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  1. @hexxdemon Haha ... I welcome you with the new account. I think "Metallica" will be nominated to olympics in 4035. Hy hopes for you.
  2. I posted without knowing that brake-dance will be an olympic sport soonTM. "I think I'm the son of nostradamus." And you will hear this song many times at the olympics. Good job France !!
  3. Haha ... you stalker ... it was a quote from someone who posted there. But still nice music.
  4. Xarc

    EFT needs a kill cam and a report system

    This GoPro camera will be like "rubbing a wooden leg" ... can be used just for fancy videos and not to discover "private" cheats beside the more commercial ones.
  5. Xarc

    About Gfycat

    I saw that some players are using Gfycat, so I think they should to take into consideration to change their password.
  6. @Blackc0bra You can try to launch the game with it's own launcher and not with Steam.
  7. Xarc

    Transcript of the TarkovTV DevBlog #002

    "Might" is not sufficient. If you want a proper report you have to give to the the player who think he was killed by a possible cheater the full action of the alleged cheater. I mean the server should record and store every game for lets say a month few days. When a player are not satisfied with his death and click (after his death) on the button "to review his death" after the finished raid it should be permited to have a link/video (in it's own account) only from the raid which he was participating and have a video only from the alleged cheater to be played. Too many useless/wrong accuzations from a player can be sifted by administrative measures (forbid his reports for a limited time or forever). I'm not asking you to record with wireframe (which could be quite handy). As for the "pro's" who say that the method will reveal theirs secret locations I would say to them to move their asses on the field to be more creative. Not saying this without sending my love to you. KillCam it's just bleah. Don't take it personaly. I still like BSG.
  8. Xarc

    EFT Video Contest Winners!

    I congratulate the winners ... I've lost my bet which was on ruizsean43.
  9. Nope ... beside commenting, you have the options to facepalm or ignore.
  10. The game is not released, it's in beta shape, so no one will reimburse your equipment. You must get used to that you will lose a lot of equipment until the release of the game.
  11. Xarc

    Upgrading Your Game

    Now I see (under your name) that you have that version (sorry, missed that), you should ask at EFT support from your account but it will take a while for a response.
  12. Xarc

    When will this be finished? Honestly tho.

    Interesting point of view.
  13. Xarc

    Upgrading Your Game

    Since the payments are made from your bank thru Xsolla, you should ask Xsolla if the payment was done to BSG.
  14. Xarc

    Can you play this game drunk?

    You are so fatalist. But I think there is a solution to this too.