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  1. Jayskarz

    LOOT is the only thing I care ಠ_ಠ ?

    go play pubg then...this isnt a battle royal game. the loot is set so you can fight for it. if it was random there would be no need for keys or anything of the sort.
  2. Jayskarz

    Morphines are Dead

    if you get owned by a hatchling and you have a gun, you are doing something wrong. anyways, there is nothing wrong with how the meds work right now. it's not ever gonna be realistic to the point that it's exactly like real life. if it were to get to that point, then a lot would have to change. the gameplay is fine, they just need to fix dsync, lag, and some bugs. stop trying to make the game unplayable. I don't know about ya, but if my limb is blacked I'm getting out. barely enough space in the inventory already and you want people to carry more crap. Put yourself in that position you got shot in the leg, now you cant run ( not even wit morphine) guess what you're dead. then the forums would be flooded with complaints on the healing sucks. p.s 8k roubles is nothing
  3. Jayskarz

    LOOT is the only thing I care ಠ_ಠ ?

    I don't agree, there are a lot of areas where you can find other loot, people just don't explore. even you, if you went out and explore then you will see there a lot more areas to loot, not just those "loot spawns". take the time out to explore if that's what you really want. loot has been decreased, there are chances where you won't find a thing. I don't know what kind of person complains about "to much loot".
  4. Jayskarz

    Changing bears to pmc kills, punisher pt. 6

    it's not impossible.
  5. Jayskarz

    Factory exits are stupid

    don't be a noob and play factory in PVE mode if you to scrub to find it on PVP. I do play factory and everyone knows there is a permanent exit. like I said please close this thread. If you know people camp that exit clear it the area then go in.
  6. Jayskarz

    Saiga Drum Mag

    Not a drum mag because the saiga is already strong as heck. aim for those legs and not even fort or an ops core can help them. an extended mag would be very nice though maybe an extra 2 rounds.
  7. Jayskarz

    Changing bears to pmc kills, punisher pt. 6

    they would most likely raise the number of kills needed to complete it if they change it to pmcs.
  8. Jayskarz

    Vaulting please ..

    level up strength you'll be fine.
  9. Jayskarz

    Filter Traders For compatible attachments

    Very good suggestion, I agree 100%
  10. Jayskarz

    Factory exits are stupid

    There is a permanent exit lol c’mon bro...close this thread please
  11. Jayskarz


    Like what? For what?
  12. Jayskarz

    Instant spawnkill at factory

    Might be your internet speed.
  13. Jayskarz

    Sprint out of ADS

    Yes, super bump
  14. Jayskarz

    DONT Reduce the loot

    If it’s not reduced loot how come when I loot some drawers I find nothing.
  15. Jayskarz

    DONT Reduce the loot

    I agree with this, I don’t understand who complains about to much loot...