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  1. Jlesaistu

    Patch 0.8.0 release date confirmed

    sceduled is a totally different word than confirmed....
  2. Jlesaistu

    ammo clip and speedloader

    meh, cannot take the speedloader take zero slot can we? as the speedloader itself is a different item from the clip. speedloader don't hold ammo by itself...it is only designed to make the clip fit steadily on top of the mag. the clip themself can stack much better. realistically, having 90 speedloading ready round and a speedloader coudl be a total of like 3-4 slot...what is a decent deal i think no? edit, trough i would include a photo example of the standard loader i always seen in the army just in case you guy never seen that before...might make it more easy to see what i am talking about.
  3. Jlesaistu

    ammo clip and speedloader

    with the new reload system...i think a nice addition would be to have clip and speed loader added to the game. Basically, at least for 5.56nato ammo, bullet pretty much alway come in 10 round clip (3x10 round per carboard box, representing a mag) and with speed-loader designed to make those clip fit intro the mag for fast mag reload. i don't know about russian ammo, but i guess they must use a similar system. a way to do it could be to have clipped ammo take more space in inventory (perhaps only start 30-40 per inventory slot instead of 60) and the speed-loader itself being a extra inventory slot. but it would cut your reload time by a huge ammoun. However, if you dont have the speed-loader, ammo would need to be removed from clip before being loaded manually. losing more time. that a real life exemple more specific to 5.56 ammo, but likely other caliber could use similar system.
  4. Jlesaistu

    ammo change

    was thinking the same things....alway used that sheet and while this is cool to have new value to see, hard to compare with old one now
  5. Jlesaistu

    ammo change

    So ammo table have been updated for 0.8 patch. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1l_8zSZg-viVTZ2bavMEIIKhix6mFTXuVHWcNKZgBrjQ/edit#gid=0 what do you think of those change? i have noticed a nerf on 7.62HP round, from like 23 pen (if i remember right) to only 15 , and damage form like 76 to 78...as well a a big price increase (from like 12 to 30). &.62 HP was not very popular but was actually very good again PACA...this might actually be a huge change in the upcoming wipe wehre 7.62HP would have been king of the hill for a while. 12g bulkshot also getting a buff from 25 to 32 damage, NICE! actually lot of ammo seem to get a significant price increase all around. what else do you notice? comment?
  6. Jlesaistu

    Patch v0.80 - Release Date ?

    when it is ready. having poepel ask 100 time a day get boring.
  7. Jlesaistu

    If I hold a grenade and get shot, do I drop it?

    No, last things you do when you get shot with a grenade in your hand is to put the pin back to secure the spoon so it dont explode when you die...because safety first even in death.
  8. Jlesaistu

    makarov accuracy

    So i was bored and did some offline accuracy testing on pistol and found somethings quite interesting. The makarov is actually arguably more accurate than the mp443 and p226. Might look wierd but from every test i did makarov get a quite small deviation...there both mp443 and p226 (especially mp443) showed much larger grouping, especially annoying horizontal deviation. However, there is a catch, PM get quite a ridiculous bullet drop. like OVER twice 9x19 pistol drop (tested with KLIN and same things) also, the actual ""zero" is a little lower than what you might things looking at the sight...about where the red dot it. I seen lot of poeple say they cannot even kill a scav with a makarov...well i can now confirm you are simply doing it wrong. IF you try to aim for the head, you will miss it and hit the chest most of the time. makarov definitively OHK with headshot, you just have to know how to land them. actually, you have to aim OVER the head by a few inch (take a bit to get used by of how much depending on distance)...but once you get the drill doing, PM is actually one of the most accurate pistol and is kind of a beast at landing those headshot. Take a bit of pratice but pretty rewarding if you get it right. so GO ahead, try a few offline factory run with PM and try to get those headshot right (on my last run, killed 5 scav by headshot in a row)...might be a usefull skill to develop in the future wipe to get efficient cheap PM run.
  9. Jlesaistu

    Weapon Zero

    here in canada we alway zero scopes at 100 metres...but perhaps it is because the base scope are those elcan (call it c79, really look like elcan specter variant) who have big 100 metres increment adjustment from 100m to 500m. so there no need to zero further out. still...if you are zero to 300 metres and shoot at a target 100 metes away...you will alway hit hi...that perfectly normal. If is pretty obvious than if you zero your score at 300 metres...wich is a range where bullet already have started to drop...mean you actually aim hi compared to 100 metres zero....if you try to hit a 100 metres tarted with a 300 metres zero weapon you will hit hi for sure. that make complete sence. eddited to add this picture, wich i kinda like. it is nto perfect as it does not represent the small initial elevation...but give a good idear. very normal than you hi a 100 metres target hi with a 300 metres zeroed weapon.
  10. Jlesaistu

    Escape from Tarkov 0.8 Patch Highlights Video

    i hope so...woudl really love to see more .308 around. and with FN FAL and FN SHAR-H and G3 confirmed to be in the game eventually....would be sad to have m1a a expensive and hard to get weapon. just the same reason i really look foward to see mossin, svt-40 and SVD added to the game i guess....
  11. Jlesaistu

    Escape from Tarkov 0.8 Patch Highlights Video

    description say springfield... and yea, springfield m1a sell around 2k $. dunno what the price will be in game but i fear it will be pretty much comparable to the RSASS
  12. Jlesaistu


    SUPRESSOR, do indeed need some maintenance. it is not them actually getting broken, but more often just getting dirty and require to be cleaned. As for actually getting broken or somethings...almost never happen actually. even suppressor than you cannot open to clean easily and need to be send for refurbishing...we speak of around 20k round so...if not more in the 50k range depending on caliber.
  13. Jlesaistu

    pistol swap.

    It would be great to give some love to pistol by increasing pistol swap. Think time required to swap to pistol from main should be decreased and a skill added to improve swapping even more. a other great feature could be too add some extra shortcut. for example, double tapping fire when out of ammo could trigger pistol swap.
  14. Jlesaistu

    someone want to explain this?

    Well...that also assuming every hit was on the armor. Some of those mighr have hit helmet. Some mighrhave hit arm/leg. But probly a lot of desynch.
  15. Jlesaistu

    someone want to explain this?

    9mm round are not so armor percong at all...combina that with lot of missed shot abd aiminf right in the armor.....add a pinch of netcode.....explained