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  1. Barakna

    The Punisher Part 3 / Timed tasks

    I'll have to agree. Why I don't particularly mind timed quests, I do feel like the timer should only tic when you're in the actual raid. With factors like server desync, lag, long load times and general server instability. I feel like 1 hour isn't always enough to clear this. And that's without factoring in other players. I'd say, either add another 30 min to the quest or make so the timer only tics when you're actually loaded fully into the raid.
  2. Barakna

    Kill Cam (Hear me out)

    Was also thinking in the lines of PUBGs where you can't actually abuse it. It's mostly as a means to detect and report cheaters and hackers. A more detailed KIA report might also do the trick. It just seems like some people might be hacking and there's no real way to the victim to actually detect or report this.
  3. Barakna

    Kill Cam (Hear me out)

    Alright hear me out here. There's been quite a few instances where me or one of my friends, if not all of us, suddenly just fall to our deaths. So sound of explosions, shots or anything. Sometimes we aren't even that close to each other. Sometimes it wont say what killed us, simply that we died. Other times there'll be a name attached to our death. I feel like something is afoot here and we suspect hacking. A kill cam would be nice so people can verify what killed them. Could make it delayed by like, a minute, maybe more, or something so groups of players can't abuse it. The game is great, but suddenly dying with no indication of what killed you can be game-closingly infuriating. Thoughts?