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  1. DragunovCrux

    Focus on Quality over Quantity

    w-t-f lol - that is some serious voodoo hex magic lol
  2. There was an original argument that melee was OP, and they have opted so that stamina was a balance.
  3. DragunovCrux

    SCAV on SCAV Punishment

    So very true, "I shouldn't be a target by all scavs just for defending myself from a scav." There should be an implementation that would prevent AI scavs from killing you for defending them or yourself if you are not the aggressor.
  4. DragunovCrux

    Looking For Group or Pupulated Community

    Country/ Canada Timezone/ UTC−08:00 preferred play time/ 4pm to 11pm Hi, I'm looking for a good group of players that are relaxed, and fairly good at the game. I usually like to run 5 man groups, but to run it right needs people that, as follows: 1. Want to do 5 mans 2. Communicate well to have it run decently 3. Aren't toxic and know friendly fire does happen 4. Spread loot evenly, but "your kill is your loot" is a golden rule 5. Team orientated I've been playing EFT since December 2017, and really enjoy the game. But, it's time I've looked for a group of people that also have similar interests and play styles.
  5. DragunovCrux

    Expand Armour / Vest Modification

    Like guns, I suggest vest, rigs and armour expand to be just as modular. For Vests, there are many vendors that have different types of pouches, straps, and etc. Companies like Tactical Tailor, sell various modular vests and rigs. Even some airsoft companies sell items that mimic actual good quality stuff, but obvious aren't as food. I mean the material that Tactical Tailor uses in their vests is patented. I think Tarkov should mimic this route. Have various skeletal rigs able to affix certain pouches for magazines of various sizes, pistol mags, to have 1x2 cells, 2x2 cells. 1x4 cells, and etc attached to the vest. Adding different pouches of varying quality increases weight and ergonomics. Like a high quality pouch of 1x2 cell will increase ergonomics and be light weight, while a poor quality pouch will decrease ergonomics and weight. Some rigs will be modular, while others will not. This can expand to armour having various plate inserts of different quality as well. The plates can vary from L1 to L6, and also cover specific areas. The best plates will be L6, light, and high durability and the worst being heavy, low durabiity. For the vest, a vest can be light only covering the chest and back, or addon inserts to cover the sides, arms, stomach and etc. You can mix and match plates to be covering only the chest and stomach, and maybe lighter inserts for the sides to decrease weight. Some vests may not be able to fit all the inserts, while some cannot be modified (like 3M). Like a top tier vest may have inserts for plates covering arms, legs, stomach, chest that may have little effect on ergonomics, turning speed.
  6. DragunovCrux

    Concern about voice chat

    I would say that is just "the name of the game." I would think that in any game with violence, then you would have the accept that some would be toxic. Your best option would be to shoot them - and if are going for realism and immersion - I would guess everyone would be as or just as toxic. Again, you are both trying to kill each other, and the concept of chivalry and honour is antiquated in the EFT situation. A proxy war, some people in for profit of a high paying security job, others with national interests, and other trying to just make it out alive. You are going to hear all of that; and I would say that is realistic. People are going to yell, scream, do whatever they can to mess with your mind, to beat or, or just as they die. I would say - that does make sense for realism. And people would yell whatever profanity and relevance at the time. If that is a meme - well, that is the last words they will say LOL.
  7. DragunovCrux

    Concern about voice chat

    EDIT: Like, once the rpk comes in, and material physics for penetration comes in (eg. thin sheet metal won't save your life from bullets), let them meme. As you use your ears to shoot through things as they die.
  8. DragunovCrux

    Concern about voice chat

    I think they'll add a whisper to radio option, if you have the item. But, I don't think it's realistic to have only your teamates hear you. Plus, the chirps you'll hear will happen - I mean, we are trying to kill each other. In retrospect, if the VOIP has directional sound, then it will reveal their position. However, when a person dies - thats the only way of shutting them up lol.
  9. DragunovCrux

    No exits for me!!

    Wrong section, but the extract is there. It's a bug that doesn't show timer, but if you stay at the right spot then you will extract.
  10. DragunovCrux

    Trader Turn-in Suggestion

    Makes sense, sometimes you can't sell a vest to ragman if it has items in it. So, it should be the same way with quests.
  11. DragunovCrux

    A few suggestions.

    I do not agree with upping 5.45. In a game play sense, the balance should be that it is a cheap round yet the baseline. By baseline, you can make tiers: 5.45x39mm being the center of power vs contro 7.62x39mm being more damage, yet more recoil, 5.56x45mm being a thing of recoil control, more armour penetration, but less damage 7.62x51mm NATO very expensive, lots of recoil, but damaging etc... I believe armour should perform as it should to real world standards. However, I think that armour plates should be a thing that can be inserted into vests and plate carriers. Flak flake vests with plates should be the best protection, while plate carriers do as they protecting only the chest and stomach. I definitely would like more seamless body stances. Yes to stopping cheaters. That is a definite yes. Some reason I think people believe that banning cheaters creates money for developers, but that's simply stupid. That is a niche market, and isn't viable. An honest player base creates market, and market makes developer successful. Any developer that believes to induce "ban and cheater buys a new account," in itself will fail. True profit comes from a market of honest players buying a game, and getting more people to play. The more people that play means more copies sold. Eventually, you make so much that you can develop more games, create DLCs (but do not do as EA... they've become dicks), and further your brand. Furthering your brand in a good light makes you a trusted developers and any games make in the future - people will buy - and that makes careers.
  12. DragunovCrux

    Audio from dying/dead players and scavs

    You are ruthless. I like it. We can be friends.
  13. DragunovCrux

    Few Ideas

    I actually like the concept of all of them, but I also think these things were being worked on slowly as the game is a WIP (work in progress). You don't really find armour and helmets in loot boxes as of yet, but all items should have a chance.
  14. DragunovCrux


    "The goal is not to prove you wrong. The goal is state that adding female characters would hardly detract from realism and immersion. There are real world examples of women." You are right that there is a vast disproportion of women and men in the military, but it doesn't disprove that women serve. Unfortunately, I do not have access to the numbers in detail of women that apply to the Navy Seals. Not many militaries are able to project their power by super-carriers around the world with an asset like the seals available at all times. Nor do I have access to stats on units that would be the same role and capability of the Seals such as British SAS, Israeli Shayetet 13, French Naval Commandos, Canadian JTF2, nor Polish Grom. But, the best examples of women in the military is Israel, and Israeli is quite good at what they do. But there's, Norway's Jegertroppen, and the UAE's Presidential Guard. If we want more PMC examples that fit of the mold of "military industrial complex," then we should think of Academi (Blackwater v.16+), Northbridge Services, ICTS. Plus, most of these are former veterans of varying experience. Women in the frontlines is very new, and political aspects of the countries reflect that through their military. It's very western that a military is progressive, but NATO has been the busiest of military alliances throughout the world. In retrospect, the US has actually been very slow in adapting women to a combat role to any role in their military because it is relatively new to them, and honestly they are very conservative. I mean, look at their current president, and previous republican presidents - all very conservative views. Around 2011, that's when you have 10 years of asymmetric warfare from Afghanistan and Iraq, and I think the realization of women in a combat role made sense, plus many other lessons learned. It's the aspect of fourth generation warfare being a mix of police tactics and guerilla warfare that opened the eyes of many western armies. The US had an old belief that men would be more concerned about their female counterparts, and that belief is all you see is probably in a very low percentage. But again, woman serve the number is 2.7%, that's still 2.7% of a million person army. I probably won't find a military that has 50%, nor will we see 50% women serving anytime soon, nor even in our lifetime. Not even the current workforce is most countries have 50%. But at the end of the day, The goal is state that adding female characters would hardly detract from realism and immersion. There are real world examples of women. EDIT: Medics and Comms personal are (specifically signalers) are frontline personnel. They fit the role of combat support, but that support is on the frontline. Well, with western armies in a patrol setting, such as those in the deserts of Afghanistan and Iraq. You need medics to treat casualties as they come and keep the patrol going, and western medics are side by side with the infantry. And, the radio is the best weapon any combat element can have because it calls in artillery, jets, co-ordinates movement, and various other forms of combat support.
  15. DragunovCrux

    Blaser R93 Lrs2 sniper rifle

    Looks fun, I'm still waiting for them to implement resting your weapon on any surface and bipods to actually do something.