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  1. Sight Picture for HAMR, BRAVO sights.

    PS: I know the magnification increased in both sights, but the eye strain consists. Likely due to designed peripheral view, but I refer to my original post by how much cleaner the elcan is compared to the hamr, and how other companies have done their renditions like Bohemia, and etc. Also, would it be possible to consider eye relief?
  2. Sight Picture for HAMR, BRAVO sights.

    I could not find any reference on the forums about the sights that do magnification, such as the elcan, bravo, and trijon, but any chance for improving the view? I mean, the sight picture is occluded by such a large big blob reticle, and the picture in the magnification themselves are very blocky. The image the HAMR and BRAVO in particular, has a poor sight picture compared to the elcan regarding the, "cross-hairs." For a solution, I would suggest to render them smaller, and give them some transparency and find better relief on the eyes. The best example I can provide would be the way Bohemia did their sights in their Arma series, and how clear the sight picture was. When you look down the sight in EFT, for your scopes, there needs to be more normalcy for the eye and I think it would give a much better product and less physical eye strain. I think it would lead to much better experience to reduce the strain. EDIT: To assist BattleState: I run the game on max graphics and resolution at 3620x2036 and max graphics.