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    the vast majority of kurdish female "fighters" don't serve on the front line or in assault units. the PMCs and Scavs we play as in game are largely serving assault tasks, so it doesn't make sense in game. Sure a female civilian fighting would make sense if you're still operating in areas where there's a large civilian population, but otherwise nope.
  2. Zeroing/kentucky windage

    While I agree, the way the game handles zeroing already is kinda messed up. Most holos/red dots won't have a perfectly BDC matched meter zeroing setting... yet they do now. I'm not even sure why they added that when it's incredibly unrealistic.
  3. Landmines/anti personnel mines

    whilt it wouldn't be unrealistic, it would be incrediby unfun to just have your face blasted off by a MON-50
  4. New Weapons??

    lol, you served in 2bn?
  5. EOD Exclusive cosmetics only read :D

    yeah, and cerakoting is more durable.
  6. Packing Mags

    yeah stripper clip guides, and maglulas should make it faster.
  7. Alternate use for MS2000 markers

    not the worst idea.
  8. EOD Exclusive cosmetics only read :D

    it's a pretty stupid idea IMO. Much more practical to use stencils and spraypaint...
  9. More NVGs?

    I think the priority now is more lower-end night vision. a NSPU night sight was teased. I wouldn't put it past them for adding more high end stuff in the future, but I think that we'll see lower end stuff like PVS-7s first
  10. Weapon Companies Thread

    Given that Meprolight sights are extremely widely issued among Russian LE, I wouldn't say it's too far fetched.
  11. Give EOD players priority queuing.

    hell no -eod player
  12. New Weapons??

    >Famas >high quality topkekekekek
  13. Add civilian M4s-m16s

    Contractors are more likely to use civilian grade weapons dude. They'll source whatever is locally available largely, because carrying weapons across borders is a royal PITA. Civilian weapons are cheaper and are easily left behind when exiting the AO. Contractors in Iraq bought CZ99s because they were cheaper than SIGs. In the end all they care about is the bottom line. If there's a 80% as good solution, they'll buy it and tell their operators to suck it up.
  14. AS VAL

    6P29M, Skier Level 3
  15. List of Current Available Weapons

    yeah they're high-end price without high end quality I'm a dirty H&K fanboy myself