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  1. Tspanks


    I'm sorry but taking 3 shots to the legs and you being done isn't cutting it... I know this a realism game and I love it for that, but its still a game. The biggest artery is in your leg as well.. but you can still go on for more than 2 seconds after being shot in it. I'm tired of the kids who come in with no risk but big reward because they score easy on our legs and play the game like they are scared to lose everything. Its a game and I want to enjoy it.. but there are only handfuls of people that play the game as I do and these others are ruining it.
  2. Tspanks


    WHAT IS THE POINT OF RUNNING THE BEST GEAR IF IM GOING TO GET KILLED BY SOME AK74U camper laying prone in a corner 10 minutes after a factory raid starts. PLAY THE GAME LIKE A MAN, AND CAN WE GET SOME HELP ON OUR LEGS?
  3. Tspanks

    Ban for forbidden software using 

    Where can I report someone for using these cheats... just got killed by someone running like the flash.