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  1. ShawnWolf

    Bummed out

    I'm sorry about your username. But I'm glad there's finally some kind of a filter. The first time I got killed by someone named n killer or j killer my friends and i had a chuckle, but after a few raids of running into people with a serious maturity problem it becomes slightly off putting
  2. ShawnWolf

    Cheaters have to be sorted

    Hard to test a game when a quarter of the population is cheating I think they should remove the standard edition of the game for the time being, that'll discourage people from cheating because they'll have to spend more than $30 USD to buy the game and cheat again.
  3. ShawnWolf

    Cheaters have to be sorted

    I've been playing matches with friends and ran into three hackers yesterday alone. First one was in my first match in customs; i laid in the bushes outside hollow building because i was talking in a discord with friends, i alt-tab back to the game and after about twenty seconds i see a fully geared guy sprinting past while flying, followed by two other geared players that weren't flying but were obviously squading with him. Second time i was in a match with friends; we were in bus station in customs and two player scavs rushed us, one of them was obviously using god mode because the three of us mag dumped him with AK-74Ms (he wasn't wearing any armour, just a player scav with a VEPR). He stood still tanked our bullets while killing all three of us Third time i was in a factory raid in a four man squad on EFT discord, we all had full gear (GEN 4 and LZSH with faceshield) wiped all the other PMCs off the map. Halfway through the raid a player scav spawned in; i went to jump off the vents on top of bunker 86 and the player scav breached the door in front of me, the second the door was kicked open he killed me by headshot he wasn't restricted by opening the door like you should be when you're in an animation. He then proceeded to kill my friend and two randoms we were playing with, killing us all in one hit headshots the second we saw him. I've been playing a lot of raids with EU and US players, there are definitely more hackers on US servers. At this point I'm worried about this game, cheaters are ruining the game seemingly for their own personal enjoyment. My best guess is these cheaters are salty cucks that can't stand the idea of losing gear. You don't win any rewards or anything that you can sell in the real world while playing EFT, so I don't see any other reason why these hackers be hacking
  4. ShawnWolf

    Flying invincible scav on factory

    Slaughtered all of the player scavs in the factory to find this dick roaming around the map 10/10 would get headshotted by fly hacking invincible AI scav again
  5. I was just exfiling a factory raid that had three geardos with silenced M4s, I shot my gun and pressed F1 my character said for them to i did it again and my character said then after he said They had comtacs on so i'm sure they heard me lol. This is easily one of the best parts of the game.
  6. ShawnWolf

    EoT Edition - Didn't Have Tomahawk

    Just kill another player and take theirs. If you put a melee weapon in your melee slot you cannot lose it. One of my discord friends didn't start with his the most recent wipe, so he just bought one off the fence Edit: read the rest of your post instead of skimming. sorry i just noticed you were asking WHY it is happening not where to get a tomahawk
  7. I think he is implying that they change their router settings as well as restart the router. You can change your IP to whatever you want, whenever you want. I men if they want to get around it that bad they may just use a VPN too.
  8. If this is really the case then duck this game and the devs. I quit CSGO for that reason if BSG starts being like that I am done with this poo.
  9. As much as i despise weapon glitching, I disagree with you about removing the functionality of the secure containers altogether. We need the secure containers to keep our docs and keybar safe so what you are suggesting would make the game needlessly more difficult. At most, I would say they should remove the ability to place weapons inside the secure container.
  10. ShawnWolf

    Hard heavy Desync

    That ricochet almost took your head off. I'm anticipating 0.9. I've had too many occasions like this where I shoot someone at <10m with a whole mag of 5.45 BS and they spin around and gun me down in two or three shots
  11. ShawnWolf

    How Much Gear Do You Risk Per Raid?

    Way to take what i said too seriously. It's funny that you throw that out there when you have no idea how I play. I could be much better than you at playing this game As for the OP, I stand by what I said. This game is a disaster right now, there's no point in risking gear when you have a high chance of losing it to a cheater or desync. I used to bring out at least 100k rubles in gear but that was before helmets/armour got nerfed into uselessness and before cheating became a huge problem.
  12. ShawnWolf

    How Much Gear Do You Risk Per Raid?

    Nowadays I don't bring anything into the raid. What's the point, 9/10 matches involve getting dicked on by hackers or being screwed by desync.
  13. ShawnWolf

    Since the last small patch

    I feel this. I hate to be that guy but it's probably because of all the hackers. There has been so many hackers since 0.8 came out, might as well take a break until 0.9 (assuming they're actually going to fix what was stated). Same thing happened for me with PUBG, but that game doesn't have many or any hackers now at least on US servers. PUBG was a hacker fest for like three or four months but they've finally cleared up the problem. I'm afraid that EFT is going to go the same way as CS GO, game filled with cheaters because dev team didn't care enough to put a stop to it.
  14. ShawnWolf

    Do you experience less cheaters now?

    This is why I'm still on a long... break from this game until bullshit gets sorted out.... I mean where tf is Hideouts? smh I've also been having a cheater free time. playing Halo Online and dark souls as well as some gta online. Looks like I'm going to stay away from this game for a while longer