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  1. RAC-W

    Kill quests on Factory

    Oh, my bad, yea.
  2. RAC-W

    Kill quests on Factory

    Actually just stay away from the resort, there aren't many Scavs there til late into the raid. Depending on where you spawn I'd rather go to these locations; the pumping station, the burning gas station by the pier, the bunker above the resort, and the parking lot below the resort, if you farm all these locations in order you will have quite a few kills, and then go to tunnel or road to customs whichever is not your exit, and then go to your actual exit very last and kill the Scavs there. If you can do all this without dying then you will probably have 10+ kills in one raid. (You can also go into the village towards the end of your tour but that's a bit risky)
  3. RAC-W

    Kill quests on Factory

    Not really, on Shoreline, you can just lay back and snipe them and they won't even shoot back at you if you're far away enough. When the horde of Scavs on Factory spawns though after most players are dead, it's pure madness.
  4. RAC-W

    Economy questions

    Before the last wipe, especially in the last podcast, there was a lot of talk about how the economy is going to change with the introduction of the flee market. The two things that I am curious about now are community controlled prices and availability of loot. I remember hearing in the podcast that all the prices in the game will be entirely community driven, (assumingly meaning) even the prices on all the traders will be controlled by us. Is this true? I haven't seen any notable changes in the prices of the stuff that the traders are selling, so it doesn't really seem like it to me? Also, there was talk about, if a location gets looted enough times, that eventually it will stop spawning loot. It that true? And if so, who does it work? Does it only refer to loot containers (gun crates, safes, etc.)? Or does it also refer to loose loot like the food shelves in the Goshan store for example? I haven't seen anything stop spawning yet, but then again it only has been a week or so now, so I'm not sure how long it would take? I'd really like to know this since it doesn't explain anywhere on how these changes work now, or if they are even true?
  5. RAC-W

    Kill quests on Factory

    I don't mind them too much, just wish they were a bit more spread out and not mostly on the same two maps. I did hear though that most of the quests will get worked over eventually. So there's hope to you.
  6. RAC-W

    Kill quests on Factory

    Those here underneath are all the killing quests listed up that you have to do on the maps that are currently in the game; How come I have to kill 70+ Scavs on each Shoreline and Customs but not a single one on Factory? The amount of Customs and Shoreline that the game makes you have to play is quite high in my opinion, and after having done those quests several times throughout several wipes they just get very repetitive. Can we please change one or two of those quests into a Factory killing quest? There isn't a single quest to kill anything on Factory when in return we have quite a few kill quests that only play on two maps, and I don't know why. So please, consider changing one or two of those into Factory, or add new ones for it if you will. Thank you.
  7. RAC-W

    PSU 90%+ usage / PC locks up

    I will have to see, it usually happens very sporadic, but I haven't had my lockups since I reseated that battery, I will give it some more days before I call it fixed. Yea, I don't have any OC going on, except the GPU which is factory OC'd I guess, XMP is also disabled. I was feeling that my PC is getting very dated and getting on its limits anyway, thinking of buying a new one and selling this one if the lockups actually aren't an issue anymore. But yea, thanks for all the input everyone.
  8. RAC-W

    PSU 90%+ usage / PC locks up

    But it's doing that every time now, on every single startup? Which it didn't used to before. According to a bit of research, 1 beep can also mean DRAM refresh failure?
  9. RAC-W

    PSU 90%+ usage / PC locks up

    @sYs @Xarc I cleaned out my PC a bit, also did a bios update, and after doing that my MB started to beep once after every startup since then. I then reseated my bios battery, but it's still doing the one beep. Any idea/advice?
  10. RAC-W

    What were the devs thinking?

    I think it's good that they increased the trader restock time, it will make the economy more rough decreasing availability of certain things which means looting becomes more important. I'd like the economy to get even harder which I'm pretty sure it will in the future.
  11. RAC-W

    Can't play anymore - Motion sickness

    Maybe a monitor with g-sync would help combat the motion sickness since g-sync synchronizes the Herz refresh rate of the monitor itself to the FPS of the game. And odd monitor refresh rate can also cause motion sickness. I tend to get motion sick as well in certain games, but not in EFT for some reason.
  12. RAC-W

    PSU 90%+ usage / PC locks up

    Mainboard: Msi Z170M Mortar CPU: i7 6700k w/ Corsair Hydro H80i GT GPU: EVGA GTX 980 Ti sc RAM: G.Skill Trident Z RGB DDR4-3200 (2x8GB) PSU: Corsair RM650 80+ Gold SSD: 250GB SATA-III SSD Crucial BX100 (For OS) SSD #2: 1000GB Samsung 860 Evo (For games) Anything missing?
  13. RAC-W

    PSU 90%+ usage / PC locks up

    Since a few weeks, my PC started to randomly completely lock up and I don't know why. It mostly happens while I'm playing a game, although it also once happened while just watch YT videos. I haven't done anything to my PC that'd suddenly cause that, so I decided to do a clean fresh install of Win10 to see if that fixes it, but it still continued to happen afterward. I then figured that it must be something hardware related so I decided to monitor my system more closely with GPU & CPU temp & usage as well as power usage while I play. To my shock, my power usage was up to over 90% at times, but every time my PC did lock up the concurrent power usage was around 80%, so I'm not too sure if that's what's doing it, although it is still something to worry about. My PSU is a Corsair RM650 80+ Gold, which should be sufficient, so I do not understand what is sucking so much power. I have only three devices connected to my USB ports, headset, mouse, and keyboard, so that should not be it. My other specs are in the signature. So I've been to Tom's hardware forums for advice, but all I've gotten from there was "Your CPU doesn't support your RAM MHz speed" But I've been using the RAM unit for 8 months now, and the issues only started a few weeks back, so I do not find that a legitimate claim to what the problem is. Maybe someone here can help me, I do not know what to do or what is causing either of these issues. Thanks.
  14. RAC-W

    Recent Trader Discount & Unlock

    I was playing as well for a couple hours on factory yesterday, totally crazy. But some time in the middle I got a bad feeling and that the core idea of the game just got ruined with it, and I thought about all the people who hack and ruin their own experience that way, I almost wanted to stop playing because I feared that I'd ruin my own experience in the long run, because I have played other games in the past (Diablo 3, Dead Island) where people would come in and drop you hacked gear and it totally ruined those games for me, because once you have it, the appreciation of the core feeling of how the game is supposed to be is gone. But I kept playing anyway because it was still fun and I could collect some desperate PVP experience, and told myself that it will all be back to normal in a few days anyway and there's no way to get this cheap way of playing back to actually ruin my experience forever. (I do wish though that 60% of people wouldn't run around with fully modded as val's, that thing is OP)
  15. RAC-W

    Am I too bad?

    Don't ever reset your account unless you are level 40+ and get bored. You lose all your progress in your skills (which make the game a bit easier) and your level to be able to buy better gear and guns. If you run out of gear just play scav, go on the big maps where it's less likely to run into people. Remember where all the good loot crates are and keep looting those. If you play PMC, just do your quests with minimal gear. You don't have to always buy a vest with 5 mags and backpack etc. Semi-auto shotguns that you get from scavs are cheap to run and effective, especially in early game. Survival rate doesn't matter all that much. The game takes a long time to learn, you just have to play a lot. If you're from the US try the server "Beauharnois" which you can select in the launcher, that server is very empty always.