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  1. punisherlinux

    Pouch glitch

    You can remove the attachments of the weapon, i always do it with people like that. try it.
  2. punisherlinux

    congrats on killing armors

    I don't know what kind of plates the fort armor have, but if you search on internet you have plates like ar500 that can and will protect you and does not waste in a few bullets, just for add more info. PD: i didn't play this patch i can't talk properly
  3. punisherlinux

    100 Rsass Mega Giveway

    I never use this weapon i will use it a lot if i win
  4. punisherlinux

    EFT has me hooked. But......

    i understand you feel bad about stash, but say that the game does not worth because you have a small stash is not a good point of view. Sell everthing that you won't use it, also, buy cases to store extra weapons, money and other stuff.
  5. punisherlinux

    Weapon glitch,,,

    it's start to being a problem, i normally play full geared when a glicher comes with a RASS or SR1MP with 0 risk to loose their equipment. i love this game, but sometimes i get frustrating because the desyncs, armor that not works or glitchers.
  6. punisherlinux

    Squad "issues"

    You have more exists than one, if they are camping, move to other extraction point if you want to avoid them. You can wipe a squad but you have to be smart to do it, try diferent strategies. I always fire and change my position, also retreat to other place and wait in their way to waste their number.
  7. punisherlinux

    Money Case

    I have the same problem, some money go away.
  8. punisherlinux

    Spectate Mode for Team members

    If you can use programas to stream i don't understand that argument. Probably is more work for the developers, I understand that, i like the proposal but improving the content and fight against cheaters for my is more important.
  9. punisherlinux

    Spectate Mode for Team members

    I prefer to have this option, sometimes i just want to see and wait that my friend finish the game, i don't think this give to player a super extra advantage.
  10. A lot of people open treads like this one, hatchlings does not have anything to loose but they make less money and they probably die a lot of times to make a bit of money, sometimes one of then got lucky and make more than usual but is all. If you are geared have risk too(But less) and probably if you are good, you will make more money. You have a lot of ways to make money, kill scavs until they give you a fort or other stuff, kill other geared players, dog tags...
  11. Totally agree, i'dont know why the people cry a lot about that...
  12. punisherlinux

    Upgrade to Unity 2018

    just for curiosity, could be fine to know witch thecniques the developers are using to develop this game to talk properly. A great number of issues comes because the developer does not use unit testing or ATDD testing, i saw some redundant bug that indicate this, but talk is cheap. Also could be fine to know which arquitecture is using the backend, is not the same use a big monolith or a micro service system. If you use testing you can migrate fast between versions because you can indentify fast witch part of code fail.
  13. punisherlinux


    Any news about this weapon?
  14. punisherlinux

    Why is Factory so unfun?

    I enjoy Factory, but could be more big a think or have more ways to ambush, sometimes is a bit lineal.
  15. punisherlinux

    Is there cheating in this game? How bad is it?

    Smart hacks is not about get cheats that make you an invicible super soldier on any game, this is IT, probably you can force to attack with a DDOS to server or people that are playing to have an advantage and force the desyncs, probably could be the best cheat and very dificult to detect. In other games like PUBG is more common to see this kind of "cheat", it all depends about the infrastructure of the servers and how the game works to send data it self. i wrote this because i think is posible to do it, but could be just a desync.