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  1. marqs

    Scav on Scav killing - Will this be addressed.

    The most ridiculous thing on scav play is that AI kills you when you kill a player scav attacking you or other AI's. Same since months. Is it really that hard to change that devs?? Doesn't make sense at all. Just now i was on costums, construction site. Around 5 AI's shot behind the gas tank, someone was hiding. I had no clue if PMC or player scav but that shouldn't matter, for some reason the AI was mad at him so i killed him through the bushes and suddenly all the AI was starting to shoot ME just because this guy was a player scav which was already an enemy to the rest of the scavs. I killed their enemy and than they kill me for helping them. Totally stupid. Please fix that asap so scav runs can be fun again.
  2. They don't "go up". They spawn there. I mean there is no stairs or ladder where they go up. Try to shoot them when they are directly at a corner and they will fall down to the ground probably so you can loot the weapon.
  3. marqs

    Good people along the way

    lol "Der ist so blöd", "Der ist so deppert"
  4. marqs

    What are your rarest items?

    Sorry, i didn't want to offend you with my post! I think the OP means items you can not buy and the spawn rate is less than rare (like the grenade launcher ammo). The weapons you posted are easy to get through looting, trading or buying, that's why i asked what's the rare item
  5. marqs

    What are your rarest items?

    Help me, where is the rare item here??
  6. Right now the medical system is broken like never before. All you need is IFAKs and painkillers. IFAK on lvl1 Peacekeeper makes all the other medic stuff useless. Also it makes leveling Therapist totally useless. You should be able to buy it on a higher level either Therapist or Peacekeeper imo.
  7. marqs

    On results of the New Year Event

    Did you even read the text? Of course you had that issues, everyone had, because of the stress test.... Better graphics? That's definitely the last thing we need right now. Game looks great. The game is in development, optimization is mostly done at the end of the development process. I have pretty good FPS all the time only frame drops during rain and/or zooming in scopes.
  8. marqs

    On results of the New Year Event

    It's confirmed: This dev team is awesome! Thank you so much for your great work. Even during the stress test i enjoyed the game. Really glad to read such information to see how the game is developing. Looking forward to all those changes!
  9. marqs

    Neue Scav Regeln

    Also ob PMC oder Scav sieht man doch ziemlich gut z.B. an den Hosen
  10. Hab wie gesagt nicht von der Übersetzung geredet sondern von der Information allgemein die irgendwo mitten drin gepostet wurde. Wenns dann irgendwann Übersetzt und für alle direkt sichtbar nachgereicht wird passt ja alles.
  11. Danke für den Hinweis. Da ich nicht jede einzelene Seite durchlese ging der Post von Klean unter. Warum packt man das nicht auf die erste Seite oder macht einen neuen Thread auf? So erreicht das 90% der Leute eh nicht..
  12. marqs


    If i only see a single zombie in this game i will drop it instantly. Seriously, Tarkov is not the place for Zombies, enough other games for this.
  13. My mate and me were on costums with silenced TT's to do a quest when we entered the construction area. We saw a guy with Paca and also a pistol and i opened fire. He went into hiding and stood up again and didn't fire back, he wiggled! Even after i shot at him! I was skeptical, previous events showed me you can not trust anyone in Tarkov. I stopped shooting and started to wiggle. We slowly approached him and i was expecting a bullet in my head any second but no, he came to us, dropped a grenade for each of us. We took the grenades and followed him. Then he gave us bandages and medkits. He probably thought we are beginners because of the pistols and nothing else but we had Grizzly and everything we need in the pouch. We just love TT action. Anyway, he was helping us so we took the stuff he gave us and we followed him. At the bus stop we killed a few scavs together and all of us could take some loot. Sadly my mate was killed by a PMC but the friendly wiggle guy and me killed the attacker. I was showing him thumbs up multiple times but he was always looking in a different direction We killed a bunch of more scavs, both saved the life of the other one. At one exit i sadly had to leave him because i had a quest item with me and i was afraid to loose it. He ran away without looking back, probably missing me later. Sorry bud, you never looked back so i couldn't say bye I just wanted you to tell this nice story because i totally loved how he still wiggled after i fired at him. This moments make this game so special. It was a lot of fun to play with a totally unknown person. And after a few minutes i had complete trust in this guy, there was no reason for him to kill me after all this action. Thank you unknown wiggle guy, that was awesome, i hope we will meet again one day to kill together!
  14. marqs

    Chat Always Toxic?

    I can only agree with all posts above me. The most people here and in the chat are friendly and will help you. Of course there are mad and frustrated people like in every game or in real life. Try to ignore the trolls and you will have a lot of fun with this game. See you in Tarkov mate!
  15. marqs

    Your average scav run?

    Holy crap, NICE LOOT mate, good 'starter kit' The scav mode isn't much fun anymore yes. Some days ago i finally had one guy which wiggled back at me so we went to the CP on costums. He made gestures telling me to loot the wooden box. Before i was able to move a centimeter he just killed me. He did that next to two AI scavs. Why??? They most likely killed him on this short distance. Also very stupid, if a human scavs shoots at you and you are firing back, the AI will attack YOU if you kill him. I really miss the times when scavs played together in the majority..