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  1. RAC-W

    No more pt-3???

    Try clicking through the different tiers "I, II, III, IV", apparently there are too many items to display on the menu so some of them don't show up. (which they should fix/change imo)
  2. RAC-W

    Getting bad eye strain and headach

    Not really. I'd say higher is only better as long as you can run it consistently. 75FPS if better than 60 if you can run it stable, but 100FPS is inferior to 75FPS if it keeps jumping up and down 20 frames non-stop. Plus higher FPS stresses the GPU more unnecessarily, and makes it run hotter than it needs to.
  3. RAC-W

    Can‘t loot melee weapons

    It's a new feature so that the hatchet is actually exclusive to EOD owners. Unlike before where everyone was just using that.
  4. RAC-W

    Getting bad eye strain and headach

    I'd set the FPS limit to 75, lower FPS tend to cause such things as you described. Turn FXAA off, that just makes the game blurry IMO. Plus if you're running 2k then you really don't need any AA. And I'd honestly put the texture to maximum, I'd get a headache too looking at low res textures.
  5. Interchange, Frankfurt, 16:30 Hängt bei matching. Zwei mal versucht, zwei mal 5min+ ohne ein Match zu laden. Dann abgebrochen und anderen Server versucht, und es ging.
  6. RAC-W

    Where to find LEDX?

    I found one (my first one ever) on the office room that overlooks the server room, right next to the printer as he said it.
  7. RAC-W

    I need Some Guidence

    It's all about time, and how much you play, eventually, you will learn how to do things better. Watching videos doesn't really help in that regard. You'll just have to make your own experiences, and at some point you will have "PTSD" from dying in all kinds of spots, and you will remember which corners you need to watch and where people could sit, but even after hundreds of hours you still get caught by people who are in spots that you don't expect them in, so it's quite normal to die a lot. But generally, the more you get into CQB engagements the better you get at them, which may take a looong time. Just keep playing, at some time you'll think back of how it was when you first started playing and how foreign and dangerous everything felt, it's good memories.
  8. RAC-W

    2019 plans

    This thing better take +2 min to apply, otherwise, it'd be super cheap.
  9. RAC-W

    Re-shade v4.0.2

    Try using fewer plugins that ReShade has to load on startup.
  10. RAC-W

    Escape from Tarkov Beta - 0.11 Patch trailer

    I bet you all these "guys" who were crying to boycott the game will come running back after this patch hits.
  11. RAC-W

    The blood we spill - geneburn

    Can you please add all these new tracks, (this one and from the last recent trailer) to the menu of the game? It's a shame not to have them in game, they're so good.
  12. RAC-W

    Feedback & Ideen: Monat Dezember

    Evtl. wird das schwer zu programmeiren, aber noch eine Idee wäre wenn deine Waffe auf einer Mauer ö.ä. aufliegt dass dann deine Feuerposition stabilisiert wird ähnlich als wenn man auf dem Boden liegt.
  13. RAC-W

    Feedback & Ideen: Monat Dezember

    So wie Waffen den selector switch speichern wäre es toll wenn reddots u. scopes das ausgewählte reticle und die zoom- Stufe speichern würden.
  14. Well, you can do the same stuff with most modern gaming monitors, and you can't ban those.