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  1. New Gear to come in future!

    Is the plate carrier going to double as armor and a vest?
  2. Scavs SHOULD NOT be allowed

    You still have the raid timer, so eventually the campers would have to break and head for the other side of the map. If you go AWOL you lose all of your gear whether it's insured or not. So the last 5-10 minutes of the raid would be utter chaos as both sides tried to scramble for an extraction point. Camping mostly benefiets Scavs right now because the PMC's have to go through their spawn areas to extract, which means they're more likely to be the ones camping and setting up ambushes. What Forien said about moving the Scav extraction to the other side of the map is a great solution to the problem orignially presented. It's even better since the Scav's don't have a container and are forced to keep their valuable gear safe from others, if they have to goto the other side of the map it would give the PMC's a chance to recover the loot.
  3. SICK and TIRED of SCAV on SCAV sneak attacks

    Welcome to Tarkov. But for realsies, people will kill you just to eleminate all doubt that you won't kill them. I've done multiple runs without a weapon (melee included) and people still just shoot you on sight.
  4. A carrying system for the wounded?

    I was replying to another user's post about how "the leg meta is annoying" and I had the idea pop into my mind about a carrying system for wounded operators. It's kind of a rough idea, but it'd be nice to be able to scoop up a wounded fireteam member into a fireman's carry, then haul them to extraction. The obvious bonus is that you don't have to pull hard security around a limping teammate, you could pick them up and move a quicker pace, even breaking into a light-jog/run instead of sprinting. While that might be beneficial, there are obvious downsides to this system: 1.) Carrying someone is going to consume a lot of energy and deminish your hydration levels, more-so if you run/jog with them. (This would make carrying water/food into raid have a little more meaning.) 2.) Your movements are limited as you carry the teammate, and speed could directly be effected by seveal factors such as: a.) The realative strength and endurance level of your personal character. b.) The weight and gear of your teammate. c.) The terrain you're moving on. (It's harded to carry someone up/downhill than it is to carry them on flat land.) 3.) The only defence you'd realistically have is your sidearm (if you even have one), which on one hand could give you a fighting chance, but on the other hand would severly reduce your firepower. 4.) The wounded teammate could not use their weapon as they would if they choose to limp. (It forces you to sacrifice firepower for speed.) 5.) Carrying the teammate would eat at your stamina over time, meaning you'd have to stop every once in a while to catch a break. Notice: I understand that EFT is supposed to be a solo-survival shooter, but I would like to see more teammate mechanics implemented into the game. Things like passing weapons, magazines, and items to one another, instead of just dropping them on the ground. An actual medical interaction between players, which would provide maybe better benefits and reduced item consumption compared to being solo.
  5. The Cheater Battle Wages On!

    I wouldn't think it was fair, which is why I said something. If it's not just an isolated case and players who never cheated in Tarkov are being banned, then it needs to be addressed and fixed.
  6. The Cheater Battle Wages On!

    That's like saying: "Once a drug addict, always a drug addict." "Once an alcoholic, always and alcoholic." It's not a very good argument for the given situation. Especially if it catches people who use cheats on single player games. (Now I know what you're thinking "why would anyone ever want to cheat in a single player game?" Well, there used to be a time where games had actual cheat codes built into the game (GTA is a prime example), now a days that's not always the case.)
  7. The Cheater Battle Wages On!

    I'd agree with you, but my buddy was caught in the ban, for software he had for another game. They wouldn't reverse ban because they "couldn't prove that he wasn't going to use it for Tarkov."
  8. Scav Human vs AI Detection

    Player Scavs always spawn with a flashlight on their weapons, that's how you can tell the difference. (If you're smart, when you spawn take the flashlight off and pocket it, then you just have to pretend to be a scav (another tip, scav AI doesn't loot bodies, so if you loot a body and a player sees you do it, he'll know you're a player and probably try to kill you for that sweet Makarov you took off some poor PMC.). Player on Player killing doesn't trigger the Scav AI to shoot you, that's why all Scav Players kill the other players. However, I'm hoping they add the rule to Scav Players that if you go around shooting other Scav players, the AI will targe you.
  9. Lone Wolf for karma system

    If you work for the same PMC company, odds are you're not going to shoot each other in the back over some mediocre piece of gear. If that's the case then there's no point in making players choose a side. I personally like the idea of punishing people who shoot players that are apart of the same faction (yes, that includes Scavs.).