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  6. Hello Everyone, My name is Whiskey 2-4, I am the leader of our gaming communities Tarkov recruitment and we are currently recruiting. Our discord community currently has about 100 players across all games, 70% of which are online at any given time. A little background on us, we originated as a strict WoW guild (before my arrival) and within the last 2 - 3 years have evolved into a gaming community that likes to have fun and play all sorts of different MMO and FPS games. I personally am a hardcore FPS player as are you, since you are here reading the post. I have played pretty much every FPS game since the original Doom when I was kid in the 90's (my mom still gives me grief occasionally for it.). So what are you looking for precisely? Well as Tarkov is a loot based game, where communication and trust is key, our recruitment is a process and not a for sure thing. We need to ensure you mesh well with the group personality wise, and you don't team kill and take loot. To no surprise that takes time (roughly 1-2 weeks of playing with us to identify), but don't you want people in your fireteam you can trust. Sound straight forward enough, great! What we all strive to do by further developing this gaming community is to develop more friendships and grow the community. We aren't expecting you are an amazing player, we have players of all skill levels. We are just looking for people who want to go in and have a fun time, kill some scav's and other players, and communicate. We eventually plan, depending on the games development, to establish competitive teams based on over all skill that leadership has identified as it doesn't surprise me that this game could become a potential esport. Why do I say that, because of the every man/squad for themselves mentality that allowed games such as PUBG to launch tournaments with prize pools. Leadership, is always open to other suggestions, and that's what is so nice about our gaming community. *Note* We all speak English and you should be fluent and understandable due to the communication aspect of the game. If interested please post using the following format here. Nick Name: Age: Time Zone: Brief description on why you want to join: Brief description on what you bring to the table: Brief description on what you are looking for in Singularity: LETS GET KITTED!
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