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  1. SLUG's !!!!

    this overall, slug should get a damage upgrade, more accuracy and not penetrate armor but deal pretty massive damage to them (like 20+ point)
  2. Kiver is useless

    kiver are no useless....they definitively give you more protection than nothings.
  3. very happy about last patch!

    what? i never spoken about hatchet run? that a completely unrelated topic. and so is the x7 more expensive gear things.....what your point here? you alway could go in a raid with a cheap sks/verp and win fight againt guy who have very expensive gear....that not like gear price and gear power are a linear things.
  4. very happy about last patch!

    oh, there a still much improvement to be made on the netcode dotn get me wrong. but it is better than it was a while ago.
  5. 9mm feel much better now. Mp5, mpx and pistol feel much more potent now and that totally deserved. Hope 9x18 will get some extra love as well too however. yea it is weaker than 9x19 but not by a long shot. also agree with the armor nerf. they are still strong and will still save your life in a fight compared to be naked. but now they jsut wont to it for so long and that totally legitimate. body armor are not so great at repeated abuse irl either. some increase in recoil on AKM is good too. hope other AR will follow on this patch (yea looking at your m4) And so far, netcode already feel better ! i say great job! what do you guy think?
  6. 9mm damage increase, thoughts??

    pretty happy with the buff, 9mm needed more love and it got some more!
  7. Just my LUCK

    is the rig on a container things realyl worth it however. i mean...yea. this is ONE extra space in save container....but also so much more anoying to play around.
  8. Are these gestures of generosity?

    hehe, that why verp and aks are so great. they are deadly enought to have a chance to compete again geared player. but very few player actually lot them as even some junk are more profitable / square than a aks
  9. Blacked out limbs

    yea, the whole med system need a rework. seriously painkiller and morphine should not take action instantly and should at best give you like 50% movespeed back or somethings. Nothings IRL will make you just walk after getting seriously injured. even if you could give large enought dose of analgesic for the pain to be completely gone....at this point you would be so drugged than you would have next to no combat effiency anyway. sure at some pople you have to draw a line between pure realism and fun gameplay....but right now the instant action 100% movespeed painkiller are kind of a joke.
  10. Blacked out limbs

    heal a destroyer limb? i hope there wont ever be a way to do that. even the painkiller allowign you to move like if nothings happen seem to much. So yea, backed limb...well..concider you lucky to not be dead yet and try to limb to extrac
  11. Pistol swap buff

    yea, definitively, if swaping to pistol woudl be faster we woudl see more poepel carry pistol around in match
  12. increase AR recoil

    yep hipfire is a other point but a good one. having hipfie being dead on withous aparent accuracy malus if pretty ridiculous. pretty sure there quite a few streamer who actually use added crossair because it is very effective. having an pretty drastic cone of fire added to hipfire is just natural. perhaps make it smaller for smg than AR but definitively add random shot to hipfire.
  13. Bolt action Rifles automatic reload after shoot

    hold fire to delay rechambering indeed sound like a good idear.
  14. increase AR recoil

    actually not really....for two main reason. 1. all the training on the world wont allow you to just contorl recoil they way it is in this game 2. poepel dont really get trained to handle recoil caus they dont use automatic in the first place anyway.
  15. increase AR recoil

    just wanted to add... a other good solution to make weapon feel more realistic is not only to increse recoi. But also reduce re-centering speed. have weapon take more time before they actually go back to the original position before after firing is actually different than having them kick more. that a other way to greatly impair very fast semi-auto/full auto firing.