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  1. OneTrueLizardo

    Q&A with Nikita Buyanov from Russian Forum section

    I will bet you a million bucks you can't put 20 identical backpacks inside each others nesting doll style let alone fit the same amount of stuff inside the first one.
  2. Omg! Really? Who knew grenades can KILL you??? :O
  3. No, YOU are the plague if you shoot your teammates without verifying what you are shooting at.
  4. OneTrueLizardo

    I SUGGEST you work on the AntiCheat

    Yea, this post has nothing to do with anticheat and everything to do with hitreg. Please, don't just spew random statements without knowing what it all correlates to. You are free to ask of course and I'm sure people will help you out.
  5. OneTrueLizardo


    This has to be a troll post
  6. But there is a hesitation mechanic already in place. It's called you. You decide if he is friendly or not, shoot or not shoot.
  7. OneTrueLizardo

    Back To The Old EXP System?

    Sure, why not, just increase the amount required to level by four times and we're good.
  8. OneTrueLizardo


    Experienced players can read your play like an open book. Believe me, I used to wonder same poo when I started playing. Once you know the maps in and out, you can predict other olayers movements scaringly accurate. Also just because you run to cover from one fire does not mean you are safe. There could always be another shooter. Remember the old adage: When there's one, there's two. When there's two, there's three. Sure, there are hackers but you dying is more likely just wrong place, wrong movement, wrong time. Don't worry, the more you play, the more you will be the one people suspect of hacking because you knew what the enemy was trying to do and outplayed him.
  9. OneTrueLizardo

    Stop Giving Scav's 10 round AK magazines?

    More importantly the SKS should on default have the 10 round internal magazine and the external mag conversion kit sold separately. Just saying. Edit: devs? Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't the sks got the external mag because there were problems coding the internal mags? Now that the internal mags are fixed, make the standard sks into a 10 rounder like it should be.
  10. OneTrueLizardo

    Stop Giving Scav's 10 round AK magazines?

    Soon people start demanding fort+fast and pimped out m4's for scavs, then remove the timer and soon we just have a regular casual fps with free loadouts and max gear :'D Okey, I'm being hyperbolic and using the slippery slope to that end, but seriously if you can't do anything with a 10 round mag, stick to your pmc and don't play the scav and stop whining like an entitled baby.
  11. OneTrueLizardo

    unrealistic ammo armor penetration.

    Please, don't pull that emotional extortion crap. Some sob story is not gonna make you right. No disrespect but keep your sob stories out of factual debates. I'm not gonna get pulled into these traps.
  12. OneTrueLizardo

    unrealistic ammo armor penetration.

    Firstly rounds don't push you, "bracing" doesn't do poo. Also we are not talking about "most military armor", we are talking specifically the highest graded armor available. Even if we disagree, you claim that people wearing armor wouldn't last 8+ shots with trauma through the plate, that is exactly what is happening in this game currently with the blunt damage so I don't know what you are parading against? you can kill a dude in fort with 8x SP-7 pistol rounds in the chest soooo... According to you the game is in brilliant realism state!
  13. OneTrueLizardo

    unrealistic ammo armor penetration.

    Oh my dear god, are you for real? I post a video DIRECTLY proving your claim wrong in all the circumstances( man wearing body armor actually getting shot multiple times) and your rebuttal is posting a video of a man with a block of clay? Plus you literally picked an example not even close to the rating of Fort armor.. Every analog you have here is wrong. Way to pick your data, no matter how vaguely they support your claim..
  14. OneTrueLizardo

    unrealistic ammo armor penetration.

    Yes, sure, let's go with that.
  15. OneTrueLizardo

    Sidestep change

    At the moment most firefights while standing seem to go like this: Both spray full auto, aim for the head, sidestep left-right-left-righr until they get the kill. With the added desync on top of this constant left-right spamming it's hard to actually aim at anything. Basically it results in both spraying a full mag and seemingly most bullets "not registering" because the player is never in the place where it shows on your screen with sidestepping. SUGGESTION: Add inertia to sidestepping, meaning when you sidestep left and want to switch directions, your dude pauses to catch footing before beginning to sidestep the other direction. Then you can't just roleplay the hallway scene from matrix, but can still sidestep at a constant speed while shooting. We already got the equivalent inertia to leaning to stop the leanspamming (and making the wiggle harder), now let's fix sidestepping.