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  1. SCAV's and their unstoppable grenades...

    The AI right now are kind of idiot savants they need to be either improved (and i'm sure that is WIP), or they need to be dumbed down. That being said we are Beta testers and one of the things we are testing are the Wacky AIs. Best fix that comes to mind right now for me is dial back there aggro, Make them less eager to gun someone down. So unless you get close to them, or shoot at them they will pretend you aren't there, or they will try to walk up on you first. Another fix would be to have the get really loud before they attack like yelling threats and demands before they shoot.
  2. Begginer Feedback | Accessibility Suggestion

    Well, the game is in beta. Odds are we will see the learning curve even out a bit towards launch.
  3. Scav Timer

    I would be cool with this. No loot should mean no cool down. when I die to quickly as a scav I have to go in with just my knife and hope.
  4. Aimbot scavs have returned?

    If they see you first you are at an instant disadvantage, However, I have been able to sneak up and knife them. They are Beta AI and as long as we provide feedback I'm sure they will get tuned down to a more reasonable level.