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  1. AK-74

    I never shot a 5.56 gun that has as low or lower recoil than the AK74. One might consider Wikipedia a poor source but I really haven't find anything else (except few comments on some forums claiming rather similar numbers): AK-74 - 3,4J M16A2 - 6,4J I could live with gun having the same recoil as the M4 as recoil might be (to a certain degree) subjective but it should definitely NOT have more. The AK-74 has pretty effective muzzlebrake and difference between 5.45x39 and 5.56x45 is 500J - that's quite a lot. AK-74 with grip, best muzzle device, stock and scope still kicks a lot more than unmodded M4 in the game. That is just nonsense.
  2. AK-74

    Apologies - 3kg for AK-74 and 3,6 for AK.74M in real life and 5,1kg in the game. Nonetheless the recoil should be lower than that of the M4
  3. AK-74

    AK-74 stats seem to be a little bit off. A lot off actually. For some reason it weights 5,1kg unloaded (compared to 3,1kg in real life) and despite such massive weight it kicks more than the M4 (which has more powerful round and should kick more if anything)
  4. What am I supposed to do?

    Thanks. That will help, but I still won't be able to finish any raid
  5. What am I supposed to do?

    Ok I seriously need help because I am starting to get incredibly frustrated with the game. How am I supposed to get some loot or even finish a raid? I get only a pistol (I have only two left) and nothing else. Server is full of people equiped with AKs or shotguns against which I have absolutely no chance. I several times had an advatange that I aimed at someone who did not know about me and fired several times, nothing happened and again I got killed by one shot. People are killing on sight. ALWAYS, no exceptions. I am getting kos even when I obviously have only knife and nothing else. AI is incredibly strong, so meeting pretty much anyone in raid means most certainly death as I have either Makarov or knife. Let's say if I was an average player and I met 3 players during the raid it's very unlikely that I will finish it. Even if I did I will have no gear because I don't have a backpack and I never found another one. So currently I: - have no resonable weapons - lost everything - have no backpack so I can't get loot - have no chance to finish any raid. In it's current state the game is incredibly frustrating and filling me with desperation. I hardly try to like the game, but this just feels so ... pointless. What do I do?
  6. Hey Beta players, read this!

    "-KOS isn't always the answer." I did not meet even a single person yet that did not kill me on sight. EVERYBODY does that without any thinking. People are killing me even when I obviously don't have anything but knife. I don't really get the point. They won't get anything and I get angry... I gave up on going to raids with any guns at all. It's nice that I have Makarov but when I get killed by Kalashnikov several times in the row by super agressive players from who knows where, it's kind of pointless to carry anything at all. I gained far less than I lost. Not mentioning I was killed several times right on the spawn after literally few seconds. Last time I did not even have time to make a single step. I have no idea how to get any loot at all. After several hours I got nothing but I lost all my pistols except for two. I am really trying hard to like the game, but so far I got only frustrated and killed for no reason out of nowhere having nothing. Over and over again. Shame I can't just play only with the AI (That is very hard good as well...)
  7. AKS-74U

    Absolutely gorgerous Suchka. I am always surprised by incredible attention to details. Nice work. Also I may be wrong but should not be standard issue pistol grip on these guns made of bakelite?
  8. AK or AR?

    I like the AK a lot more, but the AR is much better rifle.
  9. PP-91 "Kedr"

    Beautiful. Nice work!
  10. VSS vintorez

    This is going to be very powerful rifle. Silenced, accurate with superior penetration and devastatig terminal ballistics.
  11. TT pistol

    Me too, awesome gun.
  12. SKS

    I hope that folding bayonet will be included
  13. AK-74

    There is something wrong with internals of the AK. The bolt should be in a rear position sticking out of bolt carrier like here: But it the game it is like this: Bolt should be in the position as it in the game only when you start pulling the bolt carrier back. A minor issue... I still felt it should have been adressed though.