5. Xarc

    Message about the accounts security

    I can ... it's "Lord Voldemort".
  6. Xarc

    Message about the accounts security

    Thanks for reassuring us. A password like this one should be safe, right ? example: +[snCGQ^:teYNj_#hcqBHta,5xEk#3DapGT
  7. Maybe ... All I can say ... I saw one time a Santa from their team.
  8. Hmmm ... just another fake "whistleblower" seeking for attention. Why they don't resume just to stream a duking game ?
  9. Xarc

    Sherpas workflow arrangement

    This will not turn into a Sherpa clan and others will be at their discretion/mood ? You can add ... A Sherpa should be able to kick "naughty" players from raid (without causing any harm to players gear).
  10. Xarc

    game not purchased

    You could be right ... I'm not a guru. Sorry @sYs.
  11. Xarc

    game not purchased

    People could start to spam codes to find the right one.
  12. Xarc

    game not purchased

    Try to get your money back from there.
  13. Xarc

    Game no longer purchased

    Promo code expired, he bought the code from a shady site.
  14. Xarc

    another bug?

    Where I can see this ?
  15. Xarc

    gear dissapering threw floor

    You should record the incident with a picture or a video then submit to developer thru the launcher.