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    0.10 patch WIP

    Ive been playing for a long time, but I dont have time to play enough to level up much. The highest Ive been in 3 wipes is level 25. I think level 2 traders should happen at a lower level but I don't really think that a low level player needs to be able to buy better guns. The lessons of finding what you need in raid would become somewhat lost I think. Getting up to level 10-12 happens pretty quick, but it feels like 12-15 is really a grind. I think an actual optic being available in early game would be really helpful even if its locked behind a quest but available with level 1 traders would be the best thing. I was level 20 before the last wipe and still couldnt get a pso, that sucked. sks/pso was the ticket in early game before then. Hell at least equip more scavs with them so I can kill scavs to get an optic.
  2. Wadzii

    Kill 10 usec shoreline, Impossible quest.

    I run an old 4770k @4.5 ghz, 16gb and a 1060, shoreline is fine 99% of the time. If it starts studdering and frame dropping use a different server. FPS pretty much always above 60. GPU makes pretty much zero difference in this game. the 1060 didnt really make much difference vs my old 750ti. Make sure you have enough hard drive space for 20ish gb page file and an SSD.
  3. Wadzii

    Squads, Squads, Squads...

    Playing solo requires a lot of patience and knowing where/when to hide and when to attack. This isn't a run and gun type of game. You get into that mindset and you'll die every time.
  4. Wadzii

    Honest Question about Hatchlings

    This 100%!!
  5. Wadzii

    6700k vs 7900x

    high precision event timing
  6. Wadzii

    6700k vs 7900x

    I was having a similar issue with my 4770k - disabling the hpet in the bios seemed to have cured it.