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  1. congrats on killing armors

    I'm probably going to get a lot of hate for this but I agree with you. I think they should make FORT Armour purchasable to make up for the fact that it's not as tanky as it was before. Why waste the gold chains?
  2. PVE Only Mode

    Rufus the reason why you're running into so many geared players is because a character wipe hasn't happened since before skills were made harder to level. So, everyone who leveled their skills with exploits when it was easy is still level 51 (Elite) on a lot of their physical skills. There is also the fact that because of the recent changes to dogtags, most players are millionaires with nothing much to lose. You could wait until OBT's wipe and then start playing when everyone is set back to square 1. There will deffo be less high level players and less people risking fort/fast/M4
  3. Dying simulator

    I struggled with a group of four discord friends through the desync the spawn camping the armour bug and the ineptness of low level characters. Now I have a 40% survival rate, I lead our group and I kill most of the high level geared players I come across. After getting over the mountain that is the new player experience there is a lot of fun to be had. Dare I say, some of the fun of this game is climbing the mountain and figuring out how to juke other players + get their loot. Some people can't get into that kind of gameplay, and you can generally tell if someone will like this game if they have ever played DayZ or ARMA or H1Z1. Anyone else is pretty much going to be put off by this game. If I was you I'd just wait until the reputation system gets implemented, and then ask your friends to start playing again. I'm predicting the game will move away from being a deathmatch during that time because you will actually have to identify someone before shooting them. I doubt the new player experience will get any better until then.
  4. Planned Features 2018 (unofficial)

    I wonder what the Flight Recorder will be used for. Probably nothing to get excited about. I bet it's just another junk/quest item
  5. VIEWMODEL FOV "bug"

    Another reason why this is so disappointing. I don't even bother with those sights as of yesterday
  6. VIEWMODEL FOV "bug"

    It's unfortunate that this did not get as many views as it should have. Someone spammed right after my post to get the twenty posts for the Text based game on the Forums. Anyways, hope they see this and/or reply. Of course they might not have plans to implement weapon FOV if at all, seeing how the game is not currently at 90 FOV.
  7. I hope so. Lost a 2v1 hatchling fight today because of desync. Couldn't reload silenced TT mag because of desync, pull out my hatchet to hatchet him and in the middle of the fight I pull away to regen stamina and see him swing his hatchet in mid-air ten feet away and I fall over dead. My friend had to put 8 more shots into him after he was weakened already by our hatchets and pistols from earlier. Seems like desync is also causing the server to not register hits at all.
  8. VIEWMODEL FOV "bug"

    Now that the gun takes up 1/4th of the screen again, are you planning to add an option to change viewmodel FOV in the future? I am rather disappointed by this fix.
  9. Thanks for clarifying that with me. I thought it was because I've had it level up a few times while playing as a level one scav and thought it was a working skill
  10. Although hatchlings have it good, they ultimately need a backpack to pick up anything of value (besides dogtags/bitcoins/golden lion statues, but finding those as a hatchling is nigh impossible) Playing as a hatchling is a strategy I've only resorted to a few times when I was a noob. Being a hatchling isn't fun. Why? No helmet as PMC= 1 tapped by any decent player Running is very loud especially if the player has low Covert Movement skill, and is even easier to hear if you have a high hearing level. Because of this, most of the time rushing a player= death Leveling strength to hit harder is time consuming, and at level 1 strength the only person you'll one hit with a hatchet is a guy with no helmet Imagine how many rounds it must take of rushing players and taking your chances before you finally kill someone AND get their gear. Sounds frustrating and like a waste of time. You're almost better off trying to get the jump on unsuspecting players with a TT pistol

    Let's just say "N*Assassin" misuses the coming voice chat feature to chant racial slurs and make statements such as "get rekt you f*** N*****". Would said player be banned from game or the voice chat feature for this? it becomes rather annoying in other games when you have to listen scrawny white 15 year olds call people the N word every other match.
  12. scav are so overpowered!!!

    The bolt action shotgun scav is the easiest ai scav to kill. That guns sucks ass and gives you plenty of times between bolting and reloading to get off some shots at the person with the bolt action.
  13. You're allowed to matchmake with absurd pings

    Yup. And some people do this knowingly on purpose. Causes teleportation lag, me and my friends have killed a player (got a dog tag off him), two minutes later one of us drops dead and it says the guy killed us. Well, on our screen the guy was dead. And on his screen he wasn't. I'm sure when it registered that we got shot by him, he dropped dead on his screen as well. I've also seen insane ping cause people to run in place and not die, you can't even take the weapons off of their bodies when they are like this. I also shot a scav sniper last night on customs, a friend and I saw the sniper scav's body drop to where it could be reached but our other friend couldn't search the body because on his screen the body didn't fall off the roof all the way.
  14. Ridiculous Matching Times

    yeah it is ridiculous.
  15. This game is so harsh on new player

    They earned it. The new player experience is trash yes, but part of what makes this fun is climbing the mountain to the top getting the m4's leveling up the traders to buy armour collecting your first docs... The experience picks up and gets good once you learn how to play efficiently. The game is what you make of it, really. Just the other night two kitted m4 guys in factory killed my friend and made him rage quit, my other and friend and I sprayed the kneecaps of the geared guys with shotguns and AKs-74s and extracted with full sets of level 6 armour and silenced drum mag M4s. Part of the experience is getting there IMO. In this game, Realism=Gameplay and I do not want that to change. Don't nerf armours because plebs are too new to realise to aim below the belt... I mean, look at the armours in the stash... There are weak spots; neck, armpits, everything waist and below. Armour does not make you invincible. Tactics, knowledge and awareness are the key to success in this game.