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  1. Ajsbored

    Why did I die?

    I feel so stupid, I could have made it out of a few raids with so much stuff but I decided to stay back because I thought I could heal through a blacked out stomach. I'll start working on my metabolism, do I just eat and drink in the raid?
  2. Ajsbored

    Why did I die?

    If my hydration hits zero does my health have to hit zero before I die or could dehydration kill me when I would still have health?
  3. Ajsbored

    Why did I die?

    WHATTTTTTT. I didn't know that, I could have made it out so many times if I didn't stick around too long. Always thought I was bleeding out and getting frustrated because I bandaged and still died with some health still left.
  4. Ajsbored

    Why did I die?

    Ohhh okay that makes sense now, thank you! I didn't even think about that
  5. Ajsbored

    Why did I die?

    I had made it to the end of the raid and my health stayed at 82, I was not bleeding but my stomach was blacked out and I spammed AI-2 until I ran out. I made it to the end and had 6 seconds left and just died with 82 health. What happened?
  6. How do you counter extract campers? I've ran into them so many times and nothing I do seems to work. I for sure need to get better at the game and play more offline to learn the map and where keys are located as well as learn the mechanics of the game. But what's your advice on taking them out?