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    Character name Comrade_butcher Description Tall with sinewy muscles.Not the strongest but can last the longest. Has a scar going down his face from his ear to his eye.Deep green eyes with a glint in them. His past Born and raised in Kovrov, Basuda is the eldest of three sons of parents who were coal workers. Hoping to escape a grueling life in the mine, he enlisted with the Spetsnaz and was sent to Naryan-Mar, a small sea and river port town on the Barents Sea. He became an avid hunter and trapper during his time in the Arctic Circle, before being transferred to tarkov.He has a vast knowledge of weapons snipers and traps. How did he get to Tarkov? undercover for the russian Spetsnaz to investigate the collapse of tarkov but lost contact with his superiors now he fights to survive. Predilections snipers,traps,bombs,knives,camo Friends a fellow Spetsnaz friend that joined him in his mission but lost contact during a fight in a storm Wounds, and battles scar on his face, many scars covering his body. half of his ear torn off on his right side Aspirations to find his fellow Spetsnaz friend and to get out of tarkov alive. The greatest achievement that character did join the Spetsnaz forces and become a master trapper Strength 20 Endurance 30 Accuracy 30 Sniper