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  1. So, usually I'm a big fan of hold to aim, toggle not so much. But in eft, I go with toggle since it allows you to switch between your main- and rear-sights with CTRL + RMB without having to stop ADSing. Same goes for ALT + RMB to change crosshairs of sights. So, why do I go with toggle then when I dislike it? Because hold to aim has a big flaw: you make way more noise. >You have to stop ADSing, what makes noise, you have to CTRL + RMB to switch sights, what also makes noise and then ADS again, what causes noise again. So 3 in total, while you only have to switch sights with CTRL + RMB on toggle, what causes noise only once. Can we maybe get the possibility to switch between sights / adjust crosshairs with hold to aim by just tapping CTRL / ALT while holding down right RMB? You could activate it exlusively to when playing with hold to aim enabled and while RMB is held.