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  1. Game loads in as I am getting blown up...

    why do i need to make a suggestion? It is a server problem. My loading screen says awaiting for other players so it is pretty much like...i shouldn't be in the game. It is not a matter of what we see. Game tells you loading meanwhile you ARE ALREADY LOADED IN. So call it desync, server error whatever you like. People are reporting bugs, errors and non-working mechanics.
  2. this doesnt cover after patch insta kill scavs mate. Please expand
  3. Game loads in as I am getting blown up...

    So if it is not happening to you there isnt such thing? FYI it happens to some people due to server screw ups. I have been killed that way and i have killed some people because of that. It doesnt have to be a spawn camper some player passing by that area and seeing your still standing and still loading char can be killed, alas if you are lucky you will see your char dying if not you will be directed to death screen edit: you dont need to play defence for dev team here. It happens. It is not a regular bug like dsync or server connection loss
  4. Game loads in as I am getting blown up...

    death screen. Sometimes you just load back to death screen without seeing a single frame from the game
  5. Game loads in as I am getting blown up...

    yup just happened to me. 20 mins(10x2 times) waiting time finaly i decided to disconnect. Shorline?
  6. Flash drives, SSD´s and other rare items

    flash drives also spawn at 2 story dorm room 110
  7. even with full rep lvl skier you still need to trade fort armor for 6 gold chains. Due to recent loot adjustments only people who had fort are actually getting even more fort armor. New or lower level (even mid level) players have to pray for not having ultra geared person on the server to actually do some gunfights atm
  8. still doesnt matter. Hatchet runs are high risk high profit runs. Do you think hatchling dont wanna leave the raid with the weapons and other stuff they found? As long as there are rich and poor you will have hatchlings, as long as campers exist you will have hatchlings, as long as some super duper bullet one shots you through any kind of armor you will hatchings, as long as they dont balance the game you will have hatchlings As a lvl 34 hatchling i do hatchet runs to gather weapons,nades,meds and complete tasks around the map. Healing wont stop me from doing so.
  9. Helmets kinda pointless at the moment

    this game has to decide between realism gameplay and arcade gameplay. As someone served in the army i have never heard of armor and vests stopping bullets. It is pretty much -1 to injury rate. Like if it is instant death armor can turn it into fatal wound. If it is fatal can make it severe wound and list goes on. Helmets are pretty much protection against sharpnels and richocets. Sure if physics are on your side that day they chance to deflect bullets but it is like 1 in a million chance. In this game you can spray 2 clips of wrong ammo into someone's head and he will just turn around and one shot you like a potato bag
  10. Lol hatchling meta? Lemme give you an example from political science; when the gap between classes(citizens) widens too much, generally lower class society acts/develops wierd habits and behivour. Main problem is here geared camping. 2nd problem is desync issues. Unless these two are fixed hatchling will be fueled by these problems. Gap between a high level veteran player and new player is enourmous. Even mid tier tier players are closer to new players. Desync causes extreme gear loss, camper players cost extreme gear loss, ultra armor players cause extreme gear loss. As you stated. You wanna get rid of loot campers? Make loots spawn randomly(i mean creates) You wanna get rid of spawn campers? Tweak spawn mechanics You wanna balance the gap between players? Make high levels test their skill against each other or cap servers with lvl. You wanna balance armored players? People talk about realism too much about the game meanwhile most unrealistic part is still end tier armor mechanics. Since there is no trauma, internal bleeding, fainting heck even getting knocked down by kinetic power (of a shotgun for example) people will abuse armor usage. Plus game edition difference is pretty much pay to win. Standart edition people cant hoard gear due to stash size meanwhile EoD can sit on a pretty deep gear stash.(this is the class gap tbh) So whining about hatchlings is pretty much like royalty whining about peasants. I dont think hatchlings will ever go or gear freaks will calm down. 2 story dorm room 110 and woods tent site. I found mine at room 110 but it took like 20-30 tries
  11. Oyune ne oldu böyle

    desync problemi. Sen hareket ettiğini felan düşünüyorsun ama desync olduğun için karakterin sen ne yapıyorsan sabit bir şekilde yapıyor. Mesela koşuyorsan yerinde sabit koşma olarak gözüküyor dışardan. Tamamen server ve optimizasyon problemi
  12. How to level up strength?

    kicking doors, hitting stuff and people with a melee weapon and overweight jumps. Also throw some nades around it helps with STR. I usually rush to nade boxes around the map and throw around 8-10 nades.
  13. Losing Rep With Traders?

    well i manage to fix skier rep with betraying therapist about the chemical shipment. Now every trader except therapist is on max level for me. I did some research and learned that you can fix therapist later with some tasks she hands you. Since i'm still running her task for collecting food cans dunno what's next. Just check out the task out comes. Sometimes one task can be completed for another trader(like chemical shipmet). I checked out come for each trader and saw that skier was the only one with severe outcome(huge rep drop). You cant do anything about the main task outcomes but you can manage the tasks when more than one trader is interested innit.
  14. Cant catch a break in this game

    if you are new you got 2 options 1- If you are trusting you wont desync leg it like hell. 8/10 times (if you are good at evading and wont desync), you can make profitable run for guns nades and money and leave raid within 7 mins 2-If you are patient let the rushers rush at each other, kill each other. Lay some ambush at spicy loot point (with a nade at least) when your target moves in nade him, hatchet him, shoot him then leg it to nearest exit with his loot and gear. i'm not mentioning 3rd option of getting geared and engaging everyone cause new players will lack basic skills(like endurance for example) or the high end gear(fort or ultra AP weapons and ammo) New solo player's destiny is you are either a cheetah or a vulture.