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  1. SoupCan

    NEW YEAR EVENT in Escape From Tarkov!

    It still p***es me off that I have EOD and I still don't get a keybar because I didn't buy it at a specific time. What's the freebies this time round?
  2. SoupCan

    Bans for using forbidden software

    If only the anti-cheat instantly banned on detection for things like speedhacks and esp/aimbotting. Dying to these idiots only to hope they eventually get caught is frustrating as hell. It's not so much an anti-cheat, as a basic cheat detection with a possible banning of some hacker in the near future. Fingers crossed it improves, as the state of hacking right now is pretty blatantly lame.
  3. SoupCan

    Official Trading Thread

    Need these gone to clear a bit of space. WTS: Sensible offers via PM please Would also trade for mechanic quest items.
  4. SoupCan

    Official Trading Thread

  5. SoupCan

    Official Trading Thread

    WTB: 34mm Scope mount for mechanic quest. PM me a price
  6. SoupCan

    Official Trading Thread

    Simple trade, thanks very much buddy
  7. SoupCan

    Official Trading Thread

    Todays offerings WTS: Please PM me serious offers please
  8. SoupCan

    Official Trading Thread

    WTS: All items here. PM me with offers please WTB Also looking to buy quest items for the mechanic quest line, starting with the 34mm scope mount.
  9. SoupCan

    Official Trading Thread

    Willing to sell these items for reasonable priced offers. PM to contact me please
  10. SoupCan

    Official Trading Thread

    WTS: - 2x Wilsons (50k each) - 1x Strike (30k) - 3x Factory Keys (700k each) - 2x Chepoint keys (400k each) - 2x Marked Keys (250k each) - 5 USB Flash Drives (25k each) Willing to buy or trade the above for: - 1x Shmaska - 3x Graphics Cards - 1x NF34mm RIS Scope Mount for Gunsmith Pt 5 PM me please for offers
  11. SoupCan

    Official Trading Thread

    WTS: 2 x Factory Keys 2 x Checkpoint Keys 1 x Marked Key Willing to accept trades including Graphics Cards, Key Bars and Doc Cases. PM only please
  12. SoupCan

    Official Trading Thread

    WTS: 3 Gas Analyzers 3 USB Sticks 2 G Phones Customs 220 Key Checkpoint Key Please PM me if interested and an offer WTB: Graphics Cards Keybar Doc Case
  13. SoupCan

    Official Trading Thread

    WTB: 1 or 2 Document Cases 1 or 2 Keybars WTS/WTT: 2 Flash Drives 1 Checkpoint Key Please PM me about either