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  1. 2811mic

    Factory exits are stupid

    yes this is at night im in a game right now with 2 other people (1 random afk that dc'd and is unkillable) ive gona around to all exits ive taken photos aswell as people think im lying for some stupid reason. this is a really annoying sorta game breaking bug and i think it should be fixed
  2. 2811mic

    Factory exits are stupid

    i join a game i cant leave through that exit but when i die the stuff in my gamma case stays with me and prapor returns my stuff i know where the duck the doors are im lvl 26
  3. 2811mic

    Factory exits are stupid

    but there isn't. iv'e gone into games ran to every exit and still wasn't able to extract. it amazes me how you haven't experienced this yet i guess you don't need to extract when all you do is get killed. ALSO i'm not a dumb baby i don't play in pve
  4. 2811mic

    Factory exits are stupid

    ummmm no if you actually play factory you know that sometimes you cant extract from any of the exits?
  5. 2811mic

    Factory exits are stupid

    If your going to make the factory key nearly impossible to find can you atleast have a permanent exit on factory because i cant leave this place and its scary.