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  1. Halen MPT-76 bekliyoruz!
  2. Rawarg

    Elcan 1x/4x top mount question.

    Yeah I am looking forward to this too. Almost tried every mount but no luck. I think it is not that hard to add an extra mount to the game.
  3. Rawarg

    Banned: The Sad Story of the 500 Cheaters

    I hope and expect the staff to take care of cheaters all the time. Cheaters in this game is the only thing that can make me stop playing tarkov.
  4. Rawarg

    0.8.0.*** Yamasında Gelen Ekipmanlar (2. Bölüm)

    Türkçe Yamayla ilgili bir gelişme var mı?
  5. Rawarg

    MPT-76 Weapon Suggestion

    +1 here. It is a great rifle and it deserves to be in Tarkov as it qualifies with the international terms. I would love to see MPT-76 in Tarkov!
  6. Rawarg

    2018 Escape From Tarkov Geliştirici Planları!

    2018'de ortalık daha da kızışacak gibi duruyor. Sabırsızlıkla bekliyoruz. Planlar süper. Hardcore yoldan asla şaşmamalı Tarkov! Umarım Türk topluluğu olarak oyuna yeterli desteği sağlayabiliriz. Herkese iyi kaçışlar!
  7. Rawarg

    Gaming Istanbul 2018

    I am very happy to see your interest in Turkish community. You should never underestimate the potential of Turkish gamers and influencers. I am trying to do my best to spread the word as a streamer.(RavenWits) Trying to connect @Dimitri468 with efficient influencers. Also with help of @Dimitri468 I believe we will achieve great things. As a host, I am looking forward to see Battlestate officially in next years exhibition (gaming istanbul 2019) and ready to help as much as I can. RavenWits