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  1. qwertyuio583

    Take a look at the Ars Arma store

    Not sure if I am late to this, but look at this awesome replica they are selling at Ars Arma. Haha nice!
  2. qwertyuio583

    Christmas discount

    C-Can we please get... a Christmas discount? Pl-please? Thanks!
  3. qwertyuio583

    A question about the future of Tarkov

    Thanks for the reply, my friend. Do, perhaps, try to answer my question the next time. Fare thee well!
  4. qwertyuio583

    A question about the future of Tarkov

    So, a lot of people have been asking me about what it is that makes me an efficient logistics and demolition operative. We could go on for ages about the reasons and circumstances from which we could concurr that, indeed, I am a good demolition operative, however, it could be the mere fact that I am writing to you about it that reveals the lack of necessity of me bothering with such details. This, my friends, should suffice as proof that I have, in fact, a quality-proven set of skills involving the art of this particular trade. So let us proceed with it due to the fact that, if you face me in battle, you may not still be alive at the end of these ordeals. Now, I usually partake in the management of various elements and tools such as crossed wire, one wayward pinch of potassium chlorate which, after one mere logistical phallacy, could lead up to a horrendous accident and the loss of one's eyeballs. Speaking of which, the loss of said eyeball reminds me of the tale of my own character: a one eyed black gentleman from Scottish origins that is often referred to, by peers and foes alike, as a mythical cyclops of sorts. Indeed, in the remote lands of Scotland, my beloved birthplace, it can be said that it is far more common to meet blood-relatives of ye good old Nessie than fine refined gentlemen the likes of moir. So, with all of this taken in mind and after my relatively brief presentation in which I describe the source of my expertise concerning eye-splattering explosives, I bring forth the following question to you, my fellow Tarkov fans: Why the duck would anyone want grenade launchers and rocket launchers in this game? There is no way those things are going to be balanced. With kind regards and yours forever, D. M. Oman.
  5. qwertyuio583

    The Future of 7.62x54R: A Practical Discussion

    No, I dont care because I am not an idiot and I value gane developers that can offer authenticity without sacrificing balance which is what they did with the fal. Stick your comments up there if you dont like it...
  6. qwertyuio583

    The Future of 7.62x54R: A Practical Discussion

    The point is that its well balanced, I dont care about the rest
  7. qwertyuio583

    The Future of 7.62x54R: A Practical Discussion

    Yeah I agree! Btw im also omw to try dat delicious long fal. Lets see how different is to the sa58 shorty. Im loving the mosin for now
  8. qwertyuio583

    The Future of 7.62x54R: A Practical Discussion

    Yeah, the pkm and the drag would be expensive af in comparison to a mosin, the pkm would also be a mess to reload and to carry around. Its a very heavy weapon when loaded and it feels bulky on ones hand (in comparison to a modular ar15). Both of these weapons would ofc be very accurate but its the recoil that worries me. The fal is a great example of how to balance a weapon in Tarkov: Great accuracy and rof vs poor recoil and ergo
  9. qwertyuio583

    The Future of 7.62x54R: A Practical Discussion

    How about giving the pkm like 500 recoil and very low ergonomics. That weapon should also slow you down like a fort. Same with the drag. Both weapons stats would also be very expensive and their stats would increase a lot by using a bipod
  10. qwertyuio583

    *Patch Installation has Started*

  11. qwertyuio583


  12. qwertyuio583

    Manual Bolt Action Key - EASY TO ADD IN GAME

    He dropped his secure container
  13. qwertyuio583

    There are almost no hackers.

    Yeah I agree with most except with (1). Theres been quite a few people already claiming that this same thing happened to them. It must be glitch exploiters.
  14. Can anyone give me some tips about where I should start?? Thanks guys much love