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  1. Badidea74

    3d audio

    Immersive sound design for games I found this on YT. Unity. https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/audio/dearvr-3d-audio-reality-engine-56127
  2. Badidea74

    Customs - breaking immersion.

    There are many things that break the immersion. One of the worst are invisible walls, especially in a game like EFT. Perhaps it's worth replacing the river on the Customs map with the swamp similar to that on the Shoreline map. The river, after recent changes on the map, has already been changed into several separate water reservoirs. An invisible wall that prevents passage through these shallow and small water bodies is absurd. Let the players cross the river / swamp anywhere. Let's use the game mechanic present on Shoreline, where the swamp slows down the player. Such a crossing is very risky, perhaps even somewhat impossible but it will avoid having to deal with these nasty invisible wall.
  3. Badidea74

    Skier pierszy quest -error

    Hej. Zaczalem robic task dla Skiera. Zdobylem forta i Kieva. Fort poszedl ladnie ale na helmie wywala mi error, choc durability jest "zaptaszkowana" na ok. Naprawic sie nie da. Problem jest taki, ze Skier juz zjadl mi forta. Boje, sie ze skoncze z dupnym helmem, bez forta i z resetem tasku.
  4. Badidea74

    Can't handover fort armor

    I got this same msg. Is there a chance to recover a fort armor after handover? I'm afraid I will lose fort armor if I fail to deliver Kiver.