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  1. *facepalm*.... Learn to read Also, if you think you can't be taken down with leg meta, then sure, run with that mate
  2. Also, people whining about something being cheap and deadly to increase price is stupid. If your have skill, you will never have to buy a gun in this game. Every gun is free. No matter how deadly.
  3. Holy hell, you're right! I didn't realise that helmets stop bullets! Thank you! (You have no armor on your legs dummy) Edit: would you like some more salt with that mosin? :'D
  4. If you were looting and someone had the time to line up a shot, no amount of price increase would've saved your greedy bum. He could've had a makarov for all you care and you would've gotten rekt. Next time clear the area before looting. EDIT: Every week there is someone who comes in here asking for nerfs because they are shocked that putting on an altyn and fort doesn't make you invincible and someone had the audacity to kill you with bear minimum of gear! How dare he kill you with only a 16k weapon! Unfair! Only people with 300k+ gear should be able to kill you!
  5. Well tbh that's just the human nature, there will always be some gun that is not used because of either difference in price and performance. Take MPX for example, everyone uses the MP5 since they perform almost the same, the other is 50% cheaper. Let's try something other than price, how would you change the mosin so the price reflected it's performance for it to be on the "right bracket"? Let's just entertain the idea that it's gonna stay available from the very start.
  6. Ok, i have to admit the Cathy Newman comment was hilarious, but nontheless I will ask you to not resort to name calling. I don't think bullying someone for his ideas (no matter how bad they might be) is not acceptable. Be civil. Well I can assure you Ergo is a made up stat. Fire rate can't be changed.
  7. OneTrueLizardo

    Some Work in Progress Material

    Just a reminder to all saying deadlyslob should get his streamer reward. They already made the Deadly Skull Mask. It's been out for a good while now.
  8. Can't wait for everyone to toggle lean or leanspam all the time.
  9. OneTrueLizardo

    Some Work in Progress Material

    Yea, it's a no from me. The new armor gets a good ol' thumbs up from me though, but overall you wasted good resources to smooch up to a few constantly complaining streamer. And worst of you smooch up SUMMIT of all people? One of the most toxic a-holes on the platform, doesn't even play the game, bashes it HARD and on top of that who ACTIVELY tries to get anyone who will listen to stop playing and streaming it. And you want to give him some items? Even a crappy graffiti texture inside the dorms would be too much. Don't get me wrong. I sometimes watch his clips and I understand why people find him entertaining. A-hole attitude is "cool" to some. I just can't understand the reasoning behind these novelty streamer items. How about you spent the time you put into your beanies and mayo and modelled a new attachment or two?
  10. OneTrueLizardo

    How med supplies work

    Moot. Already in the works.
  11. OneTrueLizardo

    Team Armbands

    They cost a few hundred rubles...
  12. OneTrueLizardo

    Cheaters have to be sorted

    I've never heard this arguement. What's the deal with privacy law then interfering with hardware ban?
  13. OneTrueLizardo


    +1. Exactly what I've been telling people. I tried to upvote but was all out of reactions!
  14. OneTrueLizardo

    New patch

    Don't act condescending, you know fully well that if a thread has 12 pages of people gawking at prelim patch notes, not everyone will check it daily for the off chance of someone posting something that should warrant a new post. It's called Project News section for a reason.
  15. OneTrueLizardo

    New patch

    Where? I don't see a topic named "Patch 0.10 delayed" or anything similar?