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  1. IFAK

    You didn`t understood me. I just think that is not ok to introduce a change like this now. Why this wasn`t introduced with last wipe? Or was not postponed to next one? It`s funny watching some streamer to whine about IFAK,s ant their OPness while using them midfight and while runnig - guess if he`s doing that thats ok, but when someone else do it - it`s OP and off ballance. Devs should fix healing mechanic first, and if they think that IFAKs should be on lev 4 make that change after a wipe. And now those who madde it to lev 4 therapist using or even abusing IFAKs deny that possibility to others. It`s so silly and selfish.
  2. IFAK

    Instead of fixing healing mechanic, better to lock best meds behind grind wall, so experienced, well geared players could use them nonetheless, and newcomers be even more up in the.... Good Job devs. Changes like that should be done after a wipe...
  3. Is this famous AntiCheat program in working state already or it`s just a moderator excuse to lock threads about cheaters and hackers in this game? Few minutes ago me and two other my teammates was killed through concrete walls in factory map, i wa about 5 seconds, i was moving from powerliftres spawn on ground level to offline spawn, my friend was in tunnels close to offline tunnel spawn, third guy was at Z spawn in tunnels. We were killed by the same guy, in 5 seconds, fracture of time needed to sprint to all those locations. He did not only see us through walls, he shoot through them with ease. Nick of that guy is "OhdeBanger"., was today anyway. I know that moderator will lock this thread, possibly even delete it. I hope that after that he will fell completed and satisfied. However no one can say this about this game, being ruined by cheaters. Sadly you can`t even report them on website, there is no such topic on "bugs" report screen. Clearly that means that devs know about this but do not do anything, apart from nonexisting "anticheat" to solve this problem. Like locking threads could solve this.