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  1. Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    catshitjoint#0578,need verify please
  2. The game is becoming unplayable and quick

    the new update was good at first but now a disaster. the load times are ridiculous and have been this way for well to long now.and the desync is ridiculous. the game is so hard to play rn that many fellow players and I are becoming frustrated and annoyed especially at the fact that there seems to be nothing going on to change this quick at all.the perma desync where even if you re log your still desynced and other players and scavs are frozen and unkillable where as you are.i feel the game is legit becoming unplayable right now and fear that this may damage its credibility and play ability.they need to fix these problems ASAP and make the game the great one it is.