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  1. Peemo_TV

    US Military and Military Veteran Gamer Community

    Over 500+ Military Servicemembers and their family members game with us here. 16 Canadian and 9 UK Military. Open to Patriotic Americans as well. We are a proud gaming community without toxic leadership. If you are military or veteran, don't go to other clans where leaders are on their high horse and will treat you like scum. If you like to log into Tarkov on Sunday and attend mandatory clan meetings on your weekend off, TAW is looking for members on their teamspeak. In the United States of America, we are Proud and Free! https://discord.me/veterangamer
  2. Peemo_TV

    Streamers receiving special treatment?

    Klean was making a mockery of Battlestate Games and shilling his merchandise to players at the same time. Then he "quit". lol
  3. Peemo_TV

    US Military and Military Veteran Gamer Community

    Escape from Tarkov server outage did not stop our military and veterans gaming group from playing. We did Squad, R6 Siege, and PUBG. Adapt and Overcome! If you served in any nation's military, come join us. Don't settle short and play with 14 year old children in TAW. This is where you belong. https://discord.me/veterangamer
  4. Peemo_TV

    US Military and Military Veteran Gamer Community

    Military & Veteran Gaming wishes everyone a Happy Friday. Do not forget about our deployed servicemembers overseas. R.E.D; Remember Everyone Deployed. 3 squads of EFT running right now with all military servicemembers. We don't do clan tags here, that stuff is gay. https://discord.me/veterangamer https://discord.me/veterangamer
  5. Peemo_TV

    BANNED: 101 Reasons not to cheat

    These are the people that were not using chod and were easily detectable.
  6. Peemo_TV

    What is the point of the game?

    Give away free loot to a speed hacker in the game. That is the point.
  7. Peemo_TV

    Trailer patch 0.9

    This was a god awful trailer. Whoever made it needs to be fired. #Rehire&Fire-Klean
  8. Peemo_TV

    US Military and Military Veteran Gamer Community

    This is the most American patriotic discord gaming group on Tarkov full of Military & Military Veterans. If you're not a veteran, but you love America, you can join us too. https://discord.gg/rBe6GS7 We don't make people use gay clan tags. In Hulk We Trust!
  9. Peemo_TV

    27/06 Bans for using forbidden software

    BringaOfFireTTV is telling me he got banned for using Reshade. Is he telling the truth or a liar? I was using reshade for the past 6 months until I switched to 100% Digital Vibrance.
  10. Peemo_TV

    looking for israel player

    If you served IDF you can join some of your mil friends at my military discord. https://discord.gg/AfVCFwR
  11. Peemo_TV

    Is face hitbox a good thing

    I don't wear helmets anymore. I even get one tapped with Fast-MT. Armor is overrated
  12. Peemo_TV

    Looking for Consistent Community or Clan

    If you or military or prior service, i have an active community.
  13. Rico's Roughnecks are a successful discord community for United States Military personnel in the service of their country in the Active Duty, Reserves, ARNG, & Prior Service components. We also have a good number of allied NATO military servicemembers from many nations to include Canada, United Kingdom, and Germany. All of us share in the sacrifices we have made to be apart from our family and friends, missed birthdays and graduations. Join our unique military support network, share your experiences, and most importantly of all, have fun in gaming; because you deserve it. We are mostly Army so far, and we love Marines and all you 0311s out there. In order to maintain an all-military community, we respectfully request that you must have served in military uniform currently or at some point in your life before joining our discord group. Discord Link is as follows: https://discord.gg/AfVCFwR We are all military servicemembers, and the games we play and support include: - Escape from Tarkov - Squad - Post Scriptum - War Thunder - Insurgency - Rainbow Six Siege - PUBG Here is an imgur link that shows how big our military organization has grown to become. Any questions can be directed to me at Discord DM peemo#1257 or Facebook PM at: Adam Phayamouk.
  14. Peemo_TV

    Quiet Cowardly Camping Guide

    Why don't you tell people to go to the factory door glitch spots? 30% of the game is already doing it.