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  1. Leveling Traders?

    So, I have to do tasks to level those traders up I'm guessing?
  2. Leveling Traders?

    What does this number mean? I'm trying to level up and its taking forever!
  3. Reload problem!

    Ahh, yes I don't. thanks for pointing it out to me!
  4. Reload problem!

    Hey! It happens with every firearm I use in the game. I'm not double-tapping the reload key but it keeps dropping my magazines for some reason. Is this a known bug? -Thanks!
  5. Trouble with the M4

    OK, got it thanks!
  6. Trouble with the M4

    Hey! I'm having problems with the stock M4. It will not let me take off the front iron sights in the moding menu. I've bought around 4 of them and they've all had this problem. -Thanks!
  7. Lasers sights and Shotguns

    Is there a way to mount a laser onto a shotie? I swear I had one when I first started playing this game but not sure. Can someone tell me what I need to mount a laser onto one? I already have a Sprut mount. Thanks!
  8. When can I start buyign Armor?

    Hey! Right now I can only get armor from Fence. I'm level 9. When can I buy it from another dealer? Thanks.
  9. Offline Mode

    I don't think they will ever get rid of it. They say in the game that they'll add on to it in the future.
  10. I just purchased the Edge of Darkness package but its not in the game... Its weird because it says I have it in the launcher. Do I just have to wait awhile before it gets in the game or something?
  11. What key in the Factory?

    Hey! What key in the factory do you need to open up the tunnel door? I'm talking about the one right under the steps. I have the main factory key but it doesn't work for me. Thanks!
  12. shoreline map??

    Bodycount! Do you have the other maps in the 3D version like the shoreline map?
  13. Extraction point

    I'm stumped here too as a newbie. The exits are the most confusing thing about this game!
  14. Leveling Traders?

    How do you level up traders? Do you just sell items to them or what?