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  1. Skaldy

    congrats on killing armors

    oh look another juggernaut cry thread
  2. Skaldy


    game is updating ut i cant find any patch notes
  3. my survival rate is %15 Average time in raid 5mins Average life span 1.33 meters. I'm lvl 38 and still suffering from spawn issues
  4. Skaldy

    Hooking up the good guys

    nice vid man. I really enjoyed it.
  5. Skaldy

    To The Noobs

    lol i'm lvl 38 aswell and i still instantly die after few seconds into my spawns(yes with armor and helmets)
  6. Well i just dont trust new tech right away lol. I mean you can profit really well from such mother board DDR4 ram and processor. But Tarkov wants 16gb ram. If you can afford it why not? I just like to use the tech i'm comfortable with
  7. yeah i wanted to downgrade to DDR3 (16-32gb) but mother board's ram clock speed will cause huge issues if i do that. Frankly i still prefer DDR3s over DDR4s. DDR4 has still few years to go to become solid for me Q. Unity introduced an improved engine for the year 2018. Some features would definitely fit into the game, are you planning it? A. We are rather fastidiously considering the possible migration to the new version of Unity 2018, because in our experience almost every migration entailed quite a number of issues. This always happens when moving from one version of the engine to another. We are planning to do it, but not right now. they are still considerig it. Just check buyanov's Q&A
  8. well even with greater GPU power you still need to beat RAM barrier lol. My current mother board only supports DDR4 and it is little bit pricy here right now. Other than that on my new PC i just given up stuff like shadows and such. I have few hick ups due to ram issue and have to avoid certain maps. Other than that memory cleaner make it playable for me.
  9. Skaldy

    Moments that make you go 'Wait what?'

    great. Thanks for ruining the suprise part
  10. Skaldy

    Moments that make you go 'Wait what?'

    the moment i noticed as a scav you can use hand signs to influence npc scavs. (plus one of the hand sign has a little suprise tucked in)
  11. Skaldy

    Lag or Desync or Late Spawn?

    Check the video raid timer. you spawned late. Sometimes you spawn before loading is complete on your end. Like you and your friends were in and killed already when you actually finished loading. Also raid timer desyncs sometimes. For example i tried to extract and got stuck due to desync on my raid timer i had 38 mins. Only fix i know is ctrl+alt+del then reconnect. When i reconnected (which took like 1-2 mins) raid timer was at last 18 mins. Your end is okay, game needs optimization and spawn rework to avoid such issues
  12. Skaldy

    Lag or Desync or Late Spawn?

    from raid clock you can see if it is late spawn: I saw something like 48:24 late spawn was hand to hand with lag/desync(you can tell that by seeing your mates for a split second before they were gone) Or you were already spawned into map before loading completed rest is like fast forward action(and bad luck on your end cause this all happened infront of a guy)
  13. Skaldy

    What random stuff to save?

    lol then just sell non-gear items you dont wanna trade
  14. Skaldy

    Peacekeeper Spa.Tour & The.Cult Part 2

    i think it is buggy(or desync is getting better at causing trouble) i had to do that task 3 times.(6 markers lol)
  15. Skaldy

    What random stuff to save?

    How is your tasks going? if you havent done all of them read these stuff you can trade circuits for bettermags ES lamps for nades sell the bitcoin and phones you just need 3 of the bleaches for a task gas flasks are tradable items Sell the rams. Car battery is another task item(therapist task 9 or 10) along with plugs keep that hose as well(for a task again) keep the gold chains and rolex if you want to get money case or if you have it already just keep the chains for trading Galger is also tradeable If you completed all of the task just ignore my post