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    *Patch Installation has Started*

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  3. qwertyuio583

    Manual Bolt Action Key - EASY TO ADD IN GAME

    He dropped his secure container
  4. qwertyuio583

    There are almost no hackers.

    Yeah I agree with most except with (1). Theres been quite a few people already claiming that this same thing happened to them. It must be glitch exploiters.
  5. Can anyone give me some tips about where I should start?? Thanks guys much love
  6. qwertyuio583

    There are almost no hackers.

    Ive experienced a couple of things that can be considered cheating (whether it is glitching or hacking I dont care) 1) Guy running around naked clicking on corpses and taking their stuff in shoreline. This guy was unkillable, he literally stood in front of me doing Q E wiggle as I unloaded 30 rounds on his head. Shortly before this encounter, I had already shot 60 rounds while he was running away into him but had the same results (thought it was just bad hit reg). Things that he clicked on entered some sort of transition state, they were on the guys corpse but not really as I couldnt pick them up. 2) Couple of factory door glitchers with invincibility. 3) Was getting hurt for no reason at all when, suddenly, I noticed that I was getting shot by a guy with an ak from a bush nearby. He did not have a sound suppressor or anything, the weapon just did not make a sound at all, no muzzleflash either. I died as soon as I started opening fire on him. 4) I have been one shot killed while wearing full fort, ANA rig, Aitlyn helmet, etc. by a pistol. 5) The biggest case yet: Started getting shot from nowhere. Like, there was no one around me. Thanks to my armor I managed to survive long enough to run into cover. I was inside of a house in Shoreline in the attic (far away from the window). I waited like 7 minutes to see if the guy would come upstairs, but I think he lost me because I kept hearing footsteps around me that ran far away from the house. After those 7 minutes my character simply died. No bleed, no thirst, my character just died. Please explain if these are ok.
  7. qwertyuio583

    New weapon - K-Banan

    Escapers, I would like to present to you the new addition to our game. The K-Banan. Widely used around the world and a major asset to many republics, the K-Banan allows its users to damage enemies where it hurts the most: their potassium intake. This weapon is the first to have several firing modes: eye-poking, pressing hard enough on it to shoot its contents onto someones clothes (making them all messy), throwing it behind you while running to force pursuers to slip and fall, etc.
  8. qwertyuio583

    Weapon Modification: Show Off Your Work

    Its the death killer 2000! Helps you see the light at the end of the tunnel before you even enter it!
  9. it is not only a matter of what happens when you pull the trigger. The attachments, how easy it is to zero targets, the ergonomics, how smooth and fast you can load in clips or new cartridges, how responsive the bolt action is, unrelated to the game mechanics is how good the safety mechanism is, its durability, etc. All of these things are sub-par on a mosin. Lets go to the realism argument and say that this weapon gets sold for 546€ and the scope kit for 150€ (converted to roubles, ofc). The rifle would also be a trader level 1 item. Everyone would get one, right? This would mean that there would be way more snipers camping in bushes and players would have to be much more weary of their surroundings. This is, in fact, how players should be playing this game AT ALL TIMES. Sadly, lower levels have such little access to good items that most just do hatchet runs rather than risk what little they can get. This game is piss easy once you unlock everything and getting killed usually comes as a consequence to overconfidence or squads. in comes a budget sniper rifle that can only 1 hit kill with a specific ammo and by shooting at ”””most””” helmets. How do we balance such a rifle? Well theres: Make it more expensive. Make each cartridge reload very slow. Bolt failure after 1 or 2 raids if not repaired after each raid. Expensive repair and rare costumization items. Make it only a trade weapon. Etc. Your solution: Give it only to high levels and make it expensive. God forbid this game becomes a bit more challenging for higher levels. pic unrelated
  10. qwertyuio583

    Scav Boss removed form Customs?

    When you have gone fully geared 25 times into customs to kill the boss but he doesnt appear so you decide to do a hatchet run instead. The boss be like:
  11. qwertyuio583

    Conversion kits?

    Hello! Just wondering if we will be getting conversion kits for some of the weapons. Im not an expert, but I was curious about some possibilities. For instance: Scar (7.62x51) into Scar L using 5,56x45mm. Other examples would be the G3 into a G53 using 5,56 ammo. The Acwr (from 5,56 into 7,62) etc. Thanks!
  12. qwertyuio583

    What Skier's quests do you like most?

    I like the one were he asks you to steal Prapors moustache and rewards you 4 rsass and 10 bitcoins
  13. qwertyuio583

    Think of a phrase for the Scav or PMC!

    Heres one for a scav: ”Hello I am scav”
  14. The mosin is a piece of poo dude. The sv98 is a much better rifle all around. Why do you think I can get 1 for 500 euros in Spain but I am prohibited to get anything even close to sv98s or 308 rifles? Fire both and tell me theres a comparison. Funny enough, even in this game I feel MUCH more confident using an sks than an sv98. Just imagine how much the mosin will suck unless you are an experienced shooter. Now, onto the balance. Can a level 1 pay 160000 roubles in order to get the better weapons or ammo? No, low levels are only in this game to be abused by other players until they get to level 30-33 so they can actually buy proper ammo, armor and weapons. You sound afraid because this seems like one of the few chances for low levels to actually be able to outplay higher levels. I poo you not, as soon as you hit level 33 this game feels so easy that you just run around like a ducking fairy not caring about ill equipped oponnents. I hope they add the mosin at a fair price and as a lvl 1 weapon. It would be amazing to actually care about my surroundings past level 33... Dont worry, a higher level has access to an automatic 308, you wont have a problem against a bolt action ww2 hunting rifle!