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    Thinking about upgrading but...

    Remembered a foruth thing that kinda ties into the third but insurance looked like it was going to be tweaked from what I saw. As another way to emphasis more teamplay why not make it so whatever PMC you're in's just like.. naw dog, you killed one of your own and took their stuff and paid to keep it so we're handing that back. SCAVs could still yank that for sure and the opposing PMC.. would probably damper teamkilling/griefing as well because I thought about it and even if I group-found a full squad of dudes...there's nothing stopping me or anyone else from just popping us all in the back of the head and grabbing our stuff, ha. I did see the thing about the armbands... hopefully they shine or are massive, sounds helpful but also slightly minimal. The EoD version is expensive already with a great amount of risk involved for the consumer alongside the benefits upon reseach less appealing when you learn about upgrading your stash eventually in the timeline as well as secure containers that are difficult to get to at first but obtainable, ha...not to mention the wipes. Maybe a tier up at most after a confirmed last wipe or last call.
  2. I'm really enjoying this game, I've been longing for attache case HD and this is doing it for me... oh also the shooting is good too. So I wouldn't mind putting down some more dosh for one of the more expensive editions but I have some questions first.. 1: Can you even upgrade? I glanced through some things but I didn't see any obvious options. 2: I saw a couple of posts about wipes but nothing concrete or announced at least for the near future but was there ever a far future plan for that? After closed/After Beta going into 1.0...no reason to have more stash if it all goes away. 3: I saw the mention about a karma system which would be great and brings up an interesting question...what is the actual gameplay of thing going to look like.. because yeah the blatant PMC spawning close and just.. built in spawn-killing that kinda creates is slightly discouraging.. 'specially for peeps like me who rather do the friendly wiggle and team-up. I see there's a group system(besides my buddy I play with we could never grab anyone else) so teamplay... is.. intended? How much emphasis on this will there be? Seeing as there's two sides to maps to spawn in from I kinda expect two teams of PMCs .. USEC vs BEAR vs the chaos that is the SCAVs or something to that effect... I also imagine you want as little HUD elements considering how things are now but will there be not only Karma but maybe a way to display the person you're looking at is on 'your side' for the PMCs atleast.. SCAVs can be as chaotic as you want them to be.. that's actually fine, something like an icon over a model or you hit a button like how the 'o' key is check the time and evacs to 'ping' or maybe highlight 'teammates'.. just them obviously.