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  1. PadorianPlays

    Coming up a description for this picture! Part 7

    Sweet dreams from hatchetmen.
  2. PadorianPlays

    1,000,000 and Counting...

    Nice to see these numbers, hope it still keeps growing
  3. PadorianPlays

    Coming up a description for this picture!

    I can handle one more wodka.
  4. PadorianPlays

    Weapon Modification: Show Off Your Work

    The moment you want the SVD Dragunov but you built something else.
  5. PadorianPlays

    Сome up with a description for the picture!

    Seems to be a legit duel in its beginning phase. Turn - 15 Steps - Turn and wait for my shot.
  6. Nope you cant wear Kolpak/Kiver with comtacs.
  7. The sound loss is significant if you look up at the Kolpak and Kiver, I actually ignore the Kolpak since it just give some protection against melee and with a bit of luck 9x19, 9x18 and Shotguns from what I experienced with them in the 0.8 patch, I did not had any Kolpak on at this 0.9 patch so far. The Kiver I absolutly like with a faceshield because that think is a solid trade against 9x19, 9x18 and Shotguns. With a bit of luck to some against 5.45x39 and 7.62x39 - looking at the HP, FMJ and like the non AP rounds. When it comes to PS if its not a faceshield hit it CAN save if since its amourclass 3 like UNTAR or Kirasa and they help against it. I do not know what the Material its made of changes but I believe there is a difference in it. So for me the Kiver-Faceshield is my go to pick on Factory, Customs and Shoreline when I plan to hit dorms or the resort. You just need to be a bit more silently by yourself to hear the steps or be quicker to react since you will hear the enemy when he is super close be aware. The russian 6B47 helmet I hate, it only protects your top hitzone and the money it cost nah I skip it. It also feels that you get shot into the head way more and you have a bigger hitbox for your head, my feeling for this. The LZsh light helmet has the same AC of 3 like Kiver and 6B47, but it protects the top and nape hitbox. The faceshield on it is not working its a bug. @Colonel Twerkins. I take that helmet with headphones on Interchange. The Altyn and Ops-Core or any of the high AC helmets I could not test at this point of the patch due to my lack of level... 26...
  8. PadorianPlays

    Weapon Modification: Show Off Your Work

    Small and silent.
  9. PadorianPlays

    Weapon Modification: Show Off Your Work

    It doesn´t need much to be good
  10. PadorianPlays

    "Terra Group Laboratory" - location and purpose?

    Well there was a task where you had to find a bloodsample and also some chemicals, I guess that this is kinda connected to this. Chemical Warfare maybe?
  11. PadorianPlays

    Aim punch needs to return

    You can´t run after a hit on the armour I experienced or on the legs either, every single hit blocked my running for a rough second + the shaking screen when hit at a helmet or body armour. I was screptical as hell when they announced the reducing of the aimpunch but it feels okayish ATM could be more when it at arms but otherwise it will always be a balancing act between playability and realism.
  12. PadorianPlays

    More WIP images

    Claymores are nice and nasty, able to hit a mensized target lethal on 200m. I think the last image shows the detonator for it since its either radio controled or victem wired operated.
  13. PadorianPlays

    What is your Fav Weapon Class?

    M1A as a Battlerifle, so as the mentioned above is nice, also with a 4x Scope its fine and I do love to roll with it but even more fun is a Saiga12 Loadout to go up close and personal and say friendly "get out of my way"
  14. PadorianPlays

    Escape from Tarkov 0.8 Patch Highlights Video

    Not sure if it was said before but while shooting the new pistol with the stock the stock is flipping arround like hell, does not look right to me.
  15. PadorianPlays

    Glock 17 Gen3 Screenshots!

    Nice work