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  1. Since when you are sniping you are always in a slow pace or completely stand still, so it makes only sense to put this on Walk, not Sprint Best regards
  2. It appears to be super rare. Out of 30 runs in Spa so far, only in one run a spike of 2 in one go, the rest nothing. Customs better?
  3. What did I just loot

    you think? i didnt thought of that and didnt recall his playstyle, but yeah that could be or in general a cool idea to add once in a while totally nonse-gear on at least one scav per map, as an event. Please dont ask me why
  4. Factory. How is this possible? Literally only my left arm is still alive - lmao How game - how PS: As you can see, I had a blast of a day! haha
  5. I've never looted such an extremely modded piece of gear from a scav, especially so unrealistic - lmao, what just happened
  6. MP-153 is love

    Entered a factory naked just with it, shot a fort+fast in the legs and exited right away. Re-entered the next map and again, same happening. See screenshots in order. And then all scavs got alerted and what you see happened. So much fun. And the juicy XP of that 2nd match, just the most delicious cherry on top as a reward. I researched abit and some/many players dont like shotguns and rather play s/mg's? I rarely encounter a PMC who is dedicated to a shotgun. Even saw forum threads about shotguns being useless due to no armor penetration. But these individuals seem to talk only theory and apparently dont play the guns for long, have no intention to master it. I ran across more situations of this and you only have to focus on the legs of a player. Just see it upside down. You are used to aim in the small head to get all your reward and a kill. Now aim downwards and have an even greater hitbox (literally 2 heads) which is not even protected. The only situation I came across was when a player was ducking and in crouch and you barely could hit his legs, but this was never intentional. I've never seen any player so far, having all the gear and when approaching him with a shotgun, crouching on purpose to not or barely get his legs hit. Maybe we see you guys in the future, because it works! I only did this intentional once when a hatchling charged my fort+fast and knew he wouldnt deal a single dmg vs body and head, but legs. That's what I do (at least attempt) when approaching a geared player, to hatch his legs. With less to no success of course, but it did happen, to someone who couldnt turn around that fast, cycling him. Rare occassion but it did happen :-) anyway, enjoy the screens Mp-153 is truly love. I really have to make a video of this PS: Use the shortest barrel for close corridor fights such as in factory and the short "plastic pistol" grip from skier. Recoil isnt that big of a deal
  7. I have encountered this issue now 3 times today, where I hit an opponent and blood splatters behind him at the wall and he receives No damage. First happening: When my character glitched out and had the sliding animation where you can not steer your character anymore. Recall what this is? You slide into one direction, endlessly, game isnt frozen or anything, just your player slides forever. You cant move left or right, just one direction. Then I alt-f4ed and logged back in and the player model was exactly there where I alt-f4ed, so not where the sliding started. The sliding was actual ingame movement. So no end to server communication or something only client side, it was server-side. And then I entered dorms and accidentally jumped from ground floor (after entering 3story) straight into the 2nd floor and was baffled what just happened. The guy infront of me aswell, a hatchling. I shot him 9 times with the MP-153 and he received 0 dmg. I gave him items, he picked it up. I then switched to hatchet and hit him just to see, he died. Clearly an MP-153 issue. Second happening: Playing factory, all of a sudden (see screenshot) scav walked mid-air and received no damage - due to Edit (see below), the scave moved on the level of the stairs he was on, but then out of the building Third happening and reason why I write this: PMC loots green crate in factory (there where you have to place the item and hold for 45sec or how long it is) and I unloaded an entire load of 9 shells of the MP-153. I know how far they hit for almost being lvl 3 on mastery, have played enough to know. Behind him all red, he moved away as nothing happens, moved up the stairs inside again, gets shot by another PMC with s/mg. Clearly a MP-153 issue. No glitches happened for me in case 2+3 today. Please fix this, this is serious when your weapon deals ZERO damage. Edit: I just leave the text as it is, I have made a screenshot but it became blurry. 2nd happening. The darker part in aroudn the center of the screen is the scav, mid air. I stand where you are on the ventilation system or what these are, where you can get ontop. On the right side of it are the metal stairs. And there I have used the Saiga-12, so there is something really strange going on with shotguns only? Otherwise my game runs completely fine. With all weapons. Since the start 2 months ago.
  8. For convenience, ctrl-click to place item in proper head-slot, weapon-slot, etc When you want to check out quick and have to drag everything into the right slot, it can feel abit like a holdup
  9. can you record with sony vegas aswell? i thought it to be a video editing program only
  10. Its not the newest with 16gb ram, gtx 970, i5-4690k @3.5ghz but its still very solid I want to make a montage, which recording software do you recommend for it? I have no idea what is high quality, but it should be high quality and my pc should handle it while the gameplay is kept fluently viewable
  11. For example when you break down an mp-153 shotgun, the hand handguard, no trader sells. Or for a m4, the picblock, no trader sells. What I am saying is, when you end up with your weapon without these parts, you can only sell it (essentially trash it) and I do not think this was the design purpose
  12. Waffenglitch

    Ich hab im suggestion forum ein thread eröffnet warum spieler das machen. es hat nichts mit geld zu tun oder dass die waffe ihnen (von dir oder wem sonst) genommen wird. Es hat schlicht und einfach mit der masse an unbequemlichkeit zu tun, mit der man konfrontiert ist, wenn man schnelle games spielen will und sich durch einen dschungel an fenstern klicken muss, nur um eine waffe zu kaufen. und das nicht einmal, sondern zigfach am tag. Manchmal will man einfach nur schnell loslegen. Hier in dem thread ( ) hab ich den Vorschlag gemacht "Loadouts" ins Spiel hinzuzufügen, mit der Funktion (welche nur eine weitere Option ist und nix von all Bisherigem nimmt) man mit einem Klick sein Wunsch-Loadout auf einen Schlag kaufen kann. Waffen customizen macht Spaß, aber nicht 1millionen Mal am Tag So geht es mir, dem individuellen Spieler hinter diesem Profil. Wer es mag Inventar-Rollenspiele zu spielen, der darf das gerne tun und in EWT seine Freude haben, die habe ich auch dabei! Und werde sie weiter haben, möchte aber nicht gezwungen sein Nur so fortfahren zu müssen. Denn irgendwann hab ich auch keinen Bock mehr und wünsch mir dass ich den Glitch wüsste, was ich gerade nicht tue, einfach nur um mit der selben Pistole oder was auch immer, sofort wieder weiter loslegen zu können. Total simpel, nix böses dahinter. Zumindest so wies ich sehe und selbst empfinde warum das (psychologisch) so ist.
  13. Is it due to lag and desync? is it because some design decisions are not get fully precise? What exactly is it why I do not feel "in full control" in EFT? With in full control I mean simply player+input=execution. When I do x I want x to see happening on the screen, not y. I want precise execution of what I put in. I play FPS pretty much since half-life 1 and rarely ever felt not fully in control, such as in EWT - why is that? Maybe I will edit this thread when I have a precise answer, it's not even fully clear to me right now Edit: It must be the entire desync issue
  14. Cant really speak of "allowing" but rather fixing the issue that you can not cancel a possible 8-shell-long reloading animation using a mp-153. Dunno about the 133. But whenever you are out of ammo and have to reload, you have to basicly have to hide in a place of the map where no one can reach you. Essentially, when you hear a player reloading his shotgun, he can not do anything right now - he is forced to sit through the entire reloading animation, making him completely un-armed and useless I've seen threads from January 2017 suggensting this! We are one year later why is this not changed?