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  1. PadorianPlays

    More WIP images

    Claymores are nice and nasty, able to hit a mensized target lethal on 200m. I think the last image shows the detonator for it since its either radio controled or victem wired operated.
  2. PadorianPlays

    What is your Fav Weapon Class?

    M1A as a Battlerifle, so as the mentioned above is nice, also with a 4x Scope its fine and I do love to roll with it but even more fun is a Saiga12 Loadout to go up close and personal and say friendly "get out of my way"
  3. PadorianPlays

    Escape from Tarkov 0.8 Patch Highlights Video

    Not sure if it was said before but while shooting the new pistol with the stock the stock is flipping arround like hell, does not look right to me.
  4. PadorianPlays

    Glock 17 Gen3 Screenshots!

    Nice work
  5. PadorianPlays

    Bullets and damage

    I do believe that the stats there are more or less wrong. I can´t thing about a reduced riccochet and limited pen round has the highest pen of its caliber, look at the 5.56x45 mm Mk 255 Mod 0 that is confusing me like hell, also like the 7.62x25mm TT Pst gzh is less effective then the "normal" 9x19 rounds in AP consideration. It feels not right but I could be wrong also. Would really wish to try out the ammo a bit easier with lesser risk
  6. PadorianPlays

    Screenshots of new customizable Ops-Core helmet

    Im drooling.. im drooling to get my hands on such a beauty.
  7. PadorianPlays

    New Year Event in Escape from Tarkov

    ducking hell cant wait for the upcoming stuff.. keep it coming BSG!
  8. Hey Guys, I was looking to buy a copy of EFT for a friend, I checked all payment methods and all are kinda the same prize and not even one payment shows the discount prize that was shown to me when I selected the edition. Any help?
  9. PadorianPlays

    RDG-2B Smoke Grenade

    duck yes finaly :D, can´t wait for flashbangs
  10. PadorianPlays


    Is it ATM possible to fit any rails or so on the normal handguard or what mountring is it to fit a flashlight on the mount slot on the MP5SD there is 1 slot for mounts showing but I can´t find a item to fit it, anyone got a clue? Can´t wait to have "foldable" buttstocks on this tiny piece of love.
  11. PadorianPlays

    It's Nikita Buyanov's Birthday!

    All the best for you, your family, the BSG crew and the god damn EFT. Thanks for making such a great game!
  12. PadorianPlays

    New Monitor?

    Hello escapers, I made some investment into a new pc and now I am looking forward to a new monitor, due to my lack of knowledge about the goodies out there I want to ask you what monitor for gaming you would recommend to me? I´m/was playing on a laptop for a good amount of years in the past. I looked up on some ASUS and Benq monitors and know I´m trying to figure out which one might be a good choice. Greetings Padorian
  13. PadorianPlays

    Looking for:

    Well first of yes it´s ingame money, should have probably named that but I would think people can get this since there is USD in the game as a currency. Why would I buy "crap stuff", you can trade them into something nice and I am looking to get it. Second I care little about a wipe when I am testing things and there for I want to try every weapon. Check the traders and you know why I am hunting these. And for the calling out stuff I see it in that way IF someone betrays people in a game the community should know about the black sheeps until there is a better system to make trades so that they can be warned about these guys.
  14. PadorianPlays

    Looking for:

    Hey fellow escapers, since there is not a auction house in the game so far I am putting up this thread to make some deals. If you are interested in making a deal with me write me a message here with your offer. First of some rules if a trade will happen: #1 We will use TS or Discord to talk while in-game. #2 I will be recording the trade, in case you will betray me or try to do calumny on me, I guess that is the right word. (Yeah its a ducking dark world out here...) #3 If you loose the goods before the trade happened, because of some spawnrushers or just pure luck of the gods, I will not pay for compensation. (*twinkle* secure container, remember this fine piece of art?) #4 If you betray me I will upload the evidence to call you out in the community. I do believe these rules are kinda self explaining and every one who is willing to make a fair trade will hold onto these. So let´s keep it safe and clean and grow up in this dirty dark world to fine gentlemen we all are What am I looking for? 2x GMcounter - I will pay 250 dollars each.
  15. PadorianPlays

    How to the trader levels work?

    Is Pusher locked on lvl 2 and Prapor on 3? They won´t upgrade for me beyond that.