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    PVE mode , hear me out

    The hesitance of the devs to add a singleplayer mode, as mind boggling as that seems from a sales/revenue standpoint - and indeed aiming instead now to make the game group/clan oriented by soon having tasks that cannot be completed PVP solo - is really a crushing blow to me.  Just because some gamers may be PVP pu$$ys (not me), or game-friendless (me), or have a crappy computer and/or an equally crappy internet connection putting them at a severe PVP disadvantage (me), or are simply ham-fisted, unskilled FPS players that lack the instincts and combat prowess to match tournament-class players and clans (me), DOESN'T mean that they can't appreciate - hell, adore, even - the kind of realism presented in this game... what with it's realistic weapon mechanics and modding, the realistic survival, health, and awesome sound mechanics, the visuals and immersive environments, the fantastic looting and tasking mechanics, etc...  I'm here to say that that level of realism can not be made to feel any less real just by removing the PVP element from the equation. The PVP only ramps up the excitement and difficulty for those craving something more. Excitement and difficulty are GREAT for this game, I agree, but there are many of us who would simply like to immerse ourselves in the realism alone.  Paying customers of my ilk would support this game en masse with the addition of a singleplayer mode, adding to both the game's popularity AND the devs coffers. Who needs story elements or gay dialogue, or any other singleplayer oriented crap? What the game offers right now, with its raiding/looting/extract or die system and the tasks - not to mention what's coming down the pike - is a perfect medium for any singleplayer sandboxer to happily sink his teeth into this game and spend countless hours playing, simply by way of the immersive realism.  I don't know why the devs are so obtuse in this regard. These guys are so talented - the freaking cream of the crop! If I'd made a game that's this brilliant, it would upset me greatly to realize that a vast pool of gamers never partook to experience my brilliant work, after all the toil and effort I put into making it, because I chose to target only a small niche of clan gamers... those decked out in their fancy comm headsets, and engaging in their weekend warrior roleplay speak, hehe. Ahem, not having my masterpiece ever seen and experienced and enjoyed by a lost potential of masses would actually upset me more than any limited revenues due to my oversight.  So please, talented devs, make it so. Believe me, your game will STILL be awesome if you offer a singleplayer, seperate-profile-from-online-profile option in addition. A profile that plays EXACTLY like the current game, only in singleplayer vs Scavs. And really, why do the scavs have to spawn at the same predictable locations? Change that to random spawn across the board, and keep the tension high for the singleplayer too.