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  1. Ah I see. I have properly reported this bug with some screenshots from the clip however it was difficult to get snapshots of this specific bug seeing as it happens so quickly. The clip was provided as well in the form of a link in the description. Thank you for the responses and I'll be sure to report more bugs I come across in the future.
  2. A weird glitch or possible hack was spotted on shoreline in resort by me and a my friends. Caught on stream and clipped here: We believe the player chose not to shoot at us to either prevent attention to hack or because it may jeopardize the functionality of the hack, however the player seemed to be able to see us and actively avoided us. The glitch or hack involved the player, playing as a scav most likely so it wouldn't display his name if he killed us or we killed him, was shown flickering in and out of sight and bobbing up and down. This would offer no hitbox so we did not attempt to shoot at him and he would go fully invisible from time to time. It should be obvious that we decided to get out of there as soon as possible. This is my first forum post so I am hoping this is the right thread. If you have any other further questions on the event, I will be happy to answer them.