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  1. PadorianPlays

    Sherpas gear

    So nice thought overall probably we all are in the same category when we think about some extra gear for a Sherpa, but to make it not overly powerfull I think it shoud stay arround this: 2-3x Bodyarmour with lvl 4 protection, maybe even with arm part protection. 2-3x Helmets like Kiver maybe with faceshields. 2x extra Gun probably MP5/PP19 or Kedr depending on the choosen faction. 1x AK74N or an M4A1 again depending on the choosen faction. Probably could mix the guns to semi-auto guns so VEPR 136 and ADAR. Depending on the weapons he gets 2 extra Magazines per Gun + needed ammo to fill them. Probably a few extra armband to show HE is the Sherpa that this freshling will stick to for easier spotting. But make this really visible the Armbands work a bit meeeeh if you take the wrong coloured one. Ofcourse some extra meds, most likely IFAK´s due to the fact if you give them Salewas people would turn them in for the first Therapist Mission. So like 5x IFAK, Bandages, Splints, Morphine maybe instead of Painkillers. To top this thing up a few grenades also maybe just 2-5 something arround this is a huuge bonus I do believe, a mix of them so like 2 RGD-1, 2x Zaryas and a smokegrenade. And for the guns he gets be able to put a reddot or scope on it, so like some Holosights or the P1X42+ like Tacical Tula 10k and on the hand of the M4A1 take the carryhandle of and the ironsights infront so it would not block the reddot sight picture. So overall just my thought where I would think this is not too powerfull or so for a fresh wipe and still be able to help people out.
  2. PadorianPlays

    2019 plans

    I did not read now all posts in here and maybe it was said, but for the new Trader Jaeger, with the getting stuff from insurance back that was lost. Maybe make Fence have it coming back with maybe a certain % chance from "not picked up stuff in a raid" that ends up by him for sale and a certain % chance from picked up and forgot to get it back from who ever it was insured then. This would give Fence somewhat reason to be in ATM I see no reason for Fence at all in the current game. Give him like per trader level a limited access to insurance returns that did not came home. Like LvL 1 = 1-2 buyable from him. LvL 2 3-4. LvL 3 5-6 and crown level then maybe up to 8 items that you could buy from him. And even make it maybe like that, that all guns etc get dismantled and you can buy only the single parts of the guns, some real scrapping stuff to be going on there.
  3. PadorianPlays

    NEW YEAR EVENT in Escape From Tarkov!

    Thanks buddy, I must have been blind ^^
  4. PadorianPlays

    NEW YEAR EVENT in Escape From Tarkov!

    Hey Guys, I looked into some post but I think I´m blind or it was not asked. The full version cromo code is it also ONLY turn-inable until the 6th January? Or is it just the trial codes? If it asked double, I was blind sorry.
  5. PadorianPlays

    EFT Video Content Contest!

    Cheers guys, hope you had good chrismas days? So for fun I want to take part in this contest *enviously looking at @fairTXvideo, whispering* Hell of a good work my friend ! So anyway here is my part, enjoy!
  6. PadorianPlays

    Weapon Modification: Show Off Your Work

    A gun that I´m running atm on night raids, fine piece.
  7. PadorianPlays

    Field Surgical Kit

    I like the idea behind it and I hope it will take some decent long time to be used also the thing only 50% of a limb is just the right thing to be done I think, Looking forward to this.
  8. PadorianPlays

    The message from Nikita Buyanov, COO of Battlestate Games

    RIP Ammo holy cow ... 9mm will light you up all day then.. *-* .. 416 ? Good Lord finally some more german guns, I just love to cuddle with them. *whispers* Gimme that G36 Nikita
  9. PadorianPlays

    Second test season of Escape from Tarkov ratings

    Nice idea with the rewards but I think its way too much and I dislike that they took out the longest shot disciplin.. liked it and the one I could compete the most probably all the other are kinda more for full time gamers and not casuals ^^
  10. PadorianPlays

    Constant Machine Gun Fire on Customs

    Probably its the scav boss with his guards fighting alot, they tend to do alot of full auto fire when they shoot. So if players come in or hatchlings etc. alot can go on there.
  11. PadorianPlays

    Aktuelle Bugs: Wir benötigen eure Hilfe!

    Ich wurde ebend von einem Shotgunscav angeschossen, darauf hin konnte ich keine Meds mehr benutzen und bin dann wie erwarten verblutet. Imoment hat das Spiel echt einen weg und macht das ganze nicht wirklich spielbar oder geschweige geniessbar. Kaum der Patch da und schon ist der Hype weg... ärgerlich. Muss man halt auf den nächsten größeren Patch warten. Hab ein Video aber erst nachdem ich mich wieder eingeloggt hatte, wird dann nicht viel bringen. Die Logs wenn ihr braucht kann ich schicken.
  12. PadorianPlays

    Has someone, somwhere, ever used a Glock or the M870?

    M870 is nice, possible to built it in a compact size, with slugs a fine thing to shoot. But as the spray and pray meta that it going on.. you need to place youre shots. The Glock is the best 9mm pistol I would say but also the most pain in the ass to get.. due to the fact you cant buy Euros at lvl1. Alot of mods available for it, good and solid fire rate not like the trigger bugged or artificial tuned down P226 or TT..
  13. PadorianPlays

    Scavs now have laser beam aim?

    As far as I remember, the scavs got reworked, what you guys also are missing probably is the bodyarmour and as always the new wipe feels always hard as hell. The scavs react waaaay faster and we are not really used to it I would say. The scav legmeta is something that Veritas explained quite well or more tested and made a conclusion.
  14. PadorianPlays

    It's our BIRTHDAY!

    Good job guys take the needed Time to make it happen, but Please be fast :D
  15. PadorianPlays

    DSA SA58 and HK MP7

    For the MP7 I Hope we get the different ammo types. Normal military round sucks Bad, so I Hope to see the AP Rounds. Normal ones do poo vs armour plates.