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  1. Jschwan1

    Helmets OP?

    Who sells AP rounds cause none of them have it for me atm.....still makes no sense how they are able to snap right onto me and 1 tap me after taking a shot to the head at long range yet when i get shot i go all dizzy or w/e you want to call that effect.....
  2. Jschwan1

    Helmets OP?

    Sorry should have said i shot him in the face where the helmet doesn't cover or does the game just count it as protected cause of the helmet....and no irl you would be knocked out or heavily concussed if shot in the head at close range if not dead
  3. Jschwan1

    Helmets OP?

    Ok someone want to explain how a biker helmet stops a burst of ak74 fire point plank? Ive noticed helmets seem to stop a bit much seeing as with out 1 its a 1 shot kill but even 1 shot to the head with a helmet should do a hell of a lot of damage and they shouldbe be able to recover from one at a distance and then pick me off like it was a stone i tossed at them....
  4. Jschwan1

    Can't connect

    So I started up a scav run started to loot something and then lost connection now when I go to reconnect it goes through the loading screen but I still lose connection before even getting back into the game