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    I wish scavs had more of a "level" to them. The only be a way to tell would be by how "geared" an AI scav would be. Some scavs having terrible aim, and others with great aim, etc. Most people instinctively shoot towards the center mass of their targets, as scavs should do. A more "veteran" AI SCAV will probably aim for the face, or whatever exposed area that doesn't have armour.
  2. DragunovCrux

    Servers with subscription fee.

    Hosting your own private server linked to a hive? You would run the chance of having empty raids and such, and that would be a frowned upon boon for most players. But, I wonder if this open the opportunity for mod support, like most games that allow privately owned dedicated servers. Then you'd open up ideas each privately run server could have its own hive. Or, connect to the main EFT database. Yet, I do like the ideas of hosting your own EFT server that can run raids that link to your profile, or private hives. And, let's be honest - there's a possibility of operating costs being cut - and that's eye candy enough from a business point of view. I mean, a private server with its own database? BSG doesn't have to rent out or run the servers and if that private's run server goes big and starts attracting more people to buy the game, then BSG makes money either way. Just have to make sure that pirated servers don't come into existence and make a legal copyright mess of things. Overall, in the business point of view, it's good to really explore the ideas of players renting their own servers and possibly attracting much more people to buy the game. EDIT: End of day, BSG is a business, right?
  3. DragunovCrux

    Havoc - Discord Community - NA/EU

    Just a few questions, as I've tried another community, but they were too large - Do you guys play just EFT or venture into other games as well? Do you guys have a clan tag enforcement rule, as I'm just looking for a community to join to play games with?
  4. DragunovCrux

    Naming Items and Inventory Management Tools

    Spraypaint your things?
  5. DragunovCrux

    Increase Effect of Ergonomics (Weapon Sway)

    Some reason I can't edit original post to add in "Prone reduces sway very well." Used to be you can edit at any time; looks to have changed.
  6. DragunovCrux

    Increase Effect of Ergonomics (Weapon Sway)

    Prone would equate to "resting a weapon on a surface." I am saying to increase the sway effect if you consider the context of the entire post.
  7. I would propose that possibly the gaming style that players prefer have changed. Casual gamers are not all bad. It's actually the gamers that complain and not suggest a feasible solution within the context of achievable design to the game that is being played; and, without due polite critique. For example, if we play tic-tac-toe, and the complaint of not having a third option is "retarded and that is final, I want more than X and O." It's not tic-tac-toe at that point aha. The causal gamer that would be a sensible individual, we are consumers trying a product, putting an investment. It's not just like any pub, restaurant, or other places of entertainment. In fact, all of us are sampling the BSG product - we're all trying to see if our purchases were worth it, and hopefully not have any buyers' remorse. They will give the owners of an establishment of feedback and etc. By investment - we're giving money to BSG to see if the game that is being developed will be something we will continue to play. We should all see ourselves as investors because this game isn't at full release. It's a sample, not the complete product. "I give you money in hopes you make something great." And, that is the core of all this. Just, we're in a category in spirit, without legal binding. So you will see many of these small quips - we all paid money. The long timer you are talking about in the original post - even though your post does have merit - all depends on your audience. Sometimes even the people who play long get stuck in their ways and do not want to change. However, we are not there yet. "The final product isn't released." So my question is OP - Why so vague and what are you getting at?
  8. Ergonomics should have a more exaggerated effect on our characters. It should affect the way our characters are able to shoulder our weapons and maintain a steady stance. If the weapon is very heavy, then we should see more sway as it stays in the shoulder and the character aiming down the sight. For example, while standing, and I have a very heavy weapon (ergonomics should be very low), as I look down the sight, I should have no sway in the beginning depending on my character's strength level, and reflected on my stamina bar, thus adding more sway as time progresses. Even to the point where looking down the sight is swaying rather ridiculously if you've been aiming down for some time. Adding in things like breathing, it's the fatigue in upper body strength to hold that weapon up, to the point where weapon sway will affect our ability to aim. In all, the better ergonomics, the less sway and the worse, the more your weapon should wave around over time as you look down the sight. - things like better weapon proficiency, strength, and endurance will reduce sway - things like a sling and kneeling will reduce sway - things like resting a weapon on a surface will reduce sway dramatically - things like resting a weapon on a bipod, that is on surface, will negate sway completely, unless affected by breathing (stamina bar) - weapon sway doesn't affect recoil, or accuracy, as it is simply just affecting your point of aim (your hand-eye coordination in relation to the sight as you sway around getting a poor sight picture) - weapons that are using a magnified sight will have a more exaggerated effect (because you are zoomed in) You can all confirm this by a simple science experiment as well. Grab a broom, mark a piece of tape at the end (where you sight would be), and put a weight of varying mass (5lbs, 8lbs, and 10lbs) on the end away from you. Hold it up and keep it steady while looking at the tape and keep it from swaying. Anyone can perform this at home, as not everyone on this forum may not be able to go to a licensed firing range.
  9. DragunovCrux

    Recoil is not nearly as bad as it should be

    This brought out more of an interesting perspective that maybe "ergonomics" doesn't play into an account as it should. Being, that our weapons don't sway much when put into the shoulder, "up," or aimed down the sight for lack of better words. It does get tiresome to hold the weapon up, especially if it it very heavy when you've added laser sights, flashlights, etc etc. There should be more sway, and some stamina drop to replicate this, and increased sway as stamina drops. I'd say its not represented in the game very well, especially when you get into heavier weapons such as lmgs, and soon to be heavier gpmgs like the pkm.
  10. DragunovCrux

    Recoil is not nearly as bad as it should be

    True, as it is cheesy to do so...
  11. DragunovCrux

    Hera Arms attachments on AK platforms

    I didn't understand that either - as long as it fits on a rail, it should work.
  12. DragunovCrux

    Randoms Looking For Group, TK On Spawn

    I thought there was plans for a karma system. Killing players from your own group gave you bad karma and that had consequences with traders, scavs, etc.
  13. DragunovCrux

    Recoil is not nearly as bad as it should be

    I would recommend that you try shooting at a range that allows automatic fire. And, look for a coach, and you'll see for yourself how easy it is. At certain ranges (<30m) that the ability to hit a full sized human target on automatic, some training, will get you to account for all rounds on target.
  14. DragunovCrux

    Enhanced Tracking Mechanics

    Tracking would be an interesting feature.
  15. DragunovCrux

    1.)Sling: Weapon Attachment 2.) High Level Camo paint 3.)

    Slings would be nice to add to better ergonomics. However, don't buy slings that are plastic, or wrap over the barrel. They tend to melt.