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  1. OneTrueLizardo

    Quick Q & A with Nikita 2/2/2019

    Kinda oxymoronic
  2. OneTrueLizardo

    Reduce gun accuracy

    Yes, yes and yes. I've said the same thing a dozen times: this game needs less inherent accuracy. Yes, guns have a good MOA, BUT PEOPLE DON'T. Especially when carrying 60kg of junk, running for 400m, jumping over rocks and bunnies with a stifling helmet fogging up. No human on earth will fire a pinpoint shot onto someones head after that like Deadshot. I want to see this game promoting realistic approach to gunfights rather than gamefying everthing.
  3. OneTrueLizardo

    Question about Hideout regen

    Sounds good, thank you for the answer! I'm just wondering if you share your stash with your 3 PMC chars? is the tasks separate for each one (hope to god not)? Does xp translate between chars? If you know any additional info, sharing would be appreciated!
  4. OneTrueLizardo

    Combat Roll

    Sure, just make it that if you roll with a backpack you get stuck on your back like a turtle.
  5. OneTrueLizardo


    Ok, so if she set up the trade then there is one other issue that might pop up: sometimes you wont get your money(or whatever pay) until you on log out and come back in. I have had it happen to me several times, items are sold immediately and not getting my money. Quit game and log in and then the money was in my inbox.
  6. OneTrueLizardo


    "How To Give Away Free Items Case Full Of Gear To A Stranger 101" EDIT: Ok, I'll explain. You did it backwards. Your friend is supposed to make a trade of one splint for an items case and you buy the splint.
  7. OneTrueLizardo

    This is why I won't buy your game...

    That's how AK is meant to be used. You can strip it under 3 seconds. (Yes, gas tube too). Believe me. #Served1yearWithAnAK
  8. OneTrueLizardo


    The only and I mean ONLY relevant question is: "In the world of Tarkov does USEC and BEAR employ/deploy female troops that were left behind in Tarkov?" If the answer is "no, they only hired men", no amount of " muh sexism" will make sense to add em. If they sold me a game about 100% female army getting stranded in tarkov and someone asked to include men because "muh sexism" I'd still say no. It's not rocket science ffs. Does it belong, yes or no? The answer has been given a dozen times on this matter: it doesn't belong, suck it up. Stop being salty and accept it and drop it already. Edit: I don't give a flying duck about your real world statistics, if BSG wants this game to have a flying spaghetti monster shooting confetti from his butt, they can add it, no amount of "but in real life 0% of spaghetti monster confetti is red" will change anything.
  9. OneTrueLizardo

    More Loot On Other Maps

    That's because they reallocated the loot to Labs. The same thing happened when Interchange was introduced. Now Interchange is shitty with loot as well. Wait till they get the Military Base out, then the labs will be lootnerfed too. PSA: Those "make 1mil on Shoreline" vids are a few patches old as in not relevant anymore.
  10. OneTrueLizardo

    Matching rumours

    And BSG's definition of fun is what matters here. If you don't find their game fun, find a game you do find fun. As easy as that.
  11. OneTrueLizardo

    joining matches late again

    Two days ago I couldn't get a normal spawn on shoreline. Whole day being 3 minutes late. Edit: Same with customs.
  12. OneTrueLizardo

    Punishments For Group Killing

    Yes there is. I have been shot by my teammates in the heat of the moment a dozen times and shot at my friend a bunch too. I don't need my friends punished for that. Me berating them and making fun of them for the next two days is punishment enough. There really is something called accidents and I wouldn't punish team killing because of an accident. And before you say "only punish the intentional tk", there is no effing way for the game to distinguish intention.
  13. OneTrueLizardo

    Punishments For Group Killing

    "Kiddo"... Riiiiight mate. Edit: although I already came to the conclusion that you are uncapable of a civil discourse and are just as toxic as the people you blame in your post I MUST point that you literally said: "You can either choose to ask to join players from the list or you can choose to search for a group." "Either" literally means one or the other presented. Don't double down, if you misspoke, own up like an adult, don't start acting up and calling people names when you know nothing about said person. For all you know I am anywhere between 7 to 100 years old which doesn't even make your blunder somehow more acceptable. Stop being a douche.
  14. OneTrueLizardo

    Punishments For Group Killing

    What on earth are you on about? Nowhere and I mean LITERALLY nowhere does the game make you choose between those two options. You can just press ONE more button and start playing. At no point does the game even encourage you to group up with strangers. I have a really hard time understanding this mindset of yours. Are you willfully playing a naive idealist or do you sincerely believe people are abusing the "system"? There is a system to look for group, nowhere does the TOS say you can't kill ANYONE you like, be it through the ingame lobby or not. I would NEVER fool people like that but I get that when it's not against the rules, people will do it, so I will not fall for those obvious traps. I do like the idea of some karma but we'll have to see how it's implemented. I will still shoot anyone who has a gun and I come across. There will still be outlaws, karma system or not and I wont waste my progress and gear to those outlaws.
  15. OneTrueLizardo

    Punishments For Group Killing

    Ok let me spell it out for you: You might want to join a group with people who are not on your friends list. How on earth would that be possible without the possibility to invite someone? I've teamed up with randoms a lot of times, some were streamers, some werw people from discord needing company. I shouldn't have to be frienda with them to team up. I VETTED the people I teamed up with. I NEVER accept random invitations. You can't just blame the system for allowing inviting people. No one is forcing you to accept. There just HAS to be some responsibility on the person accepting the request from randoms. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. I've been in the internet too long to accept random invitations. I mean come on, if you weren't born yesterday you should know that if there is a possibility to lure some poor sod to a trap and steal his stuff there will 100% be people who do that. First time I was duped by a random who then killed me and stole my stuff was in Ultima Online. It's a trick older than farming.