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  1. Why i'm starting to hate the game........... The struggles

    I finally managed to get that feeling........ after much struggles of trying to complete the 2nd quest for Prapor. The way of the hider has actually helped me survive a few times. Thanks for the advice.
  2. So I've been playing EFT for a few days now, and the most fun part about EFT is when you play as USEC and your just wanting to complete the second quest for Prapor, and the USEC players keep killing you, not bot scavs or people playing as scavs, USEC players. It's really so much fun playing the game at the moment. I just cant wait to get into a game as USEC, and get killed by another USEC player. I know it's part of the game to "escape" but really, every game, killed in spawn, close to spawn, barely spawn. FML. It's gdm lovely. Can't wait for the next round to get killed by another USEC player