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  1. DragunovCrux

    Blood drop on ground when bleeding

    What would be interesting if you could use those blood kits to create fake blood trails, like a lure.
  2. DragunovCrux

    Armbands current state.

    Armband should be overtop all clothing - it's common sense. Plus having an additional slot on the other arm, plus wrapped around the helmet. It allows for a multitude of colour combinations.
  3. DragunovCrux

    Armband Fix & IR Strobe

    Armbands are a great addition - but why would a PMC wanting to be seen wearing an armband hide it under armour like fort and etc? It's a common sense thing that if I'm wanting to display colours, I'd wrap my armband overtop my armour for it to be seen - If I cover it, then that makes an idiot of a PMC. "I got an armband on, but I'm going to cover it," Bluntly, that is stupid and no other reason besides that. Also, I recommend adding an IR strobe (that can go into the armband slot) that can only be seen with NVGs for those PMC groups who want identify friends at night, at the risk that others may also see said IR strobe in the same spirit armbands were added.
  4. DragunovCrux

    Psst.. Hey, BSG. Here are a few Easy Anti-Cheat Heuristics.

    Probably because OP suggested a list of possible solutions instead of just a complaint with no solution.
  5. DragunovCrux

    Psst.. Hey, BSG. Here are a few Easy Anti-Cheat Heuristics.

    Gaining profit from hackers buying the game over and over is the smallest percentage of market share. If anyone thinks that viable to make profits: 1. Fire that Finance Officer and also your Marketing Officer 2. Replace those people whom understand market share and how to make tangible and feasible profits 3. If the above 2 are not done, then your will not make profits guaranteed. 4. Retrain your staff that deal with revenue on how to turn revenue into profit. You'll make revenue, but not profit, if you think it's okay to make sales from re-buying of accounts. Why? The regular consumers make up the majority of whom will buy the game. If you turn those people away, then you lose.
  6. DragunovCrux

    weapon strap

    I think OP wants it as an item you can get with stats, not simply an aesthetic or implied to exist.
  7. DragunovCrux

    Psst.. Hey, BSG. Here are a few Easy Anti-Cheat Heuristics.

    It really is frustrating dealing with hackers these days. I get we are all beta testing and are meant to find in-game glitches, exploits and etc before release - but when you have hackers doing this through 3rd party means on a beta test - its super frustrating. We cannot beta test. It also damages the reputation of the game - people will look up the game and find reviews, blogs, social media, google reviews riddled with the abundance of hackers and exploits. And, it is extremely difficult to convince people to buy a game on release if it BSG develops a bad reputation. The players will continually voice the need to stop the third party cheating tools because it has been long enough, and it should have been snuffed out quickly. Name an independent development company, not publisher, that has survived a bad launch on their game release from bad media? Those numbers are low and it is very lucky for a company to recover from a business point of view.
  8. DragunovCrux

    everyone spawn in the same time

    You'd have to redesign the maps to be like a circle, and spawns divided in sections for reasonable distance and randomness. Either people will spawn across from you, in perspective of at least 1/3 or 1/4 circumference from where you are. It's predictable, but by probability of where other people will spawn is a guess. We all know where people will go as the maps do have a "center" so to say in every map where players will propagate. Currently, all maps aren't designed like this and you do really need to be careful where you walk. Consider how well you character can be heard or seen: -all players make a really good silhouette against flat coloured objects like a wall, the sky (cresting on an elevation), not a normal shape in the environment (soft lines of fuzzy bushes vs sharper solid shapes, and curves vs straight trees) -the gear you are wearing may be very distinguishable like shiny glass/metals and bright colours -how fast you are moving will be easily notice -the sounds you make will attract a persons eyes to where the sound comes from -use lower elevation than higher elevations while you move to produce natural cover to remove lines of sight to your character etc etc to make not make yourself seen
  9. DragunovCrux

    Ghillie Suits + Better stealth gameplay

    I'd imagine you would make ghillies heavy... it's much burlap.
  10. DragunovCrux

    weapon strap

    It's a sling, and there are many kinds and ways to put it on your weapon - all of which can be a good addition to increase weapon swap, plus ergonomics.
  11. DragunovCrux

    Armor in a good place. Just make Fort harder to get.

    This man is correct in his statement. You don't need to essentially "remove" Fort from the game. It's a good armour, and that's why people use it. If people find the items to get fort, then so be it - thats their gameplay and no need to knock them down for knowing how to loot. Aside from that, more people tend to use the ghezel-k for its feasibility. I would be more open to more armour types in game. Another concept would be that the game designs armour to have insertable plates. Plates can range from the varying levels from real like examples, to fit in with the confines of gameplay. Then we can go into talking about single systems like a plate carrier vests, or the double system of a flak vest with plate inserts, with a chest rig over top. PS: Tarkov is not CSGO, or any of those games. It's kind of a spin of its own genre, so it doesn't make sense to compare apples to oranges. Tarkov would more closely relate to RUST, Arma 3 (Exile), and Day-Z. The arcade shooters like CSGO, Siege, COD and stuff are a separate genre of shooters.
  12. DragunovCrux

    since when can scavs look at you and you die?

    It does happen much lol I've had scavs shoot to the side of them and get the wonderful magic bullet to the head. It's good times
  13. DragunovCrux

    Changes to the IFAK

    The concept of turning IFAKS, Salewas, Car Kits, and Grizzlies into containers of varying sizes is a neat idea actually. In essence, they are just pouches and bags anyways. Example: Car Kits taking up 1x2, but opening up into a 2x2 slots (4 medical items) Salewas taking up 1x2, but opening up into 3x3 slots (9 medical items) IFAKS taking up 1x1, but opening up into 3x3 slots (9 medical items) Grizzly taking up 2x2, but opening up into 4x4 slots (16 medical items) That way you have people figuring out what they will take into a raid. Like considering should I carry more bleed stoping, more healing, or more pain management? As usual, that comes with a risk of losing all your medical items in a really well packed car kit, salewa, IFAK, or grizzly. However, it would technically remove the "stop bleeding and heal" at the same time, as I understand you can only use one medical item at a time. So, you would have to bandage first, then cheeseblock or however anyone would set their hotkey bar.
  14. DragunovCrux

    Show Player Names as well as Scav Name

    I actually like the idea of having the player scav show the actual person's name as a feature on its own in brackets. Eye Candy.
  15. DragunovCrux

    Blood drop on ground when bleeding

    I 100% agree to this.