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    New players

    Character name colocaust Description Just young and bold. His past He was taken by surprise with the War in Tarkov and because it was young he started to learn things by himself from scratch to handle the life while the war is happening around him. How did he get to Tarkov? He was taken by surprise with the War in Tarkov. He was a reporter and he was trapped in Tarkov because he can't leave as the war started. Predilections He love to make news and reports about new things that are happening around him and he is a good learner as he started to understand how to survive during the war. Friends He is traveling and encounter the unknown with 2 friends that were trapped with him in this war ( the cameraman and the driver ). They learned together how to handle and survive the war. Wounds, and battles They won few fights but one of his friends is very wounded and he with the other friends is taking care of him and scattering the nearby zone to find medical supplies for the wounded friend. Aspirations His old aspirations was to be a great reported, but as the war took him by surprise now the aspirations changed to something else he wants now to became a great leader and a great soldier that will help his friends to survive every single day. The greatest achievement that character did To learn the hard life of war and to keep his friends alive. Strength 25 Endurance 25 Accuracy 30 Scout
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    Spawn Kills

    Into the "Off-topic" category there is a thread called "Awaiting Session" where was already discussed this issue from 11th January and it seems the Devs didn't made anything to prevent this until now, even if they pushed the patch 0.7 . This is my post content that I already posted there and I would like to post it here too to let the Devs know that there are a lot of players having this issue. My comment has reference the comment of a Mod that said "stress test is still ongoing for a few weeks". Thanks
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    Awaiting Session

    The servers are still on stress test? Because I'm playing with other 2 friends in group and one of them is having this issue once at 3 games. My friends is hanging in "Awaiting Session Start" for almost 8 min then appears "Server connection lost" and when he tried to Reconnect it will hang again on "Awaiting Session Start" and he is Spawned in the game and he can be killed. He can't "Leave the raid" because he will lose his gear every time. He opened a support ticket with screenshots and logs and the support said that the game needs 16GB of RAM and the System Requirements for the game says "RAM: from 8GB" and he has 12GB and I'm skeptic to believe that this is the issue. Also his system reach 11GB when he is playing and can join into a game on map Shoreline. Guys, you need to get you heads up and look around and listen to community and what they are posting on Support as it is obvious that the game is not even 60% optimized at the "System Requirements" that you have posted on your website. Also you are preparing to launch a new map, I'm very thankful that there will be new content, but content without be able to play / test properly is not something that I want, so I think it will be better if you try at least to cover 50% of those issues / optimization problems and everyone will be happy and I'll be also glad to recommend the game to at least dozens of friends to purchase and play the game with me. Right now I'm a little bit concern of those 2 friends that I brought with me to play this game and one of them is having this issue that is very frustrating. I'm very glad to hear a Dev / Support answer on this here on forum to clarify this issue with other players too as I'm aware that this issue is not happening only on my friends side. Thanks