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  1. DragunovCrux

    New way to have experience

    I would agree if that were less, like 100xp per 100k. A bad side affect would be market inflation, and therefore increased trader prices. Thus, crippling new players in purchasing items from traders. Many would revert to playing as scavs as their PMCs would be too poor.
  2. DragunovCrux

    Stomach Shots

    Yes, the abdominal aorta is anterior to the spine. Although, it would have to be a critical shot, slight left of mid-line of the body. If that is hit, a human being can possible lose consciousness in 10 to 15 seconds, go into to hypovolemic shock, and die within 90 seconds on average. But, that would have to be a a catastrophic laceration, or complete transection. It's the amount of blood that can go into the abdominal cavity, about 5L+, and depending on the person die if they lose too much blood. Blood not in your vessels specifically. The human body will try to protect itself by shunting more blood to the core. However, individuals have lived longer if they are more fit, can stay conscious for longer, and live for a few minutes based on their physical fitness, adrenaline and sheer will to live. That being said, most abdominal wounds are treated surgically, as you cannot compress or bandage an internal wound like such. In the end, it's not an instant kill. A guaranteed without surgery, but not instant.
  3. DragunovCrux

    Stomach Shots

    True, they havent really done something along the line of becoming a paraplegic.... although gameplay effects could be morbidly hilarious - Can't fix it, so you're stuck in prone movement all around lol
  4. DragunovCrux

    Stomach Shots

    Yeah, stomach shots won't kill you right away. There aren't any organs that, when ceasing to function, will kill someone instantly (eg. heart and brain).
  5. DragunovCrux

    MP7 under-slung attachment for HK416?

    Reminds me of the OICW project that the US military cancelled. 20mm airburst, with a G36 underneath.
  6. DragunovCrux

    Flea market - Fence

    Fence is a dumpster, but I had the impression he was meant for newer players who cannot access the market. Before, fence would always buy your items at best price... except he would sell those wares more than the traders. It's still a way for newbie players to make some RU.
  7. DragunovCrux

    MPA1 vs MP7A2

    I found modding the MP7A2 will never have better stats than the MP7A1. Does anyone else find it strange that finding the MP7A2, loot only, cannot be better than the MP7A1? In the spirit of the rpg aspect of EFT, why is the loot only find is lesser than its trader find? Shouldn't the rarity of the MP7A2 have better stats than the MP7A1)?
  8. DragunovCrux

    Clin Wiper for Visors

    Agreed - It adds more flavour to game.
  9. DragunovCrux

    Heal All/Keep Healing Button.

    Ah, before the current way healing was, you could spam the heal button. There was no "hard" animation, and you could still shoot at the same time. People viewed that as overpowered... you may face the same argument. People did not want the ability for players too heal up too quickly. I wouldn't mind a "hold down to keep healing," so long as you cannot shoot at the same time.
  10. DragunovCrux

    More Guns?

    I think the ergo and weight would balance things out ?
  11. DragunovCrux

    More Guns?

    Wouldn't linking 2 belts together be easier? It's a quick snap like I have a 75 round belt, and a 45 round belt. Just snap the free link of the last round of one belt onto the first round of the other belt. However, RE-LINKING.... that would take a legit long ass time.
  12. DragunovCrux

    Weapon Suggestion IMI Galil

    AUGA3's are also really sexy, same with FN2000s.... I mean, remember the FPS russia guy? His old video looks like he's holding a version of the AUGA3 if it were in the game.
  13. DragunovCrux

    More Guns?

    I am very excited for the SVD... ...almost like I have some endearment for the gun... ...I may have been waiting and hoping
  14. DragunovCrux


    5'7" ft = 173.73cm 5'11" ft = 180.34cm 160lbs = 72.5kg 180lbs = 81.6kg I'm used to working with both imperial and metric.
  15. DragunovCrux


    @Yukari_Akiyama Is your post reflective of the thoughts and views of the entire US military, a majority of the US military, or a minority of the US military?