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  1. SENTY

    Upgrading Account

    The upgrade takes effect when you reset your account or it gets reset on the next huge patch which often reset every account... The account doesnt get extended and you keep your stuff unfortunately. The next huge reset patch is a few months away AFAIK so you need to reset it in the CP. You can give a m8 all your valuables and then reset and hope he gives your them back. I did this a week ago and it wasnt that bad. it was kinda good to be a noob again but knowing what your doing instead of the first time when you dont really have a clue. its took only a few days to be back at decent gear the 2nd time.
  2. SENTY

    Being hit on wearing Bulletproof Vests

    youve made a mistake somewhere a .308 bullet, our bullet mass will be 168 grains and has a velocity of 1850 fps ten feet from the barrel. So our measurement will be at ten feet from the barrel. Velocity^2 x bullet mass/ gravity 1850 x1850 = 3,422,500 3,422,500 x 168 = 574,980,000 574,980,000 ÷ 450380 = 1276 ft-lbs of energy or 1730 Newton meters.
  3. SENTY

    Being hit on wearing Bulletproof Vests

    Thats really not true. While a bullet could be stopped penetrating the armour the force would still be transfered into the person so the effects of it not going through are actually higher than it going through. Its like being hit by 700kg which is a truck basically. SO penetrating or not your not standing and firing back thats for sure.
  4. SENTY

    Fair Matchmaking

    you confuse your opinion with fact. by play casually i mean i get home and i want to play. I dont want to have to round up the boys or only play when my 4 pro gamer m8s are online i want to just jump on when ive got a free moment . you know casually.. There is no reason to fear solo only mode, we can play solo you can play groups it makes no difference to you which i prefer why be so threatened by it and agressive towards anyone with a different opinion to you? you should take a time out from the forum.
  5. now i just need a 1080 ti and a 8700k and i can play
  6. SENTY

    Fair Matchmaking

    we should have the choice. Why would you kill off half of your potential customers by making it impossible to play a game casually without having to go drag your team out of bed. 70% of pubg players play solo you would kill your biggest market by driving them away and ultimately money talks and bullshit walks..
  7. SENTY

    Fair Matchmaking

    Their faith in the general public is unwarranted, games this harsh cant be played with the random idiot a matchmaker would put you with. A If it doesnt have matchmaker it wont succeed.
  8. SENTY

    Fair Matchmaking

    this as a team game sucks. I want solo only mode! other people are noisy dangerous and take most the loot.
  9. For me its suprising that a group of 5 heavily rigged players can play in the same server as a rank 5 noob with no armour and an aks. is this temporary or will this always be the case?
  10. Ive done 50 plus raids this week looking for the customs key searching scavs filing cabinets both in the blue shacks by customs and all the others tbh. I think there is a problem as before the random key patch i used to find it all the time but as i upgraded i reset and ive never found it now i have a mission that means i must find it., on at least 50 of these raids i visit every filing cabinet in custom map and all the fun the one in dorms entails which is always a huge fight and i usually kill the construction scavs and check their bodies aswell as the ones around the customs building that dont appear till later on. and my route also searched 8 jackets. I dont think its there any more or its so rare that its broken for a level 2 mission "delivery from the past" ive also tried going in the customs office after or sometimes even during someone else who has the key raiding it and the document you need for the mission is never there and i dont think they are taking it. Please can you address this it is way too rare if its random cos i dont think a level 2 mission should take well over 50 missions. I also needed to do the 114 key mission and i found that 4 times in one filing cabinet .. infact i have every other key in the game now after 56 missions searching only for keys.. i have all the stuff for the next 8 missions already well except 7 tachanka.. also where im here if you have the standard version of the game you cannot do the 6 AVS rigs mission without deleting your whoile inventory to fit them in. can you make it so hand them over one at a time maybe ? please sort this out BSG, thanks. Other than that the game is awesome, Thanks
  11. SENTY

    Account upgrades and their gift perks

    i dont know which version comes with a case that has those weapons in besides the press kit ? I upgraded from standard to PFE and i got all the things in the list but no case full of guns like the twitch streamers get. Also the traders start on 0.2 which makes it a lot easier.
  12. SENTY

    -0,20 Rep with Shier, SHould i reset ?

    I upgraded and had to reset to get the extra space and starting again was actually really good fun to be low level and actually knowing what you were doing. i had also messed up the get the fort armour quest TWICE and had ruined rep with skier.. also i got the PFE version and that has .20 rep with all traders too good to know the EOD isnt even more p2w
  13. yeah keep it for the future its worth 180K roubles and it only takes up one spot which is a great way to keep cash . Im holding on to mine cos they save space and might change in value