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  1. faithy_

    EFT players worldwide

    Nice idea man, added.
  2. faithy_

    New Gear to come in future!

  3. faithy_

    New Interchange Screenshots

    So much detail, looks really good! Keep up the good work!!
  4. faithy_

    Ban for forbidden software using 

    Nice work, keep it up!!
  5. faithy_

    New Pistols: SR1M Gyrza & APS

  6. faithy_

    Poll: Vehicles in Tarkov.

    1. I don't think we need them 2. It would be better if the dev team stays focused on the gameplay at this time and not try to do many different projects simultaneously, sacrificing time from bug/various issues fixing
  7. faithy_

    desync, whats so different?

    Give it some time, still in beta..
  8. faithy_

    Flash drives, SSD´s and other rare items

    thanks for your time!
  9. faithy_

    Quest Mega Thread

  10. faithy_

    AKM is Love, AKM is Life...

    AKM all the way!
  11. faithy_

    Perks of Pre-Order?

    Huge Stash and season pass are the most important features I guess
  12. faithy_

    EFT players worldwide

    Added , nice idea!
  13. ..sneaky peeky for survival
  14. faithy_

    VSS vintorez

    Good stuff!